Are Dark Floors Out of Style?

dark floors

Dark hardwood flooring has an unmatched polish and rustic sheen that places it amongst the most popular flooring styles.

Dark floors are long-lasting compared to light varieties because they absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it. This results in less sun damage and helps your floor retain its dark sheen for longer. Dark colors also have a more natural outlook and bring out the richness of the wood’s grain, enhancing its visually stunning appeal.

But are dark floors out of style? They are not as common as they were, as most homeowners now opt for light floors. Could there be a reason for this switch in choice, or are people simply following the floor color trend onboard?

Well, not so surprisingly, there isn’t any significant difference between light and dark floors; in fact, dark floors are known to have higher property value.

They might not be chosen as frequently as light floors, but today’s investment in dark flooring is likely to pay off if you decide to sell your house in the future.

To keep your investment in good shape, it is paramount to know how to clean dark wood floors. The quite complicated maintenance routine of dark floors is actually one of the reasons most people shy away from the option. Here’s a cleaning routine you can uphold to maintain your dark wood floors

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How to Clean Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood floors are not very easy to keep clean and maintain; they tend to show up every little scratch, smudge and speck of dust.

That’s why most homeowners who want dark wood floors try to opt for the most durable hardwood they can get, one of which is Brazilian cherry, which is an extra hardwood and super dependable. But this doesn’t change the fact that no wood floors are indestructible.

The wood surface is going to pick up some scraps and nicks as time goes on, but you can minimize the depth of the scratches and their occurrence by taking a few steps.

Finding a way to deal with scratches is very important for dark wood floors because scratches are more noticeable on a dark background than on a light-coloured hardwood floor.

To make the process of cleaning dark wood floors easier, it may need to be broken down into different cleaning tasks done at different intervals; this makes the job less tedious. Let’s take a look at different tasks to keep dark wood floors in a clean and good condition:

Light Cleaning

Depending on the level of traffic in your home, you may need to run a hoover over your floors at least once a week and maybe even more.

You will need a high-quality hoover with strong suction that is also equipped with hardwood floor attachment, so you do not scratch your floor with it.


Light mopping your dark wood floor is recommended once a week to keep the floor in optimum appearance. Avoid using too much water when mopping your wood floors, so wring out excess water from the mop before using it to clean.

It is best to opt for a high-quality microfiber mob as well as a cleaning spray suitable for use on a wood floor; this totally eliminates the use of water at all. You can also use an all in one mop like the Bona spray mop, which is an excellent way to keep your floors clean.


Dark wood surfaces show up dust more visible than light floors, so you would need to dust your floors as often as needed to keep the floor surface free of settled dust.

This isn’t a super-intensive procedure and can be done quickly with a dust mop. Lightly dust your dark wood floors several times a week as needed.

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Which is Better; Light Or Dark Hardwood Floors?

Light and dark hardwood floors have their strength and weakness, so you may wonder, which is better, light or dark hardwood floors? Here’s a breakdown of both flooring, so you can make a comparison and choose that which is best for your setting.

Cleaning and Maintenance  

Light hardwood hides dirt and scuffs better than dark varieties, so they are inherently easier to maintain. You may not need to break out the broom or vacuum regularly and deal with fewer marks and scrapes when you have light flooring than a dark hardwood floor.


A room with light wood flooring is bound to feel bigger and airier by highlighting natural light. This is a great optical trick that can make your home seem bigger than it actually is.

This is unlike dark wood floors that absorb lights, thereby reducing its expanding effect. Notwithstanding, dark hardwood enhances the richness of the wood’s grain and its natural look, giving your home a unique and stunning appeal.

Higher Property Value

Although both light and dark hardwood flooring gives your home a higher market value, darker grain has higher rewards. The hassle of maintaining the dark wood floor and keeping it in good shape will be likely to pay off if you decide to sell your house in the future.

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So back to your original question, are dark floors out of style? No, they are not, as you can already tell from the points highlighted in this article.

Most homeowners shy away from dark wood floors because of the meticulous cleaning and maintenance needed to keep them looking their best.

So which is better, light or dark hardwood floors? Dark wood flooring needing more maintenance than their lighter counterpart does not put them any less on the scale, so study the highlighted differences between both flooring colors and make the right choice for your space.

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