How to Clean Dog Poop Out of Concrete (7 Easy Steps)

how to clean dog poop out of concrete

Cleaning dog poop out of concrete can be a tasking job due to the porous nature of the concrete floor. Also, the fact that dog poop contains bacteria and has an offensive odor.

This article would show how to clean dog poop out of concrete; firstly, get the needed tools ready, wet the affected area, and then, apply the disinfectant. Also, scrub the affected area and work towards cleaning the dog poop.

Read on, as we throw more light on this.

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How to Clean Dog Poop Out of Concrete

Cleaning concrete can be quite complicated and tough, due to the permeable nature of the concrete floor. It can even be much more complicated when it involves dog poop stains that carry bacteria and a strong offensive odor.

But not to worry, we would give you a detailed outline on how to clean dog poop out of concrete.

1. Get the Needed Tools Ready

You would have to get the tools and materials needed to get rid of the dog poop off the concrete ready. You would need a spray bottle or water hose, disinfectant spray, wide broom or scrub brush, and Clorox.

2. Wet the Affected Area

To begin with, you would have to wet the area where the dog poop is sitting. It can be done in various ways, it solely has to do with the size and the location of the dog poop smudge.

If it is a more enclosed location you would need a spray bottle to wet the area. If it is a wider area, you would need a water hose and water to do justice to the poop stain.

3. Apply the Disinfectant

Using the disinfectant of your choice, spray or pour it all over the dog poop stain. You may have the option of diluting it, but in most cases, it has already been diluted by the water on the poop stain.

Make sure you test out the disinfectant in a hidden area of your house to ensure it doesn’t discolor your floor.

4. Scrub the Concrete

With the use of a wide broom or a scrub brush, scrub the concrete to ensure the concrete gets into the stain well enough. This will help get the disinfectant to disinfect the affected area.

5. Pour Clorox on the Poop Stain

If there is any leftover stain even after using the disinfectant, pour Clorox over the stain. Clorox would also play a huge role of ensure there is no hanging smell from the dog poop stain.

Ensure to test out the Clorox in a hidden area of your house to avoid discovering your concrete.

6. Scrub Concrete Again

To ensure the Clorox you applied on the concrete works out perfectly, scrub the concrete again with a wide broom or a scrub brush.

7. Rinse the Affected Area

Once you are sure the stain has been got rid of, rinse the area that formerly has the dog poop stain with a water hose or spray bottle.

Repeat this process if the dog poop stain still lingers on the concrete.

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How can I Avoid Dog Poop Stains on Concrete

Dog poop stains are anything but pleasant to the sight, it also comes with bacteria and this strong offensive odor. It is even more evident because of the porous nature of the concrete floor; hence, the need for prevention to avoid such occurrence.

1. To ensure this does not happen, to begin with, make sure you don’t leave your dog unattended in areas where concrete floors are located before leaving your home.

2. Another way to avoid dog poop stains and make your floor last longer is by using a concrete sealer. It is the surest way of bulletproofing your floor from dog stains.

Why Should I Use Disinfectant or Bleach While Cleaning Off Dog Poop Stains

It is very helpful to use disinfectant or bleach while cleaning dog poop from concrete, this is due to the porous nature of the concrete. And the need to get rid of infections and the offensive odor.

1. Using the disinfectant would help get rid of the bacteria on the concrete.

2. Concrete is spongy; hence, you have to ensure you clean the concrete floor thoroughly. And the best material to use is disinfectant and bleach.

What are Other Materials can be Used to Clean Dog Poop on Concrete?

There are other materials you can use aside from the conventional means of cleaning dog poop out of concrete. And we gave a detailed account of it.

1. Baking Soda

You can use baking soda to get rid of dog poop stains from concrete. Saturate the affected area with water. Put in baking soda on the dog poop stain. Then using a scrubbing brush, scrub the baking soda meticulously around the affected area.

Give it time to sit on the affected area for a while. Also, pour hot water over the affected area and scrub the concrete all over again. Finally, rinse the area with hot water.

2. Oxiclean

Oxiclean can also be used to remove dog poop stains. The bleach in OxiClean is oxygen clean, and it helps get rid of dog poop stains. Firstly, create a mixture of hot water and OxiClean. Then, apply it on the poop stain and scrub the stain with a scrub brush.

Give it time to settle for about 15 minutes or so, then scrub the concrete floor again. Lastly, rinse the affected area with water.

3. Pressure Water

You can equally use pressure water to get rid of dog poop stain from the concrete. Though concrete water can cause damage if you apply it at too high a pressure.

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Cleaning dog poop out of concrete can be annoying and a hard tasking job, due to the permeable nature of the concrete. But not to worry we gave a detailed format on how to go about it, above.

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