How Long Does it Take to Sand Hardwood Floors?

how long does it take to sand hardwood floors

Hardwood floor is one of the nicest types of floors that can be installed in a home. This is because it is natural, non-toxic, and lovely.

However, hardwood floors frequently require sanding to get their optimum appearance. You may be wondering, how long does it take to sand hardwood floors?

Depending on the size and condition of the floor, it can take 1-5 days for a professional to sand hardwood floors and 2-15 days if you are doing it yourself.

Now, let’s get to the main gist

How Long Does it Take to Sand Hardwood Floors?

As mentioned earlier, it can take 1-5 days for a professional to sand hardwood floors and 2-15 days if you are doing it yourself.

Note that the time provided here varies depending on the circumstances. The factor outlined below will determine how long it will take to sand hardwood floors:

1. Unevenness of the Floor

If the floor is uneven, you’ll have to remove a lot more stuff to get back to that clean, smooth surface. You could leave it uneven, but doing so would necessitate the use of a hand sander to get into those dips. That is not going to save you any time.

2. Previous finish

How long does it take to sand a carpet glue-covered floor? We will give you a hint; Longer!

If you are fortunate enough to have an oiled floor, then the whole process should be easier since the material will sand right off.

Suppose you have a prefinished floor with an “aluminum oxide” finish. Prepare for a difficult time ahead; Ali-Oxide is exceedingly tough, and abrasives tend to barely skim over the surface.

3. Damage

There are numerous sorts of damage that can penetrate the surface and increase sanding time. The first issue is the dents.

Deep dents caused by dropping heavy goods or even stiletto heels can necessitate the removal of large amounts of wood from the floor’s surface.

If the finish has worn off the surface and the wood has greyed over time, as woods tend to do. This can take longer to sand off than if the existing finish is protecting it.

4. The Type of Wood

Oaks and pines are usually quite easy to sand since they have the ideal sanding material qualities.

There are certain real hardwoods, such as Jarrah and Rhodesian Mahogany, that require a lot of sanding to remove the substance.

6. Size of the Room

This may sound apparent, but the longer it takes to sand the floor, the larger the room and the more rooms you have.

However, if you have an open floor plan with a wide area to sand, you will be done faster than if the same amount of space is divided into several rooms. This is because you will need to edge each room before moving on to the main portion of the floor.

Steps of Sanding Floor

To comprehend and estimate how long it will take to sand a hardwood floor, you must first grasp what the procedure entails. The following are the main steps:

1. Preparing the Floor for Sanding

Remove all furniture and carpets from the room to prepare them for sanding. There should be no obstacles on the floor.

You should also pry up any shoe base molding. This is also the time to replace any protruding nails or floors that require replacement.

2. Rough Sand the Floor

This is when the sanding process begins. A drum sander or belt sander must be rented or purchased. Sander rentals are available at the majority of home improvement retailers.

Sand the floor roughly following the grain of the wood. Sweep up any dust that accumulates between the sanding sessions.

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3. Sand the Edges

Sand the floor’s edges with an edger, which can also be rented from a home improvement store. This ensures that any areas that the drum sander couldn’t reach are taken care of.

4. Buff the Floor

Go over the floor again using a buffer or screener. This will erase any leftover scratches from the floor and level it out.

5. Clean Up

Finally, you’ll need to clear away any sanding debris and dust.

Is it Hard to Sand Hardwood Floors?

Sanding hardwood floors may appear to be a job for professionals only, especially when you are faced with a huge, terrifying sanding machine. But it’s not all that difficult.

Though it may take you longer than a professional, sanding your own floors is a rather simple task. Doing it yourself will undoubtedly save you money, and as long as you research the best approach to sand your floors ahead of time and hire the necessary equipment, you should have no trouble finishing the project.

Does Sanding Floors Make a Mess?

Yes, dust is produced when sanding the flooring. That’s just a part of the process, and there’s no getting around that.

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Hopefully, our post on how long does it take to sand hardwood floors has provided you with enough information to estimate how long it will take to sand your hardwood floor.

Note that the time frame is determined by factors like room size, floor condition, and your personal or professional knowledge, which must be considered. Have fun sanding!

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