Nylon or Polyester Carpet Which is Better? (4 Simple Clues)

nylon or polyester carpet

The most sought-after synthetic fiber carpet in the market is Nylon and Polyester. They are known for their durability, stain-resistant, and aesthetic looks.

Then comes the question; nylon or polyester carpet, which is better? This question is asked quite often. The two carpet types have their strengths and weaknesses.

And the view about which is better than the other should be based on preferences and what the home requires at the moment. Or what your budget can relate to.

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What You Need to Know About Nylon Carpet

Nylon is one of the most popular fiber carpets in the industry today. It is famous for being sturdy, easy to maintain, and has a very high demand.

We would examine some of its qualities.

It is Durable

One of the qualities of Nylon carpet is its durability. When buying a carpet, one thing to consider is how sturdy the carpet is.

Everyone wants a carpet that can resist wear and tear and even last up to a decade, if possible. It is known as the most durable synthetic carpet fiber in vogue.

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It is Stain Resistant

Nylon has a strong resistance against stains. It ranks high in its effort at resisting stains.

It is Easy to Maintain

Nylon carpet is very easy to maintain. It does not require much stress to ensure its maintenance. Simply running a vacuum over a Nylon carpet is the maintenance it would need to look aesthetic to the eyes for years to come.

It Comes in a Variety of Styles and Patterns

Nylon carpet comes in various styles, options, and patterns. It is very likely to find any color or style that would fit into your room or taste.

It is Costly

Compared to other synthetic carpets, nylon carpets can be termed quite costly.

It is not Soft to the Touch.

Though Nylon carpet has many benefits over other carpet types, Its fabric is not considered the softest. When softness is put into play, it ranks far behind other carpet types.

What You Need to Know About Polyester Carpet

Polyester is a type of synthetic carpet. It is one of the highest carpets on demand in the market. It is also affordable.

We would go through some of its qualities.

It is Stain Resistant

When it comes to water-based stains, polyester carpet repels it quite effectively. Since it has low absorbing power and durable color, you can immediately get rid of the spill. It also dries immediately, which ensures that there is no wet spot.

It is Soft

Another quality of a polyester carpet is its softness. It gives room for relaxed padding in your home.

It has a Vibrant Color

Polyester carpet has vibrant colors that last for a long time. They last a lot better than most carpeting materials.

It has Lots of Varieties

Polyester carpet comes with a lot of options. You can choose from different colors and types of polyester carpets.

You can also use varieties of carpet cleaners without having to fear.

It is Less Costly

Polyester carpet is quite affordable and is not as costly as some carpet types like Nylon carpet.

Nylon or Polyester Carpet Which is Better?

This is a regularly asked question; nylon or polyester, which is better? We will examine their strengths and weaknesses below.


Both nylon carpets and polyester carpets are considered durable. But nylon carpet holds a firmer foot over the polyester carpet when it comes to durability. Nylon carpet is known as the most durable synthetic carpet in vogue.

Polyester is a less sturdy carpet than nylon. It doesn’t have the outstanding stability of a nylon carpet. And would develop signs of wear and tear in lesser times than nylon.

Stain Resistance

Both nylon carpets and polyester are known to be stain-resistant. But polyester carpet tops the chart when it comes to stain resistance. Polyester is a hydrophobic fiber, which naturally fends off liquid.

Meanwhile, on the opposite, nylon carpets are highly absorbent. So it easily gets soaked and leaves wet spots behind.

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Softness is a high determinant when choosing carpets. Polyester is softer than nylon carpet. Though both are not the softest of carpets, polyester is still softer than nylon.


Another factor to consider between nylon carpets and polyester is the cost. Nylon carpet is known as the most costly synthetic fiber to be produced. Nylon carpets cost a bit more than a polyester of equivalent value.

Though lower-priced nylon and higher-priced polyester exist, they can’t be of the same value. Hence, Nylon carpet is more costly.

Things to Note Between Nylon and Polyester Carpet

Here are a few things to note that would assist you in choosing between polyester and nylon carpet. These would be based on your preference and what suits your home best.

1. If you are placing a carpet in a high-traffic home or for commercial purposes, then a nylon carpet would be the best option.

2. If you enjoy changing your carpet regularly to stay afloat with reigning styles and colors, and at an affordable rate, the polyester carpet would be the best option.

3. If you have pets at home, you would do better with polyester carpets. It is slightly more resistant to stains, and if a pet destroys it, polyester is cheaper to afford.

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Two of the most used carpet fibers are nylon and polyester carpet. They are in high demand in the market. Then pops in this question; Nylon or polyester carpet which is better? The two carpets have their strength and weaknesses. And can come into play depending on one’s taste and what suits the home best at the time.

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