How To Keep Chairs From Scratching Hardwood Floors – 5 Easy Methods

How To Keep Chairs From Scratching Hardwood Floors

Chairs scratching hardwood floor is a very common occurrence that can leave your floor looking disfigured. Hardwood floor is more prone to scratches than any other floor, so appropriate care should be taken.

Although the best way of preventing scratches on your hardwood floor is to keep the room furniture free, that’s impossible, so we are going to look at how to keep chairs from scratching hardwood floors without having to settle for an empty room.

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How To Keep Chairs From Scratching Hardwood Floors 

Don’t Drag Furniture Across The Floor

Most scratches and damages on hardwood floors are usually caused by dragging or pushing furniture across the floor when moving or redecorating. 

When moving furniture around your home, you want to make they are actually lifted across and not dragged because a heavy piece of furniture is enough to leave wide scratches and dents on your hardwood floor.

You can also get your furniture protective feet or coverings that help to prevent the furniture legs from scratching the floor.

If you are using a protective mat, you need to make sure the mat is thick enough to provide complete protection and wide enough to pad each of the legs of your furniture.

Placing Rugs

Placing area rugs and carpets on areas that experience heavy foot traffic or areas with furniture helps to prevent scratching or gouging.

Although the idea of covering your silky-smooth hardwood floors with an area rug or carpet might not be your favorite, so you can opt for rugs that only cover where the furniture is placed, and you can add extra protection to the rug by using a rug pad underneath.

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But before you do that, you need to Make sure that the backing of your pad material is safe to use on your hardwood floors, so it doesn’t cause yellowing or additional scratching.

Placing a rug on your floor not only protects it but also adds insulation to the floor, especially during winter. Rugs also add a pop of color into a room.

Use Non-Slip Furniture Pads

Placing non-slip furniture pads underneath your furnitures legs helps to stabilize the chair, so it doesn’t move around when someone tries to get on it, and also helps to prevent scratches. These furniture pads can either be felt, cork, or rubber.

Just go to any hardware store and buy self-adhesive felt or rubber pads and just use scissors to trim out the size of your furnitures feet.

To attach it to the feet, clean underneath the leg with some alcohol, then press the pad firmly against the feet to ensure good adhesion.

You could apply a layer of contact cement on the pad before pressing it to the furniture if the glue didn’t hold. You can also make use of clothing, quilts, or blankets, just cut them into size and attach it to the feet of the furniture with some fabric glue.

Also, while your furniture is in place, you want to check its feet regularly. Before placing new furniture on your hardwood floor, you also need to check its feet. 

If the furniture feet has become worn out or rough, you can use sandpaper sheets or palm tool to do some light sanding and smooth the edges of the furnitures feet, so they don’t scratch the floor.

Use Clear Packing Tape

Clear packing tape is a very cheap and easy way of preventing your furniture from scratching your hardwood floor.

Simply Place a square piece of tape to fit around the bottom of your furnitures feet and Cut the remaining sides. 

There has to be enough tape to be able to stick around the sides of the chair but not too much so that it isn’t noticeable.

Then press down the tape to get all the air out. You want to press the tape firmly against the chair so that it doesn’t come off easily.

Attaching Wheels To Your Furniture

Adding wheels to your furniture like cabinets is a very great idea as the wheel makes it easy for the furniture to be moved around without damaging the floor. However, if you happen to use the wrong type of wheels, they can still leave scratches.

So you want to make sure you get non-marking rubber wheels or ball wheels. Also, ensure to clean the wheels regularly, as dirt or debris can stick to them and cause scratches when the wheels are rolled across the floor.


Knowing how to keep chairs from scratching hardwood floors will enable you to prolong the lifespan of your hardwood floor and ensure it looks its best.

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