Coretec Flooring Problems

coretec flooring problems

Coretec flooring is a luxury vinyl flooring known for its longevity and appealing finishes. It can be used almost anywhere, including bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and basements.

Because of its versatile nature, there is always a constant demand. Using coretec floors has so many benefits, like it is 100% waterproof, provides maximum comfort, and is easy to maintain, but there are a few general problems.

Past users of Coretec have expressed some complaints regarding the products. The most common Coretec flooring problems are scratches, moving planks, and peeling.

below is an expansive read on those problems to help you make better buying decisions.

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Coretec Flooring Problems

The following are the common problems identified with coretec floorings:

Easy to Scratch 

Coretec floorings mention their product as scratch-resistant; this is true to an extent. Their thick wear layers will only protect the floor from scratches.

However, avoid dragging heavy objects or wearing heels on them as they can scratch easily.

You can either opt for a furniture pad to cover the legs of heavy furniture or use a Coretec Lvp floor with rustic patterns as scratches and gouges won’t be so visible on it.

Moving or Bouncing Sounds

One major problem identified with floor systems such as Coretec Vinyl is the moving or bouncing sound when you walk on it.

This is usually caused by installing over an uneven surface. Installing on an uneven subfloor can cause the coretec floor to weaken and separate over time.

To enjoy maximum comfort, it is best to level your surface before installing the coretec floor.

Problems with Radiant Heat Installation

Reports have shown that coretec floors are prone to damage when a radiant heat system is installed under them.

Because the cork underlayment is meant for foot cushioning and comfort, it blocks the radiant heat system and prevents it from functioning well.

If you must install corectec floors over radiant heat, you should choose the coretec one LVP. It does not come with cork underlayment, making the heating system work perfectly.

Prone to Peeling and Curling

The correct floor is an excellent solid hardwood flooring, but it is not the most durable choice.

Compared to other solid woods that can last up to 100 years, coretec floors last for about 10 to 15 years before showing signs of wear and tear.

Peeling and curling start to show when the glue wears out along the edges, giving your floor a bad look.

To fix this problem, you can reapply the floor adhesives or press on the plank edges.

Floor Cushioning Issues

Among the coretec collections, the coretec one-line products lack a bottom cork underlayment, making them uncomfortable to walk on.

It may also have poor sound dampening and heat insulation issues because of the lack of proper cushioning.

Not an Eco-Friendly Flooring Option

The Correct vinyl floors are exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Even though coretec floorings have green guard certifications, you may still find a tiny amount of VOC, which may emit toxic gases, reduce air quality Indoors and pose a risk to one’s health.

To fix this, go for coretec EVP floors constructed with virgin vinyl. This flooring product contains very low VOC levels.  

Warranty Issues 

Coretec products come with warranties. However, buyers must adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications to make claims.


The Shaw company claims its coretec product does not fade under regular use.

However, you should note that this particular guarantee does not cover damages caused by scratches or finish fading.

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Manufacturing Defects

The coretec brand is convinced that all commercial floor planks do not have defects, including delamination, stability issues, and core voids.

Users must show strict adherence to installation guidelines to make any warranty claims

Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

if your manufacturing defect is approved, shaw industries shoulders all product replacement costs.

Limited Lifetime Pet Warranty

This warranty covers damages done by pets. It becomes void if the damage is caused by something else.

Limited Lifetime Waterproof Warranty

This warranty covers damages caused by water spills, topical moisture, floor cleaning, and subfloor moisture problems.

You should note that this warranty is only approved if your subfloor does not have extreme moisture issues. 

Why Buy Coretec Floorings?

Despite all its flaws, coretec flooring still gives you value for your money and remains one of the best flooring options out there. Here are some of its benefits:

Feels Comfortable under Feet

Vinyl floors usually feel hard when you walk on them, but luxury vinyl floors like coretec are extra. It features a stone or wood polymer composite that gives a comfortable feeling to the leg.

Diverse Product Range

Coretec offers a wide range of flooring options. Whether you are looking for something domestic or heavy-duty flooring, Coretec has something for you.

The Coretec plus one is an improved version to serve all flooring needs.

100% Waterproof

All coretec Lvp products are waterproof. This means they cant suffer common water damages like bucking and warping.

Coretec products boast four moisture-proof layers and can be used as flooring in wet places, including bathrooms and basements.

Easy Installation

Coretec floorings are easy to install. It comes with a click-lock hinge that makes the installation process easy. You don’t have to use glue on it. 

A professional coretrec installation will be done at a low cost because of the ease of the installation

Frequently Asked Questions About Coretec Flooring Problems

Does Coretec Flooring Offer Any Warranties?

Yes, there is a warranty for every coretec product covering wear and manufacturing defects. It also offers limited lifetime structural and pet-proof warranties.

Are Coretec Products Waterproof?

Yes, all coretec products are 100% water and moisture-proof.

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Coretec flooring products are versatile and a great addition to your home. Yes, They define luxury, but it is not problem-free.

If you have coretec flooring installed in your house or plan to, it is essential to be aware of these common coretec flooring problems and the easy-fix solutions shared above.

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