How to Remove Grease Stains from Carpet (4 Easy Ways)

How to Remove Grease Stains from Carpet

When there is a spill or unavoidable grease stain on your carpet, you should know how to remove grease stains from carpet. Grease gives embarrassing stains to a carpet, which might be difficult to prevent.

Commonly, when working on metal surfaces, oil and grease are ingredients of the task. Unluckily, as much as one attempts to be cautious, some oil will end up on the carpet. Grease happens to be one of the trickier liquid to wipe out from a rug because it sticks to the threads.

However, raw fiber materials like linen and cotton are lenient to clean. Still, suppose the material is a human-made synthetic like nylon or polyester that is created from petroleum. In that case, the lubricant molecules build a strong connection with the hard to break fibers.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips that can help remove grease stains on your carpet before they turn out worse. These techniques can get even stubborn oil and grease stains out of your carpet; check them out.

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How to Remove Grease stain from Carpet

Making Use of Baking Soda

Most people do not know that baking soda is one of the most multi-purpose products in their homes. Baking soda functions by soaking up grease solutions and moisture without staining further or destroying your rug.

It is also cheap, which provides you with no justification for getting to work and removing the oil stain on the rug.

Utilizing baking soda for oil stains is also good because it is non-toxic and will not damage your body, rug, or the surroundings.

Ingredients to Use

a. Baking soda

b. Detergent

c. Vacuum cleaner

d. Warm water

e. Dull knife

f. Clean sponge or cloth

g. One utility brush or an old toothbrush

h. Spray bottle

Procedure to Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

  • For old grease, use the dull knife to scratch it off. Old grease stains normally will have dried off, which makes it effortless to scrape as much of oil solids as much as possible from the rug’s strands.
  • Use the spray bottle contained with baking soda to liberally sprinkle it onto the oil stain, making sure to cover the stain completely. The baking soda will soak up the oil stains without circulating it.
  • The utility brush can be used for large oil stains and the old toothbrush for small grease stains. Scrub the baking soda gently into the carpet with whichever brush you are using. The pressure used in scrubbing the grease stain should not be extremely harsh or too soft.
  • Allow the baking soda to rest for fifteen minutes before vacuuming it. The vacuum cleaner should suck out the dislodged grease particles and baking soda from your rug.
  • After the vacuum cleaner takes out every bit of particle, squeeze out a few drops of water with washing detergent onto the stained spot. Brush the stained area softly using detergent and pour some water at intervals. Dry the spot with a neat sponge or rag.
  • Then, saturate the spot with the neat cloth and warm water to wipe out the soapy remains dab the area to dry it, and allow it to dry totally.

Repeat these steps if the oil stain is still noticeable.

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Making Use of Vinegar and Dish Soap

Vinegar and dish soap are daily cleaning products based in your house that you could use to wipe out those greasy old stains on your carpet.

According to research and tests, vinegar was a perfect cleaning product due to its bleaching and purifying properties. Vinegar and dish soap are also soft on textures leaving no harm behind.

Ingredients to Use

a. White vinegar

b. Dish soap

c. Spray bottle

d. Dull knife

e. Towels made of paper or clean rag

f.  Warm water

Procedure to Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

  • If it is an old oil that has dried off on your carpet, scrape it off with the dull knife. Do not scratch too harsh to avoid destroying the rug fibers.
  • Prepare your cleaning mixture by combining one tablespoon of dish soap and one tablespoon of white vinegar to about two glasses of warm water into a bowl. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Utilizing the towel made of paper or clean rag, sprinkle a little of the oil stain solution and tap a little with the rag or towel. Continue this method until the oil stains are wiped out.
  • Dip the clean rag in clean and warm water to get rid of the leftover detergent on the rug.
  • If the oil stain is still noticeable after this previous step, consider repeating the method until it is no more apparent.

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Making Use of a Dry-Cleaning Solution

This method is also another small and rapid fix for oil stains on the rag. You can get a good rug cleaning product from your favorite store after asking for guidance from professionals like competent cleaners.

Ingredients to Use

a. Dry cleaning mixture or rug cleaning product

b. Wet clean sponge or rag

c. Fan or dehumidifier

Procedure to Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

  • On a small area of the stained rug, test the dry mixture to know if it works properly. The grease stain should not spread.
  • Once you are done with the test, pour a little of the dry-cleaning solvent on the clean wet rag and tap it on the grease stain. Let the mixture settle in the grease-stained area for some minutes to soak up the grease.
  • Put your neat rag in warm water and wipe out the solvent softly. Ensure that you do not leave behind oil stains or that the solvent does not remove dye from the rug.
  • Let your carpet dry naturally, or use a fan or dehumidifier to speed up the process.
  • Continue steps one to four if the oil stain is still noticeable.

Making Use of Rubbing Alcohol

This process should possibly be your final choice after all other methods have failed. Rubbing alcohol is toxic and flammable.

You might need to take important safeguards into securing that you use this method in a well-ventilated area and wash and rinse your hands after the method.

On the bright side of this process is that rubbing alcohol is easily available, especially in your medicine cupboard.

Ingredients to Use

a. Rubbing alcohol

b. Clean rag or paper towels

c. Clean water

Procedure to Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

  • Pour a little amount of the rubbing alcohol liberally to the clean rag and softly squeeze it onto the oil stain. You should know if the alcohol-infused rag soaks up the oil stain.
  • Continue the previous process until the rag soaks up the oil stain completely, and it is no more apparent.
  • Remove the excess rubbing alcohol by drenching the cloth into the water and wiping the freshly cleared area. It should clear the smell and rubbing alcohol remnant. Allow it to dry.
  • Open the windows to enable ventilation and remove the smell. Do not use any air fresheners on the rug.

More Tips

In the baking soda process, you could use corn starch as an alternative and observe the method for good outcomes.

Often start the procedures by eliminating excess dislodged residue and clearing the debris. For human-made rugs, you can try nail polish or lighter liquids as alternatives.

Prevent using two different cleaning solvents at a go-to avoid extreme chemical effects that might destroy your rug.

Rubbing alcohol can destroy your rug’s fibers if soaked up. Wool rugs possess delicate strands; avoid cleaning them with ammonia or bleach. An oriental rug is very delicate; hence may need professional cleaning.

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Use guarding gear such as rubber gloves and goggles when cleaning your rug to keep your hands neat and safeguard the eyes from any projectile.


This is all about how to remove grease stain from carpet. Old oil stains can be complicated, the longer they stay rooted on the rug. Try to clean up the oil stains when new for easier elimination. If the oil stain persists, call in an expert in cleaning to do the task.

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