How To Keep Floor Mats From Sliding On Vinyl Floor – 7 Quick Tips

How To Keep Floor Mats From Sliding On Vinyl Floor

Placing a rug on vinyl flooring helps to give the room a pop of color and protect the floor underneath, but this can be a hazard if proper measures to keep the rug from sliding are not taken. This article will guide you on ways on how to keep floor mats from sliding on vinyl floor.

A rug that slides around is very dangerous because an unexpected slide underfoot could send one crashing down to the floor, leading to injury. There are different ways to prevent this from happening.

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How To Keep Floor Mats From Sliding On Vinyl Floor

Vinyl floor has a smooth and shiny finish, so it is of no surprise that your rug is sliding around, but there are ways to ensure that your mat grips onto your vinyl floor and remains in one spot.

Install Velcro Strips

If you want your mat rooted to one particular spot and do not mind potentially leaving sticky residue on your vinyl floor, you can installing velcro strips on your mat. 

This will hold the mat securely in place for a long time. You can purchase velcro in both pre-cut strips and long rolls.

Installing velcro strips to a mat is quite easy:

  • Start by cutting the velcro into the desired length, according to the size of your mat. Then place these cutout velcro strips on the corners and edges of the mat.
  • Next, lift off the paper to reveal the sticky side on the softer half of the velcro. This is half of the velcro that will be stuck to the floor.
  • Also, take off the paper on the rougher half of the velcro before placing it in a similar fashion as the velcro on the floor to the underside of your floor mat.
  • Finally, all you need to do is stick the two strips together.

The only downside to this method is when you decide to change the position of the mat. This is because this method requires you to install one-half of the velcro strip directly onto your floor with adhesive, so the removal process could leave behind some sticky mess on the floor.

This is why it is recommended that you only make use of velcro strips when you intend to keep your mat in the same place on the floor for a long period of time.

Use A Rug Pad

Using a rug pad is one of the easiest ways to secure your mats and keep them from sliding. Non-slip rug pad varies in thickness and can be cut to match the size of your mat.

Rug pads will not only help to keep your mat in place; it also helps to reduce noise and serve as a shock absorber. The thickness of the rug pad you need depends on the amount of traffic the area is subjected to.

For areas with low traffic, you can choose a thin rubber rug pad, while a thick rubber rug pad is best suited for higher traffic areas.

Opt For Mats With Non-Slip Backing

When choosing a mat to place on a slippery floor like vinyl flooring, it is recommended that you opt for a mat with non-slip backing. This saves you the stress of trying to find ways to keep the rug from sliding. Non-slip mats are easy to find and usually have a grippy latex gel backing.

The latex gel enables the mat to have an extra grip on your vinyl floor, hence preventing the mat from slipping.

However, please note that the effectiveness of rubber backed mat usually depends on the type and thickness of the floor it is placed on.

Place Furniture On It

Although if you had placed the mat on the vinyl floor for aesthetic purposes, placing furniture on it will basically take away the purpose of the mat.

But if the mat was meant to cushion the effects of foot traffic directly on the vinyl floor, then placing any heavy pieces of furniture, like couches, coffee tables, beds, and dressers on the mat can help to hold it down and prevent it from slipping.

The furniture, however, should not totally cover the entire mat; you can allow some furniture to overlap; so that the mat can serve its purpose and still be held in place.

Using Non-Slip Underlay

This is another great and non-invasive method to keep your mat from sliding. You can purchase a non-slip underlay that is the correct size of your mat or as a long roll that you cut into desired sizes. 

Non-slip underlay is relatively inexpensive, so you don’t have to spend much to get your mat to stop sliding.

Installing an underlay is very simple: start by getting the size of non-slip underlay that is the perfect fit for your mat, then place it on the floor where your mat will be placed, and place the 1mat on top.

It is a simple installation process but keep in mind that the type of non-slip underlay you need depends on the type of mat you’re using and the type of flooring.

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Using Caulk

If you have an inexpensive mat, caulking it will help to keep it in place. This is a simple and inexpensive method of stopping your mat from sliding. Apply a single bead line of silicone caulk on the back and edges of your mat.

You also need to apply more caulk lines to the center of the rug. Then use a putty knife to flatten the bead head before it dries to create good adhesion between the caulk and the mat. When the caulk dries, you can go ahead to place the mat over your vinyl floor.

The dried silicon caulk will enable the mat to have a solid grip on the vinyl floor and stop sliding. But keep in mind that this method is only recommended for cheap and inexpensive mats, do not apply caulk to your expensive or antique mat as this could damage it.

Using Double Sided Sticky Tape

This is a very quick and inexpensive fix; simply apply a simple roll of double-sided tape on your mat to give it an extra grip and stops it from sliding around on your vinyl floor. 

To do this, apply the sticky tape around the edges of the mat, about 2 inches in; also, place a couple of tape strips along the center of the mat for extra grip.

The sticky tape might hold your mat and stop it from slipping. But, when the sticky tape begins to collect dirt, dust, and debris, it will lose its adhesive qualities and would need to be replaced when this happens.

Make sure to only use sticky tape that is specifically designed to be used on mats and has a light adhesive. Using tapes with strong adhesive will leave behind a messy adhesive residue when removed; this can stain your mat as well as your vinyl floor.

You should also keep in mind that, like with caulking, it’s recommended to only place sticky tape on cheap mats only and avoid the tape if you have an antique or expensive carpet or rug.


Knowing how to keep floor mats from sliding on vinyl floor will help to prevent any unwanted accidents that can occur with a slippery mat. Opt for the best-suited method for your mat and the one that works best for you.

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