Can You Use Pine SOL on Laminate Floors? (8 Logical Reasons)

can you use pine sol on laminate floors

Pine-sol is an all-purpose cleaner, formulated to clean various flooring types. It permeates the flooring types to get rid of grease, dirt, dust, and loose dirt.

But the laminate floor is known to be delicate, hence the fear of whether pine sol can be used on it.

This brings us to can you use pine sol on laminate floors? Yes, you can use pine sol on laminate floors.

It works so effectively on it and doesn’t cause harm to the laminate so far the pine sol is diluted with water.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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Can You Use Pine SOL on Laminate Floors?

Pine-sol is a multi-purpose floor cleaner and is used for various types of floors. It is also very effective and cleans the floor effectively.

Then comes the question; can you use pine sol on laminate floors? The answer is yes, you can use it on laminate floors.

It does not contain any harmful chemicals that would cause harm to the laminate floor. Just pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturers and be sure to follow the guidelines accordingly.

Pine-sol is also an effective laminate cleaner and gets rid of stains easily, without breaking a sweat. So that makes it a better choice.

Reasons Why Pine-SOL Is an Effective Laminate Floor Cleaner

For the records, pine sol is one of the best laminate floor cleaners. It can be used to clean varying types of the floor surface.

Not many multi-purpose cleaners can achieve such height. It leaves your laminate floor sparkling clean and glowing.

Read on to know the reasons why pine sol is an effective laminate floor cleaner.

1. It Leaves Your Laminate Floor Sparkling Clean

One of the reasons pine sol is the best for the laminate floor is that it permeates your laminate and gets rid of ingrained dirt and debris the laminate.

It deep cleans your laminate and leaves it sparkling clean. Hence, maintaining the beauty and allure of the laminate floor.

2. It Disinfects the Laminate

The pine sol also disinfects your laminate floor and gets rid of 99 percent of disease-causing germs and microbes.

3. It Gets Rid of Bad Smell

The pine sol filters and gets rid of the bad smell from the laminate floor. It achieves this by destroying bacteria that cause odor right from the start. Pine-sol gives your floor this refreshing, pleasant, and clean fragrance.

4. It Removes Grease and Oil from the Floor

It also helps get rid of grease, oil, and other unwanted mess from your laminate floor.

5. It Is Suitable for All Types of Cleaning

Pine-sol fits into all types of cleaning, both heavy-duty cleaning, and light-duty cleaning. It fits perfectly into any of your choices at the moment, even if it involves deep cleaning of the laminate floor.

6. It Is Works Effectively on Hard Surfaces

It also works effectively on hard, non-passable surfaces like sinks, countertops, tiles, bathtubs, shower stalls, and other non-porous surfaces.

7. It Is Less Costly

Since the pol sol can be diluted, a container of pol sol can serve quite effectively. It doesn’t require too many containers.

8. It Gets Rid of Tough Stains

It helps get rid of tough stains. It removes hardened soap smudge and hard water in the bathroom or kitchen floor.

It also gets rid of rust from the laminate floor.

How to Clean Your Laminate Floor with Pine-SOL

A laminate floor is known to be quite easy to clean and doesn’t require many procedures to ensure it maintains its glow and allure. And pine sol is exactly the best choice to get the job done.

Read on as we show you how to clean your laminate floor with Pine-sol.

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1. Get the Needed Tools and Materials Ready

Ensure to get all the needed tools and materials for cleaning the laminate floor ready and they include; a mop or broom, water, a microfiber cloth, a bucket, and a bottle of pine sol.

2. Sweep and Vacuum the Floor

To begin with, start sweeping and vacuuming the floor to get rid of dirt, debris, loose dirt, and dust. This will help remove every mud from the floor while mopping the floor.

Also, loose dirt can scratch the laminate and cause harm to the texture. The reason it is advisable to sweep and vacuum the floor properly before proceeding.

3. Form the Cleaning Solution

Once you ate done sweeping and vacuuming the laminate, it is appropriate for you to form your cleaning solution.

Pour a gallon of water into a bucket and combine a one-quarter cup of pine sol All-purpose cleaner into the water. 

Do not use hot water because it can cause harm to your laminate floor.

4. Mop Your Laminate Floor

Mop Your Floor with the Pine-Sol solution. You can make use of a regular mop while mopping, but making use of a spray mop makes the cleaning process quite easier.

To add to that, a spray mop does not splash water on the laminate floor, which makes it the best for the laminate floor.

If you are making use of a regular mop, be sure to squeeze it from time to time to avoid excessive water from causing damage to the laminate floor.

5. Rinse the Laminate Floor

After you are done mopping the floor with pine sol solution, ensure to rinse the floor with clean, fresh water.

This would help get rid of any pine sol solution remaining and prevent the film from forming.

Do You Have to Dilute Pine SOL?

Since pine sol is a concentrated formula, there is a need to dilute it. You can add water to pine sol to help dilute it.

A 24 oz container of pine sol can be diluted to get 12 gallons of cleaning solution. The reason it is less costly.

Is Pine-SOL and Pine Glo the Same Thing?

Pine-sol and pine glo are not the same. Pine-sol makes use of pine oil to derive its alluring fragrance.

On the side of pine glo, it doesn’t use oil pine to get a nice, sweet fragrance, but instead, use artificial chemicals to get its nice smell.

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Can you use pine sol on laminate floors? This is one of the regularly asked questions by laminate users. Yes, you can use pine sol on laminate floors. Pine-sol is specially formed to clean every layer of your home.

We gave a detailed approach on how to clean laminate with pine sol above.

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