How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet (8 Quick Steps)

how to get nail polish out of carpet

Maintaining a carpet can be quite an uphill task, especially when it involves getting rid of tough stains like nail polish stains. It can really be a tough choice to get rid of nail polish from the carpet.

This post would disclose how to get nail polish out of carpet. Firstly, find out if the stain is wet or dry, then apply nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Also, form a cleaning solution, and apply it. Finally, work towards getting rid of the nail polish from the carpet.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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Products Needed to Remove Nail Polish Out of Carpet

While trying to get rid of nail polish out of carpet, some products would come in handy and hasten up the process. They are so potent that nail polish stains can’t stand them.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is not costly and can help get rid of nail polish from the carpet. The nitrocellulose in the nail polish remover structures a coating and assists in eliminating stubborn nail polish from the carpet.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also known as isopropyl alcohol. It is a great product used to conquer tough stains in the home. It can be used to get rid of nail polish stains. It is highly required in the home, not just for polish stains, but for other tough stains.

Liquid Dishwashing Soap

Your best bet when it comes to dishwashing soaps is Dawn. It is highly effective against tough stains. It helps clean hard stains like grease and nail polish. It also works effectively against bright red nail polish on the carpet.

Carpet Freshener

This is very necessary if you want to get rid of the hanging odor from the nail polish and the material used in getting rid of the polish stain. A pinch of carpet freshener would purge every existing odor from the nail polish.

Spray Bottles

This is also effective against nail polish stains. What’s even more awesome about it is that you can control the amount to be sprayed on the nail polish stains. You can equally add ingredients to create a great mixture that nail polish stains won’t be able to resist.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is effective against a whole lot of stains. It cleans and removes stains effortlessly. The acetic acid in the white vinegar is very effective against nail polish stains.

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How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet

Nothing dampens the heart like the presence of stain on the carpet, not to talk of a tough stain like nail polish. But not to worry, there is a way to easily get rid of stains.

Read on as we show you how to get nail polish out of the carpet.

1. Find Out if the Stain is Wet or Dry

If the area of the stain is still wet, dab the stained area with a paper towel till the towel can no longer pick up wet stains. If it is already dry, scrape out as many coatings as possible. Using the edge of a butter knife scrape out the dry stains from the carpet.

2. Apply Rubbing Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover

Pour in the content of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover into a rag that you no longer use. Carefully dab the stained area till you can no longer absorb stains.

There is nitrocellulose in the nail polish remover that creates the film that aids removal.

3. Create a Cleaning Solvent

Using the liquid dishwashing soap, warm water, and white vinegar, form a special cleaning solution. Mix one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, with 2 cups of warm water. Pour the combination into a spray bottle.

Also, sodium lauryl sulfur, the dominant element in Dawn, glues with the nail polish and that allows for easy removal of stains. The acetic acid in the white vinegar also helps pull the stain from the carpet.

4. Step Apply the Cleaning Solution

Spray the nail polish sparingly on the nail polish stain. Using a rag, dab all over the stain again. It is advisable to use a different rag from the one you have been using earlier so you can monitor the stain coming up. Continue dabbing until there Is no more stain to absorb by the rag.

5. Apply Water

Make use of a different spray bottle or rinse the other spray bottle thoroughly. Use the spray bottle to make the area moist. Spray the nail polish stain with warm water, dab it with a paper towel, just be to be certain it is already free from stains.

6. Dry with Paper Towel

Using several paper towels, place them on the area where the stain is. Place something heavy on the paper towel; something heavy like a stack of books. This would help suck out the whole liquid that has accumulated within the carpet.

7. Give it Time

Give the drying process time to actualize for about an hour. Be sure there is no moisture still stuck to the floor or you might experience mildew and its bad stench. This might end up graduating to a mold. It is very important to be sure it is properly dried.

8. Apply Carpet Freshener

Make use of a carpet freshener, drizzle it across the area of the nail polish stain. The carpet freshener helps remove any lingering odor from the nail polish or vinegar. Also, vacuum up the carpet freshener with the guideline provided for it.

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Things to Consider While Removing Nail Polish from Carpet

Here are a few things to consider while removing nail polish from the carpet, to avoid causing damages to your carpet.

1. Make sure to use nail polish remover that is free from acetone.

2. Be sure that the hairspray you make use of doesn’t comprise tea oil, because, it normally stains colored carpets.

3. Do not make use of any product that contains bleach or hydrogen peroxide on dark carpets. It bleaches the dark carpets.

4. Do not rub wet polish stains, because it spreads the stain further on the carpet.

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One of the most annoying stains to clean off on the carpet is the spill of polished nails on the carpet. But with the right step, you can get rid of polish nail stains from the floor. The steps on how to get nail polish out of carpet have been listed, above.

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