How to Remove Dog Poop Stain from Hardwood Floor (7 Simple Steps)

how to remove dog poop stain from hardwood floor

Having a dog as a pet is a lovely thing, but having to pack its poop on your hardwood floor is anything but joyful. Having a dog poop on the floor is something unavoidable.

In this post, we would be taking you on how to remove dog poop stain from hardwood floor. To begin with, get the necessary tools, then scoop up the dog poop, as much as possible, with a plastic scraper. Place the paper towel over the remaining poop to absorb it, keep repeating the process. Finally, apply the baking soda and vacuum it.

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How to Remove Dog Poop Stain from Hardwood Floor

Many people love keeping dogs as pets. But keeping pets comes with its consequences. No matter how well trained your dog is, they could still poop on your precious floor, and This affects the condition of the home.

 A step by step guide can give you a detailed format on how to remove dog poop from your hardwood floor.

1. You would be needing equipment to aid the process, like; plastic scraper, trash bag, paper towels, baking soda, vacuum cleaner, white vinegar. These kits would come in handy.

2. You would have to scoop up as many dog poop stains as possible. A plastic scraper would be needed for this purpose. Dispose of the poop stain with a trash bag.

3. Immediately you take off the solid poop substance at the top, you would notice the liquid remnant on the ground, and this remnant is what stains the hardwood floor.

4. To deal with this residue poop, place the paper towel at the surface of the stain. Place a new paper towel once the old one is soaked.

5. Keep on repeating this process, till all the residue stain has been assimilated.

6. Poop stains normally come with a strong and offensive smell. For your hardwood floor to be free from this, apply baking soda over the stain and leave it over the night.

7. Vacuum the baking soda, the next day, after it is done absorbing the poop stain.

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How to Remove Dog Poop Smell from the Hardwood Floor

Even after disposing of dog poop stains from the hardwood floor, the smell might still linger, and this brings discomfort to the home. Dog owners would attest to this.

These steps would guide you through removing the nauseating smell of dog poop, from the hardwood floor:

1. You will be needing: baking soda, water, clothes and, a vacuum to help remove the stain.

2. Mix baking soda with a small amount of water. Ensure that it is thick enough, so it would stick to the hardwood floor, perfectly.

3. Use an old rag or your finger to spread the mixed baking soda over the poop-stained area.

4. Give the baking soda, time to dry.

5. Brush it off and vacuum the affected area.

6. Keep on repeating the process, until the stench is completely ousted.

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Tips for Keeping Dog Poop Off the Hardwood Floor

Dogs normally have this behavior of pottying all over the house, no matter how well trained. This has been a source of concern to most dog owners.

These steps would help minimize the problem faced by dog owners.

1. Make Use of a Puddle Pad

With the use of a puddle pad, it can reduce the risk of your dog messing around your hardwood floor. Your pet would be drawn to the puddle pad, and not random places in your home. You can even groom your pet to go outside with the aid of the puddle pad.

2. Praise your Dog Often

Form the habit of praising your dog more often. They love being praised! Be generous with your praise, and show them, that you recognize their efforts.

3. Watch your Dog Closely

Always be on the lookout for your dog. As stated above, if they do the right thing shower them with praise, and even take them on a treat. If he tries relieving himself at a place he shouldn’t, make a loud noise or do something to call its attention.

4. Place Them on a Schedule

Place a feeding schedule. The dog might need to go relieve herself, ten or twenty minutes after eating or drinking; depending on your schedule.

5. Be Consistent

Whatever your plan is, be consistent and don’t change your plan along the line, it might confuse the dog. Above all, be observant and patient with your dog, and you would get the best of results.

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Cleaning up dog poop might prove to be a hard task if not rightly done and every dog owner should be ready to face up to it.

This post has, however, been of help to minimize such problems. We hope we were able to put you through, how to remove dog poop stain from the hardwood floor.

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