Why You Need A Floor Cleaning Slippers

floor cleaning slippers

Floor cleaning slippers is an innovative cleaning solution that helps you clean your floor with minimal effort. This innovation is an amazing one because it saves time which is a luxury many people can’t afford to waste in today’s fast-paced world.

They look like normal slippers but they have microfiber attached to their base. So, after putting on floor cleaning slippers, you are literally cleaning the floor as you walk on the floor.

Benefits Of Using Floor Cleaning Slippers

It Takes Less Effort

Scrubbing your floor requires a lot of energy that can be expended on doing something else. Putting on floor mopping slippers, you don’t have to go through the stress of moving a mop and a bucket to the area you intend to clean.

Just easily move from room to room and let your feet do the cleaning for you. Use your feet to your advantage as your strongest muscles are in your legs.

It Saves Time

For traditional mopping, you spend time getting a mop and a bucket, filling up the bucket, getting a cleaning solution, and finally mopping the floor.

However, when you use floor cleaning slippers, you just get to clean your floors straightaway, walking around as you normally do. No need for allotting special time for cleaning your floor. You can be cleaning your floor and be taking on another simple task simultaneously.

It Is Fun

Using floor mopping slippers to mop your floor is fun! While moving on your floor without stress and having fun, you are getting the chore done. Interestingly, kids can join too!

Features To Look Out For

Microfiber Material

Microfiber is a synthetic material that can get rid of 99% bacteria on floors. It is an absorbent material that can store up to 8 times its weight in liquid. It is the best material for efficient cleaning.

Microfiber is safe to use on your floor because it is soft and non-abrasive. It can buff and polish surfaces. It can be cleaned in a washing machine for continuous effective mopping. If you come across one that have microfiber, consider purchasing it.

Removable Pads

Floor cleaning slippers with removable pads are very easy to use. They are the easiest to wash; simply detach it and put it in a washing machine. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase new slippers when they are worn out.


While these slippers are like traditional slippers; they should fit in your legs. Elastic floor cleaning slippers fit in your legs comfortably and securely. It is cozier and safer putting them on to clean your floor.

Suitability For Dry Or Wet Floors

Some slippers are designed to clean only dry dirt like pet hair and soil while the others are made to tackle both wet floors and dry floors. Keep these in mind when purchasing floor cleaning slippers.

If your floor is wet beyond the use of a floor cleaning slippers, we’ve got useful tips on how to tackle slippery floors

Other Things To Know About Floor Cleaning Slippers

  • Some have a plush lining for comfort and warmth.
  • Some have fun colors and animal designs.
  • The ones with microfiber material have noodles for trapping dust.
  • Some are made of soft cotton, comfortable on the skin.
  • Some floor cleaning slippers have a cozy closed-toe design suitable for winter. There are also open-toe designs for hot climate.
  • Some have an EVA-padded base for comfort and durability.
  • The ones that have removable pads use Velcro attachments to hold mop in place.
  • Elastic floor cleaning slippers fit comfortably but may not last long after a few uses. They can be attached as a mop head or noodle for washing cars.
  • Some floor cleaning slippers are made from chenille microfiber. They are light-weight and comfortable.
  • Floor cleaning slippers are available in different sizes. They can be worn over shoes or barefoot.
  • Floor cleaning slippers made up of microfibers are machine washable and should be air-dried. They should not be bleached or washed with harsh chemicals.
  • There is a type of floor mopping slippers made from ‘coral fleece’ (a polyester synthetic fabric). It can trap dirt because of its noodle design.

If you’re as lazy as I am and tired of the traditional method of cleaning hardwood floor or your tiles, then floor cleaning slippers all you need.


Floor cleaning slippers are wonderful innovations. They require less time and energy to use compared to traditional mops. They get the job done as effectively as traditional mops. Also, it is fun using floor cleaning slippers to clean floors.

Don’t forget to look out for preferable features discussed above when purchasing one. Consider purchasing floor cleaning slippers today; you will be glad you did!

Do you use a floor cleaning slippers in your home? Do let us know in the comment below.

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