How to Clean Rubber Gym Floor (5 Great Tips)

how to clean rubber gym floor

Rubber floors are the flooring type to be installed on gym houses. They are easy to maintain and very durable. It is also stain-resistant.

But, after a rigorous exercise dirt might outline the surface of the rubber. So which approach is the best way to clean the floor?

We will be outlining how to clean rubber gym floor. Firstly, get the tools and materials ready, sweep or vacuum the floor, spot clean the rubber floor, and mop the floor, then give the rubber floor time to dry.

Read on as we throw more light on how to clean rubber gym floor.

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How to Clean Rubber Gym Floor

Here are a few tips on how to clean rubber gym floor.

1. You Would Need to Get the Tools and Materials Ready

Before you proceed, you would need to get the tools and materials and keep them in place.

They include; a bucket, mop, broom or vacuum, soft bristle scrubbing brush, buffing machine, Non-acidic cleansing agent, mild dish soap, and other materials.

2. Sweep or Vacuum the Floor

You would need to sweep your gym floor clean. You have to get rid of dust and dirt that might have gathered over time.

You can use a broom to sweep the floor, but for swiftness, you might consider using a vacuum cleaner, but there are things to put into consideration.

You should use a vacuum without a beater bar, beater bars only end up scratching the surface of the gym floor.

Also, make use of a vacuum cleaner that has a high suction level. This would help suck out the whole dirt without breaking a sweat.

3. You have to Spot Clean the Rubber Floor

The next step is to spot clean the gym rubber floor. Before you consider cleaning the rubber floor you should check out if there are spots that need spot cleaning.

You can get rid of these tough stains using a soft-bristled brush. Just scrub the floor vigorously with a soft-bristled brush.

If you have a commercial gym, there might be a pesky stuck-on gum on the floor. You can scrape it off using a scraper. It is best you avoid metal scrapers, they cause harm to the floor.

4. Mop the Floor

When you are about to delve into the cleaning proper, we should recommend the best mop suitable for the floor.

You can make use of nylon, microfiber, or a sponge mop. While mopping ensure that you do not soak the floor with water. It is even more so for rubber floor tiles, it has so many openings where water can permeate.

Also, change the cleaning water and soap periodically to avoid cleaning the floor with dirty water.

If the area you are cleaning is quite a large one and you need to be done as fast as possible, a bucket and mop might not serve the purpose.

You should consider making use of heavy-duty machines like floor scrubbers or buffing machines.

This method makes for easy and adequate cleaning. If the cleaning process is simple, use a mop and bucket. For heavy-duty cleaning make use of a buffing machine and floor scrubbers.

5. Give the Rubber Floor Time to Dry

To ensure your rug is properly maintained, you should air-dry your floor to get rid of moisture. This would help make your rubber floor to be free of streaks.

To make the drying process faster, you can make use of a vacuum cleaner to suck up the excess moisture on the floor. Then, air-dry it. This would help make the rubber floor dry at a fast rate.

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Products You Can Use to Clean the Rubber Gym Floor

Here are varying products you can use to clean the rubber gym floor.

Best Rubber Gym Floor Cleaner

You can make use of the best rubber gym floor cleaner to clean your floor. It is one of the best products for rubber floors.

It is a pH-neutral floor cleaner and is most times mixed with water. It helps neutralize the product, making it easy to clean the floor without fear of the adverse effect of harsh chemicals and acidic products.

A classification of the best gym rubber cleaner is the store-bought cleaners. You do not need to dilute a product purchased from the store.

If you are scared of the cleaning product causing harm to your floor, you can equally get a low-odor cleaner and degreaser that is biodegradable. It can sanitize and decrease the rubber floor.

Another classification of the best gym rubber product cleaners is homemade cleaners. If you do not fancy the store-bought cleaners or prefer to do it your way, you can opt for homemade cleaners.

You can form a simple, safe, and effective homemade cleaner using materials from your kitchen.

To form your homemade cleaner, you need a gallon of water, a cup of dish soap, and 5 to 10 drops of lemon juice.

To use this product you would need to mop your floor with soapy water, then, ventilate the room to allow air inflow.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Cleaning Rubber Gym Floor

While cleaning the rubber floor, there are some rules that you should have in mind. We listed the rules, below.

1. Ensure you clean your floor at least once a week. If your floor is located in a place with a high traffic area, it is necessary that you clean the floor daily.

2. Do not make use of abrasive and harsh cleaning pads like scouring pads and steel wool. They can cause the rubber floor to be scratched and damaged.

3. When choosing mops for cleaning, use microfiber, nylon, and sponge mop. Do not make use of a cotton mop. Cotton mops always leave streaks and dirt on the rubber floor even after cleaning. So it is not advisable.

4. Do not soak the floor while cleaning. Moisture might permeate the openings in the flow and sip into the subfloor. It can cause damage to the rubber floor. This is especially so for rubber tiles, they are susceptible to moisture.

5. Do not make use of harsh and acidic chemicals like bleach, vinegar, or any solvent-based solution. They can cause harm to the floor.

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A rubber gym floor is your best bet for gym houses. It is known to be sturdy and doesn’t require much maintenance.

It is also stain-resistant. But issues start arising regarding the best way of cleaning rubber gym floors. We gave a detailed list of how to clean rubber gym floors.

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