How Long Does it Take to Replace Carpet with Hardwood

How long does it take to replace carpet with hardwood

At some points, our carpet might get old and worn out. In the quest to get a more durable and long-lasting flooring type, you might resort to hardwood floors.

How long does it take to replace carpet with hardwood? Curious right? It takes 8-10 days to fully replace carpet with hardwood floors. Singularly, it takes only 1-3 days to install hardwood.

Let us go through the tips on how to replace carpet with hardwood.

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How to Replace Carpet with Hardwood

So many factors might influence the process of replacing carpet with hardwood. The carpet has to be removed completely and the floor, back to its original subfloor level.

Let’s examine the process of replacing carpet with hardwood in a detailed form.

1. Get the Tools Ready

You would need to get the things for the work-ready, which include: pry bar, hammer, nails, floor scraper, foam padding, moisture deterrent,  Three-quarter-inch exterior grade plywood.

2. Remove the Trim

You need to get rid of the trim so you can access the staple strips used to hold the carpet firmly. This isn’t as simple as prying away the trim with a pry bar. You would have to decide if you would keep the trim to be used later or use a new trim when you are done.

Also, if you will use the trim, be sure to count and specify the trim piece, so you can conveniently use the trim later.

3. Remove the Carpet, Padding, Strips, Nails, and Glue

Get rid of the carpet first; then the padding would follow. Pull the tack strips along the sides of the room. Knock off the nails holding them down.

Use a utility knife, hammer, pry bar, floor scraper to work on this part. Cut the carpet into different sections and pull it out. Then, remove the padding and pull the nail, glues, and staples off the adhesive.

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4. Install the Hardwood

Firstly, apply a moisture barrier, then place columns of wooden battens on the floor to take the place of floor joists. Also, screw three-quartered-inch exterior grade plywood into the wooden battens. With this, your hardwood floor is installed.

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Things to Consider While Replacing Carpet with Hardwood

There are so many things to consider while replacing carpet with hardwood floors. It is necessary to rummage through your tastes, lifestyle, cost of maintenance, and replacement.

1. Where Can I Install Hardwood?

Installing hardwood in a place with high moisture level isn’t ideal, places like; bathroom, kitchen, or laundry. Hardwood is not water-resistant.

Ensure that your wood floor is dry and moisture-free before you install

2. Does it Rhyme with my Lifestyle?

This is an essential aspect to think about. Do you have kids? Pets? Are you the type that throws a party every week. Then you should put all this into consideration.

Hardwood floors might be durable when maintained well. Yet, it is susceptible to stains, fades, and dents.

3. Does it Fit into my Budget?

Hardwood floors can be expensive, but when you consider the benefits accrued to them, you find out it is well worth it. Ask yourself if you are willing to pay more so you can enjoy these benefits?

4. Can I Maintain It?

This is another important to ask yourself. Would you go through the stress of buying hardwood and won’t be able to maintain it? Inasmuch as the wood floor is durable and an almost ageless flooring, it would start to fade and dent without proper care.

5. The Cost of Replacing Carpet with Hardwood

It is pertinent you also consider the cost of replacing carpet with hardwood. That is, if you decide to use a professional hand. Doing it yourself would save you from the expenses. It all boils down to what you want.

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How long does it take to replace carpet with hardwood: Final Thoughts

Replacing a carpet with hardwood can take 8 to 10 days when considering some factors. Remember to seek the help of a professional if you get suck when installing hardwood floor yourself.

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