How To Keep Recliner From Sliding On Wood Floor – 3 Easy Methods

how to keep recliner from sliding on wood floor

A sliding recliner is not only annoying and obstructive, but it could also damage your floor by leaving behind dents and scratches. Luckily, there are easy ways to fix this, using a furniture glide or placing a rug underneath the furniture are some of the few ways to do so.

If you want to know how to keep recliner from sliding on wood floor, read on because this article discusses the perfect solution!

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How to Keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor

Keeping your recliner from sliding on wood floor not only helps to ensure you get proper rest, but it also prevents the recliner from leaving scratch marks or dents, here are the various methods you can do this

Rubber Grippers

Rubber grippers will keep your recliner in its tracks. It uses no adhesive as the rubber grips stick to the bottom of the recliner easily so you do not have to worry about leaving residue behind on the floor.

Rubber grippers are not a permanent solution so they can easily be removed and disposed of if you decide to move the chair to a carpeted area. You can purchase rubber grippers from most hardware and furniture stores.

They are usually available in small discs meant for furniture with four legs but you can also use them underneath your recliner’s metal framework by arranging them at the four corners of the framework. You can also use a no-slip rubber pad designed for area rugs.

Rubberized pads are available in sheets that can be cut into the desired size. You just need to trim the edges to the appropriate size so the pad fits perfectly underneath the recliner and does not stick out.

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Use Cork

If you want to explore a more natural option, then you can use cork to stop your recliner from sliding on wood floors. Cork is also a non-permanent, non-adhesive option and you can purchase pre-cut cork squares and place them underneath the recliner’s metal framework at the four corners.

You can also purchase a larger cork square than the metal framework and place the recliner on top of it. Cork is a natural and environmentally-friendly option, but also usually thicker than the rubber grippers, this causes the recliner to sit higher.

With time, the chair may sink into the cork and cause it to become badly positioned; unless the cork wears down evenly on all sides.

Place Mats

Because you usually cannot see underneath recliners, you can place the recliner on a small no-slip mat and the mat will remain invisible underneath the recliner while preventing it from moving around on the wood floor.

Purchase a small mat that can cover the metal framework area but not entirely so it remains hidden. For better camouflage, you can purchase a mat that matches either the recliner or floor color, this ensures that the rug remains less visible even when the recliner is open.

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Stop Furniture From Sliding On Laminate Floor

Clean Your Floor

It is important that you regularly clean your laminate floor, not only does this help to maintain the floor’s appearance, dust can also cause your sliding furniture to be even more prone to sliding around, this can even make it difficult to achieve an effective result with products that prevent furniture from sliding.

This is why dusting your floor on a regular basis is very important. Dust can also increase the wear and tear some of the rubber pads and grippers experience.

So in order to be able to achieve an effective result with using any product to stop your furniture from sliding around, you need to make sure that your floor is as dust-free as possible. 


This is an easy way to keep your furniture from sliding around on laminate flooring. A rug will provide the same amount of grip for your furniture as a carpet flooring would, this prevents it from sliding around as much as it otherwise would.

The size of rug you would need depends on the size and number of furniture that slides around whenever weight is applied to it.

However, when choosing a rug ensure it has non-stick padding on the bottom. A non-slip rug is what you need when you are having an issue with slippery furniture, although this may mean that you will need to forgo some style options.

But if your rug of choice isn’t non-slip, you can consider purchasing a non-slip pad that fits underneath the rug.

Not only does placing a rug on your laminate floor help to prevent furniture from scuffing up the floor, but it also adds a pop of color to the room.

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Rubber Pads

Rubber pads are one of the most affordable and versatile options that you have when looking for a way to stop your furniture from sliding around. Rubber pads are simply rubber ends that can be placed underneath your furniture legs to provide them with grip.

You can purchase rubber pads at any home improvement store, and they are available in different shapes and sizes.

When choosing rubber pads, keep in mind to opt for the size that will perfectly fit underneath the furniture you intend to put it on. This means that you may need to measure the area of the furniture legs.

After purchasing the rubber pads, all you need to do is place them on the ends of the legs and the furniture should be held in place.

Use Furniture Grippers

Although rubber pads are an affordable way to stop your furniture from sliding, you can also use furniture grips which have a considerable amount of versatility and customization options available, this enables you to tailor them to your furniture needs.

You can customize furniture grippers to have different textures which can provide a better grip and better protection against scuff marks and scratches on the floor. You can even get furniture grippers that are custom-made for your specific furniture.

To achieve an invisible fix, make sure to measure the legs of your furniture before purchasing the gripper. This will enable you to choose the perfect size possible for your furniture grippers.

When you have a set of furniture grippers, all you need to do is place them underneath the legs of the furniture and it should be able to stop it from sliding.

The versatility of furniture grippers ensures that you will find something that suits your furniture perfectly, regardless of how slippery your laminate floor might be.

Use Stop Blocks

If your furniture only slides backward, and it doesn’t move in any other direction, you can use a stop block to keep it in place. You can either purchase it from the store or create your own stop blocks.

Stop blocks are basically blocks of wood or any sturdy material that you can place behind the feet of your furniture, between the wall and the furniture, to stop it from sliding backward.

However keep in mind that this won’t stop minuscule scratches and scuffs from appearing on your floor, but will stop the furniture from sliding every time.

To do this, you will need to trace a block of space between your furniture legs and the wall, and then cut out a woodblock that matches this measurement. Adding little wings on the sides of the stop block will also help to keep the furniture from moving sideways.

When purchasing a stop block at the store ensure that you have the measurements handy so that you can choose the right material.

Stop blocks may be more expensive than both furniture grippers and rubber blocks, so ensure to consider if this is the best option for you beforehand.

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This article tells you how to keep recliner from sliding on wood floor as well as ways to stop furniture from sliding on laminate floor. Sliding furniture can cause great damage to your floor plus it causes you great inconvenience too. Fortunately, there are ways to fix that and keep your furniture rooted to a spot.

But regardless of the option you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you can stop furniture from sliding on laminate floor and ruining your beautiful flooring.

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