How to Remove Urethane Adhesive from Hardwood Floor (7 Steps)

how to remove urethane adhesive from hardwood floor

Urethane adhesive serves so many uses when working on hardwood floors. But then, there might arise the need on how to remove urethane adhesive from hardwood floor the best way possible. Because doing it the wrong way would leave terrible marks and scratches on the wood floor.

To remove urethane adhesive from the hardwood floors, pour in adhesive remover, give the remover time to dry and wipe off the urethane adhesive. If it proves stubborn, you can repeat the process with a putty knife.

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Products that Can Remove Urethane Adhesive from Hardwood Floor

It might prove challenging trying to remove urethane adhesive from the hardwood floor. It is even worse if the urethane adhesive has already been cured. But not to worry, some products can make removing urethane adhesive look like a child’s play.

We will give a detailed description of the products below.

Urethane Adhesive Remover

Urethane adhesive remover plays a massive role in removing glue from the floor. Some urethane adhesive removers include; Sentinel 922 Urethane Adhesive Remover and Ultrabond Urethane Cleaner. These products are very effective when wiping off urethane adhesive smudges and they are mostly odorless.

Mineral Spirits

This product also works effectively when getting rid of urethane adhesive. It helps make the bond of the adhesive weak. Another of its outstanding benefit is that it is not costly at all. Its effectiveness is also great.

Methylene Chloride

This is also effective in removing urethane adhesive. It is a powerful adhesive remover when compared to other adhesive removers.

One should be careful and on the lookout when using this product because it comes with this harmful odors and additives. Wear a goggle, mask, and hand gloves to save you from any hazard, if any.


This is another product that removes urethane adhesive effectively. Its effectiveness is no less than methylene chloride. Its effect on the hardwood floor where the urethane adhesive is can’t be overemphasized. It can be used in big industries, companies, and the home.

Denatured Alcohol

This product can also remove urethane adhesive to some extent. It comes with denaturant and lethal chemicals. These chemicals make the alcohol not to be consumed.

Many people use denatured alcohol because it is safer to use and works effectively on adhesives.

Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel

This very effective spray gets rid of tough and unyielding urethane adhesive on the hardwood floor. The good news is that it is convenient and safe, unlike most adhesive removers.

It is also not costly and effortless when applying it to the areas where there are urethane adhesives.

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How to Remove Urethane Adhesives from Hardwood Floors

We have already listed the products to remove urethane adhesives from hardwood floors. We would now go through how to remove urethane adhesives from hardwood floors.

1. Get the Tools Ready

The first thing to do is get the necessary tools ready and get the solutions like the ones listed above from the store. You would also need a clean rag, putty knife, warm water, hardwood floor cleaner.

2. Pour in the Solution

Pour the solution sparingly on the areas where the urethane adhesive has stuck to the floor.

Be sure that the solution isn’t that potent to avoid causing damages to the hardwood floor. And ensure that the solution doesn’t spill anywhere apart from the urethane adhesive.

Make sure to cover all the needed areas.

3. Give the Solution time

After applying the solution, give it time to work on the urethane adhesive. Let the duration be from 15-20 minutes, by that time the adhesive would have started getting weak and its molecules would start separating.

4. Wipe Off the Urethane Adhesive

Using a clean rag, wipe the area where the solution was poured. The already weak particles would be cleaned off. The whole space would look just as it was before.

In some cases, the urethane adhesive might prove stubborn and you would need to take the next step.

5. Repeat the Method with a Putty Knife

If the urethane adhesive still glues firmly to the hardwood floor, the next step is to use a putty knife. You would have to pour in the solution all over again. Allow the solution to soak for 15 to 20 minutes like before.

Use a putty knife to scrape the adhesive off. Rub on the floor gently to avoid leaving scratches on the floor.

6. Clean the Area

After rubbing the hardwood floor with a putty knife, use a clean rag and warm water to clean the area. Soak the rag into warm water and wipe the floor slowly; it will help remove the urethane adhesive.

7. Use a Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Once you are through with the process, use a hardwood floor cleaner to remove the remaining debris on the floor. Any renowned hardwood floor cleaner would do the job perfectly.

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How to Remove Urethane Adhesive from Hardwood Floor: Final thoughts

Removing urethane adhesive from hardwood job might prove a bit of a job if not properly followed. With the right step it would peel off easily and we did give a detailed step above.

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