How to Clean Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors (3 Simple Methods)

How to clean brazilian cherry hardwood floors

Taking care of your Brazilian cherry after installation is necessary. Like every other hardwood, Brazilian cherry needs regular care to maintain its peak condition and lengthen its lifespan.

In this post, we will be giving you an outline of how to clean Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. First, you would need to dust and vacuum the hardwood floor regularly, then also make use of a homemade solution. Finally, you can equally make use of commercial cleaners.

Read on as we walk you through the process.

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How to Clean Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

Brazilian cherry hardwood requires maintenance and care regularly. If you follow the instruction below, your wood floor will last longer and maintain its aesthetic outlook.

Stay with us as we go through how to clean Brazilian cherry hardwood floors:

1. Dusting and Vacuuming regularly

One of the problems associated with Brazilian cherry wood is that It gathers dust quickly. Hence, the need to clean the wood floor regularly to get rid of dirt and maintain its luster. Make use of a broom, dustpan, and even a dust mop.

You can also use a lightweight vacuum that can absorb dust easily. Do not use the beater bar; it can leave scratches and gashes on your hardwood.

It is advised to vacuum the hardwood floor every two to four days because leaving dust on your wood floor longer than this can cause damages to the floor.

2. Use Homemade Cleaning Solution

You would need a cleaning solution in the long run as you progress. Here are a few choices you can pick from.

You can make use of water and dishwashing liquid. Mix a few pinches of dishwashing liquid into a pail filled with warm water. Administer cautiously; be sure that the mop is not too wet but just damp. When you are through, clean the floor with water and dry with a towel.

You can also use vinegar; pour in about a half cup of white vinegar into a 3.5-liter gallon. Mix it thoroughly; It would act as a cleaner that won’t leave any residue. Clean the floor with a not-too-wet mop and leave it to dry.

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3. Make Use of Commercial Cleaners

There are approved commercial floor cleaners made solely for cleaning hardwood floors. Spray the content directly on the hardwood floor and mop off the liquid content.

To avoid floor damages, do not allow any liquid content to stay on for too long; wipe it immediately.

Advantages of a Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor

The Brazilian cherry hardwood floor carries tonnes of values that are well sought after. The benefit accrued to it makes it an excellent investment for the home.

Let us go through the strength of this hardwood floor.

1. It is Aesthetic

The wood floor is a sight to behold. It is easy to pair it with any other wood furniture in the room due to its varying and deep colors. It gives the home that sense of warmth and relaxation.

2. It is Durable

Among the ranks of hardwood, Brazilian cherry is considered one of the toughest. It is highly enduring against scratches, dents, and gashes. It serves the best purpose even in a place of high traffic, as it does not wear and tear easily.

It is also both fire and bug-resistant. The natural oil attached to the wood eradicates mites and spores. It is a better option for those with allergies.

3. It Adds Value to the Home

It might be more costly to install, but it is worth the cash. Approximately Brazilian cherry hardwood is expected to last for 30 years or even more, even much longer with the proper care.

4. It is Suited for Multi-Purpose

It provides a season-to-season warmth and relaxation to the home. It has this inborn resistance against heat, making it the best option for installation in a radiant flooring home.

5. It Can be Refinished

Brazilian cherry hardwood can be refinished up to a dozen times during its lifespan. Most hardwood can’t stand such rounds of refinishing. Sanding and refinishing the floor will help get rid of gashes and stains.

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Disadvantages of a Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor

Like every other flooring type, Black cherry comes with some weaknesses, which should be considered when making your choices of the best hardwood to use.

Let us examine some of these drawbacks below.

1. It Can be Expensive

One thing that deters people from purchasing this hardwood flooring is the cost. Brazilian cherry hardwood floor is one of the costliest hardwood. You might fall in love with the beauty that comes with the wood floor, but the cost might be way above what you have in your budget.

2. It is Susceptible to Dust and Dirt

Brazilian cherry has this tendency of outlining any dent or dust. It might prove difficult to care for as it would need daily cleaning to maintain its radiance.

If you installed this type of hardwood flooring, consider using a robotic vacuum to keep it safe from dirt and dust.

Constant cleaning of the floor also helps prevent scratches and promotes the lifespan of the wood floor.

3. It Might Not Suit Every Area

It is ok to install hardwood floors like Brazilian cherry in a large room; its dark tone gives the room a cozy and beautiful outlook. But for a small room? It is not the best of ideas.

4. Water Damage

This is one of its most significant weaknesses. Since every wood floor has this tendency to assimilate water, this weakens the wood floor. So, Brazilian cherry wood should not be installed in a wet or high-moisture area.

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Floors with a dark finish like Brazilian cherry require regular maintenance as they darken over time. Hence, displaying dust and dirt at every corner. Having outlined the procedures needed on how to clean Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, you can have yourself a shiny Brazilian cherry floor.

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