How to Remove Wall-to-wall Carpets Over Hardwood (5 Quick Steps)

How to remove wall-to-wall carpets over hardwood

Our carpet might get old, and the need to replace it would arise at some point. It is even more complicated if there is a hardwood floor beneath the carpet. That said, you have to be careful not to damage the hardwood underneath.

This post would show reveal how to remove wall-to-wall carpets over hardwood. Firstly, take off the shoe melding, then cut the carpet into fine strips. Also, roll up the carpet and set them aside for disposal. Finally, get rid of the carpet padding.

Let us go into more details on how to go about the process.

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How to Remove Wall-to-wall Carpet Over Hardwood

Removing wall-to-wall carpet over hardwood is not an arduous task if you follow the steps rightly.

Below are the steps to take to remove the carpet above hardwood floors.

1. Get the Tools Ready

Get the tools you would need for the job-ready; these are a hammer, utility knife, gloves, pry bar, trash bags, nail puller pliers, putty knife, scraper. These tools would aid the process.

2. Take Off the Shoe Molding

This is considered optional. Just in case your carpeting was installed under shoe mold, you would need to remove the shoe molding. Get rid of the trim work, with your steel putty knife and the pry bar. Be careful while pulling them down because the trim might be riddled with nails.

If the shoe molding is still in proper shape, keep it back for reuse. If the molding might have worn or torn, consider giving it a new painting or replacing it entirely.

3. Cut the Carpeting Into Fine Strips

Since the shoe molding has been removed, use a utility knife to slice the carpet into three or four-foot large pieces. Cut all through to the back, but be careful of the hardwood.

4. Pull Up the Carpet and Set Them Aside

Start to roll up the carpet and fold them into a bunch. Pull it away from the pin strip In the periphery. Put it in the trash bag and get it ready for disposal.

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5. Get Rid of the Carpet Padding

Finally, remove the carpet padding. If the padding was put in with glue, the process would be a bit hard; you would have to scrape out the glue.

You can also use adhesive remover to make the work easier. On the other hand, if the padding was pinned into place, you would need a nail puller plyer to aid the process. Use a putty knife to goad the nails before using the nail puller plier.

Tips for Cleaning Hardwood After Removing the Carpet

It is no news that your hardwood floor would look dirty and stained after getting rid of the carpet over it. Your hardwood would need proper cleaning to return to its normal form.

Here are some of the tips to go about it:

1. Evacuate all the furniture in the room, so you can have enough space.

2. Sweep the wood floor cleanly with a broom.

3. Grate-sand the floor finishing.

4. Get rid of the dirt and stain at the corners that are hard to touch with a vacuum.

5. Clean the hardwood floor with a concentrated cleaner and a micro fabric.

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How to Remove Wall-to-wall Carpets Over Hardwood: Final Thoughts

Removing Wall-to-wall carpets over hardwood requires a careful approach to avoid damaging the hardwood floor beneath it. Carpets also accumulate a great deal of dust and dirt over time, so it is advisable to thoroughly clean the carpet before pulling it off the hardwood.

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