How to Remove Laundry Detergent from Carpet (10 Quick Steps)

how to remove laundry detergent from carpet

At some point during our laundry sessions, we might have had a case where our detergent spilled on the carpet. It can be annoying because it is hard to get rid of.

In this article, we would discuss how to remove laundry detergent from the carpet. You would need to get the tools needed ready, survey the carpet thoroughly, then, get rid of excess detergents. Furthermore, clean with warm water.

Read on as we discuss more on this.

How to Remove Laundry Detergent from Carpet

You might have been busy doing your laundry and unexpectedly, your laundry detergent spills on the carpet. Removing laundry detergent from carpet requires special skills, but not to worry, we gave a detailed approach on how to go about it.

1 . Get the Tools Needed Ready

You would need to get the tools needed for the laundry detergent removal from the carpet ready. They include; steam cleaner, warm water, spray bottles, clean towels, ammonia, table salt, white vinegar, wet and dry vacuum, steam cleaner solution, and paper towels.

These tools and materials would help get rid of the laundry detergent from the carpet.

2. Survey the Carpet Thoroughly

Check if your carpet can be cleaned in the washing machine because the best way to get rid of laundry detergent is by using the washing machine. If your carpet type suits the washing machine perfectly, it would be processed as fast as possible.

If you made use of the washing machine while cleaning the carpet, you face the issue of excess sud. To get rid of the excess sud, you have to make use of white vinegar during the cleaning process. White vinegar helps reduce excess sud and helps the cleaning process to go quite smoothly.

If your carpet doesn’t accept a washing machine or you couldn’t get your hand on one, not to worry, we would give you another option in the next section.

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3. Get Rid of the Excess Detergent

In a situation where you couldn’t make use of the washer during the cleaning procedure, due to issues best known to you, you would have to go through the manual procedure.

To begin with, using a paper towel, get rid of the excess laundry detergent. Remove as much detergent as possible, but be cautious enough not to spill the detergent on the carpet.

4. Clean with Warm Water

The next step is to clean the spilled detergent with warm water. Warm water acts as a very good cleaner. Using a spray bottle, apply the warm water to the needed spot. Apply the warm water until the detergent turns foamy.

5. Make Use of a Vacuum Cleaner on the Required Spot

You would have to get rid of the foamy detergent on the carpet. And you would require a vacuum cleaner. You can make use of the dry or wet vacuum cleaner, depending on the purpose or choice.

Vacuum the area carefully and wait for some minutes for it to sit properly. Make the detergent foamy again, then vacuum it all over again.

Keep repeating this process till you are certain that most of the laundry detergent is out.

6. Apply Ammonia on the Detergent Spot

If after vacuuming and there is not much change, then you would need to apply ammonia on the affected spot. Put in 1 teaspoon of ammonia powder and mix it with cold water. Using the ammonia mixture, continue your vacuuming.

7. Draw the Laundry Detergent Out Using a Clean Towel

You would have to use a clean towel to dry the carpet because even after vacuuming the carpet, it would not dry thoroughly. So, using the towel to dry the carpet would help draw out the laundry detergent from the carpet.

8. Make Use of a Steam Cleaner

 By this time, the affected area should have almost been free from the detergent spill. You would also have to use the steam cleaner on the affected area.

Continue working on the carpet till you are sure the detergent has been removed entirely and the floor is back to normal. This also requires the composition of the floor to be as it was earlier on.

The steam cleaner comes with its cleaning solutions, but for better efficiency, make use of white vinegar and water. Once you are sure the suds have been removed, put the white vinegar and water mixture into the tank. With the solution, give one last rinse.

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9. Treat the Detergent Spot with Salt

This step is only required if you didn’t succeed in removing the laundry detergent from the carpet. Apply salt on the affected area and leave it for an hour.

After an hour, apply warm water to the area and dry it with a towel. This should get rid of the detergent from the carpet.

10. Hire a Professional

If all steps taken to get rid of the laundry detergent have proven abortive, then you might need the help of a professional. A professional would do the job better.

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Having detergent spill on your carpet during laundry can be quite tasking, as it can prove hard to get rid of. It is even harder if there is no information on how to get rid of the detergent. But not to worry, we would show you how to remove laundry detergent from the carpet.

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