How to Clean Diatomaceous Earth from Hardwood Floor (3 Simple Methods)

How to clean diatomaceous earth from hardwood floor

Many homes make use of diatomaceous earth in their homes for various purposes like pest control, deodorizing bad smells, absorbing spillage, and a host of other uses. But leaving it on the floor after use might prove unhealthy and lethal.

Let’s put you through how to clean diatomaceous earth from hardwood floor. You would need to use a damp towel to clean it off or sweep it off with a broom or brush. You can equally vacuum the hardwood floor, but you might call on a professional when all measures prove useless.

Read on as we guide you on the process.

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How to Clean Diatomaceous Earth from Hardwood Floor

Cleaning off diatomaceous earth from the hardwood isn’t a hard job as far as the procedures are duly followed. We will give you a rundown of the different ways to go about it.

1. Make Use of a Damp Towel

A damp towel would come in handy when wiping off diatomaceous earth from the hardwood floor. After wiping it shake the towel vigorously outside or over a trash can to get rid of the particles. Put it up for washing, and be sure to wash it separately to avoid mixing diatomaceous earth with your clothing.

Once you are done washing, you can add the towel back to your clothing collections.

2. Sweep it Off

Sweep the diatomaceous earth into a dustpan and dispose of it using a broom or brush. If you find out that the particles are airborne, sprinkle water on the floor and sweep off the particles. Be sure not to apply too much water to avoid soaking the diatomaceous earth to the floor instead.

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3. Make Use of a Vacuum

It is advisable to use a shop vacuum to deal with the trouble of diatomaceous earth. The vacuums are effective and are manufactured to deal with debris

4. Hire a Floor Cleaner if Necessary

If after using the procedures above, you still notice abnormalities or an issue where the diatomaceous earth is fully stuck to the floor. Professional hands would come in handy to solve the problem.

Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

The uses of diatomaceous earth to the home and hardwood cannot be overemphasized. It acts as a pest repellant, and many other of its functions would be discussed below.

1. It is a Natural Ant Repellant

Ant infestation is a nuisance to the home. The problem of ants in your home can be solved easily; just make use of diatomaceous earth!

Sprinkle it on the entry and exit point where you see the ants, and it will fend off the ants. Ants hate diatomaceous earth.

2. It Fends Off Cockroaches

Cockroaches hate the presence of diatomaceous earth and stay off where it is sprayed.

To begin with, make sure that there is no shred of food on the floor. Ensure to cover the pots securely. Make a mental note of where you have seen the cockroaches and dust the area liberally with diatomaceous earth.

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3. It is Used to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Using diatomaceous earth won’t eliminate bed bugs as they can be stubborn, but it plays a primary role. It cleans the floor intensively as you combine it with other factors.

4. It Gets Rid of Bad Smells

Diatomaceous earth helps get rid of foul odor in the home. You can use it to freshen up the scent of your home.

It also works on smelly shoes too. For a pair of smelly shoes, add a pinch of diatomaceous earth in its sole and leave it for a day. Dispose of the product, and the scent of the shoe would be nice.

5. It Absorbs Spills

Diatomaceous earth can suck up things twice its weight, making it an ideal product for sucking up spillage like oil, soda, grease On the hardwood floor.

Using its spongy diatom sucks up spillage quite easily. Let it suck up the spillage until it is dry.

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Having covered tips on how to clean diatomaceous earth from hardwood floor. Cleaning diatomaceous earth should be a no brainer and should be achieved easily so far the guidelines are followed properly.

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