How to Get Smoothie Out of Carpet (3 Easy Approach)

How to get smoothie out of carpet

One of the best ways to start your day is by making smoothies. It is very nutritious to the body. But in a situation where an incident occurred and the smoothie spilled on the floor, the sight of it can be anything but pleasant.

That said, this post will show how to get smoothie out of carpet. We would give a detailed description of how to get a banana smoothie, blueberry smoothie, and green smoothie out of the carpet.

To get smoothie out of carpet, remove as much smoothie as possible by dabbing with a paper towel, apply ammonia-based solution on the carpet and let if sit for 3 minutes. Finally, dap off the stain using a clean white rag until it’s completely gone.

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Read on as we give detailed steps on this.

How to Get Banana Smoothie Out of Carpet

Smoothie spills on the floor can be quite frustrating, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. We gave a detailed format on how to tackle such challenges, below.

1. Using a paper towel, dab on the spilled banana smoothie on your floor. This dabbing process should be done as fast as you can to avoid the smoothie from permeating deep into the fabrics of your carpet; hence, making it even harder to get rid of. Keep repeating this process until you have removed as many banana smoothies as possible.

2. Blend one teaspoon of ammonia with a cup of warm water to form a potent cleaning solvent. This would remove the smoothie stain from your carpet.

The ammonia would do a really good job as a cleaning solution and break down the banana smoothie stain for easy cleaning.

3. Apply the ammonia-based solution sparingly on the carpet, then leave it for 3 minutes. Using a clean white rag, start dabbing on the banana smoothie stain on your carpet. Dabbing would be a more effective way of lifting the stain till all the smoothie stain is gone.

4. Once the stain is finally gone, rinse the area that you just dabbed. This is done to get rid of dirt and stains that might have been stuck to the carpet fiber. Dry the area with a clean towel and give the carpet time to air-dry.

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How to Get Blueberry Smoothie Out of Carpet

Removing blueberry smoothies out of the carpet can be a bit tricky, but with the right step, you won’t break a sweat doing it.

Read on as we discuss these steps in detail.

1. Blend one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and two cups of water. The mixture would create an effective cleaning solvent.

2. Making use of a clean white rag, dab the blueberry stain with the cleaning solvent. Continue dabbing till you are sure all the stains have been absorbed.

3. If the blueberry stain is still persistent, mix a tablespoon of ammonia and two cups of cold water. Be careful not to mix chlorine bleach and ammonia, the resultant effect can be very hazardous.

4. Sponge the stain with ammonia solvent and dab at the stain. Repeat this process until all the stains have been absorbed. Then rinse the area with cold water and dry the floor with a towel. Give the floor time to dry.

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How to Get Green Smoothie Out of the Carpet

Green smoothie stains can be ugly to look at. It is anything but good to look at green smoothies on the carpet. We would show you how to get green smoothie out carpet.

1. Firstly, start with blotting as much liquid smoothie as possible from the floor with a white cloth or paper towel. Do this until it can no longer absorb the green smoothie stains. Only gently dab the stains, do not rub on the stains to avoid spreading the stains on the carpet.

2. Using the liquid dishwashing detergent and two cups of warm water, form a cleaning solvent that would effectively get rid of the green smoothie stains. Use a new rag to dab on the remaining stain.

3. Get a new rag and a white distilled vinegar. Apply the white vinegar sparingly on the rag and dab the floor again. Use the clean areas of the rag to dab with the white vinegar until all the stains have been absorbed.

4. After you are done blotting the carpet off the green smoothie, rinse the carpet with clean water. Use a sponge to dab on the floor with water. This is done to remove the soap and white vinegar from the floor.

5. Ensure you get the moisture out of the carpet immediately. An effective way to go about this is to place a dry towel or several paper towels on the area and have them suck up the moisture.

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Having a smoothie spill on the carpet can be very unsightly to look at. You can get the stain off the carpet to reduce the uncomfortable feeling, with the right steps.

We gave a detailed description of how to get smoothie out of the carpet. Follow the steps carefully and have yourself a glittering carpet.

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