How to Make a Floor Spraying Buffing Solution in 7 Easy Steps

floor spraying buffing solution

Having a buffing solution that comes to our aid against stains, footprints, and heavy scuff marks is very important. A floor spraying buffing solution serves that purpose and even more. It also gives your floor a glossy and glass-like gleam.

This post will relay how to make a floor spraying buffing solution. To begin with, get the ingredients needed for the procedure ready, spray 8 ounces of floor finish into the jug. You would need to apply 4 ounces of the detergent to the floor finish. Finally, thoroughly shake the ingredients for them to blend perfectly.

Check below for a more guided approach on these.

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How to Make a Floor Spraying Buffing Solution

Over time, the need to make our floors neat and give out this glass-like gleam has been needed, and the floor spraying buffing solution serves that need perfectly.

We will be showing you how to make a floor spraying buffing solution to soothe your taste. Stay on as we lead you through the process.

Step 1:

You will need Liquid dish-washing detergent, 16% floor finish, water, 1-gallon plastic jugs, 1-quarter plastic spray bottles with trigger spray. These are the materials required to make the floor spraying buffing solution.

Step 2:

Make sure there is no residue inside the 1-gallon plastic jug. If you find any remnant rinse it to remove the residue.

Step 3:

Spray 8 ounces of floor finish into the 1-gallon plastic jug.

Step 4:

Put in 4 ounces of liquid dish-washing detergent on the floor texture. Do not try economizing on the dish-washing detergent; it is crucial in your solution formation.

Step 5:

Fill up the jug with water. Be careful while pouring in water to avoid turmoil and over foaming.

Step 6:

Cover the jug with its lead. Shake it till the whole ingredients are mixed well enough.

Step 7:

Pour your newly formed floor spraying buffing solution into a 1-quartered sized plastic spray bottle, then put in a trigger sprayer. Make sure to shake the solution vigorously before any use.

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How to Apply Floor Spraying Buffing Solution

1. The first step is to get the tools for the application ready. You need a trigger sprayer bottle, dust mop, spray buffing, low-speed floor machine, and wet floor signs.

2. Close off the area with a wet floor sign. This is done to show a serious work in progress.

3. Dust and mop the floor using a dust mop.

4. Make use of a cleaning solution specifically made for spraying buffing. It is best to use the cleaning solution particularly mapped out for the task.

5. Start at the remotest end of the wall and then work towards the door entrance.

6. Drizzle the spray over the tools directly to the ground. Apply sparingly as a little amount would go a long way.

7. With a low-speed floor machine, a clean spray buffing pad pushes the machine from side-to-side across about a three-foot-wide floor location; it is required to apply this twice.

8. Place the low-speed floor machine over heavily scuffed floor areas to get rid of them; in most cases, this area might need the application of elbow grease, firstly.

9. Conclude the process by dust mopping the floor again.

10. If the scuff marks or stains are still present, repeat this process till you achieve the best result.

Benefits of a Floor Spraying Buffing Solution to the Floor

The purpose of the floor spraying buffing solution is to remove stains, footprints, and scuff marks and give out these glass-like gleams on our floors. It comes with so many benefits accrued to it.

Let us examine its usefulness in detail.

1. It Dries Up Easily

One of the merits accrued to using the spraying buffing procedure, Is that you don’t need to close off everywhere during application for fear of smearing the floor with footprints. It dries up quickly. Only a tiny area is wet at a time. You can even carry out your cleaning during working periods without obstructing the traffic.

2. It Saves Time

Another of its benefit is it is time-saving. Many procedures are not needed, as this solution was manufactured for speed. You can start immediately; there is no need to wait for the floor finish to dry before you begin the application.

3. It Doesn’t Need Many Tools

You only need mops, buckets; hence, the working areas are not jam-packed and cluttered. It needs only minimum tools for use.

4. Easy to Get

Many of the newly produced floors in the market have floor spraying buffing solutions as their cleaning requirements. And its availability in the market is next to none, as it is easy to get your hands on.

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Making floor spraying buffing solution is achievable if the simple and clear guide above is followed to the letter. The glee of having such a wonderful solution in your home can’t be overemphasized. We also listed the best way to apply the buffing solution.

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