How to Clean Coretec Floors and Keep them Scratch Free

how to clean coretec floors

Coretec floors are vinyl planks that are aesthetically pleasing and very easy to maintain; they feature all the qualities of hardwood floors but are cheaper and also quite easy to install.

However, just like any flooring type, knowing how to clean coretec floors is very crucial in maintaining the appearance of the flooring. 

There are different ways you can clean coretec floor, either by deep cleaning or carrying out routine cleaning, which should be on a daily basis or every few days. This will keep your floor in optimum condition at all times. 

How to Clean Coretec Floors

Sweep your Coretec Floor

Coretec floors are vinyl planks that are known for their resilience and ultra-durability. But to ensure the floor lasts as long as it should, frequent maintenance is needed.

Maintain your coretec floors by removing dirt and dust regularly. Dry clean the floor regularly using a broom or a dust mop; this should be done routinely to maintain the floor’s appearance.

Sweep the entire floor and collect the debris particles with a dustpan, then dispose of them appropriately. This prevents dirt particles from getting ground into the floor and also extends the amount of time between deep cleanings.

If you are using a dust mop, you can opt for either a mop with a disposable pad or one with a built-in pad. Either way, you will need to clean the pad after use.

Vacuum your Coretec Flooring

To make daily cleaning easier, you can use a vacuum to clean your coretec floor but avoid vacuums with a rotating bearing bar because they can leave scratches on the floor.

Instead, use a standard vacuum but keep an eye on the wheels, so it does not damage your floor’s surface.

Vacuums with a wet-cleaning feature and a steam cleaner should never be used on a coretec floor because exposing the flooring to too much moisture and can heat can damage the adhesive holding the planks in place.

Deep Cleaning your Coretec Flooring

Routine maintenance such as sweeping or vacuuming every few days can be helpful in keeping the coretec floor surface clean, but to achieve a deeper clean and remove tough stains or spills, you will need to mop the floor.

Opt for a gentle but firm mop that will not cause scratches on the floor. Using an abrasive mop will scratch your coretec floors, so you need a microfiber mop, which gives your floor a gentler clean.

You will need a gentle floor cleaning liquid without an overpowering scent or coloring to mop your floor. You need a ph-neutral product and then dilute it with water according to the recommended ratio on the packaging.

To achieve a better result with wet mopping coretec floors, give the floor a quick sweep before mopping; this removes larger dirt particles.

You may come across some products marketed as “mop and shine,” such products may actually do more good than harm to your coretec flooring as they leave behind a residue that can alter the appearance of the floor.

Polishing your Coretec Floor

When the surface of your coretec flooring loses its shine in areas due to a high flow of foot traffic in that part of the floor, you can use a polish to restore the shine of such areas of the room, so the entire floor has a uniform color and shine.

You need at least two coats of a floor polishing product to achieve a well-polished coretec flooring. High traffic areas of coretec flooring need to be polished at least once a year. Before polishing the floor, you need to ensure it is as clean as possible.

Then you can apply two or more coats of the polishing product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure adequate ventilation as you work by opening windows or running exhaust fans.

After the polish application, you may need to stay off the floor for at least 24hours.

What is the Best Cleaner for Coretec Flooring

Manufacturers of coretec flooring recommend encore as the best cleaner for coretec floors. This cleaner is ph neutral and very effective in removing dirt, grease, and scuffs marks on your floor, leaving it sparkling clean without needing a rinse!

Encore is not only suitable for coretec flooring; it can also be used for cleaning all types of hard surface flooring such as hardwood, ceramic, and laminate flooring,

How to Keep your Coretec Flooring Scratch Free

To maintain the overall appearance of coretec flooring, you need to sweep regularly, vacuum, and deep clean the floor.

To prevent scratches on your floor, you can place non-abrasive adhesive pads underneath furniture feet. These pads can be felt or felt-like composites and will protect your floor from scratches that occur during furniture movement.

Another way to keep your coretec flooring scratch-free is by observing a no-shoe policy at home, keep your shoes off your coretec flooring as shoes with marking soles can leave scratches on the floor, which damages its appearance.

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You can clean coretec floors by routinely sweeping them with a broom or dust mop; you can also use a vacuum for the routine.

However, a deep cleaning may be needed if you have tough stains on the floor or want to achieve a thoroughly clean floor. Having covered some useful tips on how to clean coretec flooring, rest assured you floor will remain sparkling always.

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