What Color of Wood Floor Goes With Dark Furniture

What Color of Wood Floor Goes With Dark Furniture

Dark furniture is heavily sought after due to their ability to blend in perfectly with any setting they suit both modern and traditional interiors very well. They are incredibly chic and sophisticated and brings richness and polish to space. 

However, pairing your dark furniture might not be easy as you run the risk of making your space feel too dark and heavy when it is paired with the wrong color of floor.

If you’ve been wondering what color of wood floor goes with dark furniture, this article has come to your rescue.

Color of Wood Floor That Goes With Dark Furniture

Reddish Wood and Reddish Black

Antique black furniture has a cool, red undertone that matches the undertone in red oak flooring, especially when the floor was stained with a reddish stain.

Pairing antique black furniture with a red oak floor gives you the opportunity to create an analogous color scheme, featuring reddish taupe walls, which complements red oak flooring.

A sofa that is greenish blue-gray in color will softly contrast with walls, and you can brighten up the palette by placing pillows, lampshades, and an ottoman that is greenish peacock blue in color.

You can reinforce The red tones by placing black entertainment center, tables and frames, or a red oak entertainment center coordinates.

Flexible and Yellowish

Due to the warm yellow undertone that white oak flooring offers, it provides tonal contrast with black furniture, which creates rooms with warm, analogous color schemes, that are accented with black.

Golden yellow walls as well as blond maple furniture both blend perfectly well with yellowish-white oak flooring and alternates with black furniture to provide an interplay of both light and dark tones. Using An Oriental rug in yellow, Indian red and black color also adds cohesion.

White oak flooring also provides a great tonal contrast with a black iron bed or black headboard, especially when the light wood flooring is combined with light walls which enhances the dark, rich shade.

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Textured Black and Medium Orange-Brown

White oak flooring when paired with a medium, orangish stain creates an intense glow that highlights distressed, black leather furniture. Also, walls covered with tan Venetian plaster also adds texture while blending with flooring.

Adding Touches of terra cotta will highlight the tone-on-tone palette, which is contrasted with black furniture and accents, including a wrought-iron chandelier and distressed black-washed frames.

Wood flooring in medium orange contrasts with Black linen furniture, as well as complementary wall colors which include medium blue-gray and green-gray, which are dark enough to reduce the heaviness of black furniture but also light enough to provide tonal contrast. Placing Curtains in black and gray also adds a pop of color.

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Whitewashed Meets Black-Washed

Whitewashed wood flooring contrasts perfectly well with black-washed furniture, and provides a combination of textural and tonal contrast that enhances the look of aged surfaces. Due to the pronounced grain of red oak flooring, it gives it a more textured appearance when whitewashed.

However, if you have a warm color scheme in the room, white oak flooring coordinates; its yellowish undertone is visible through the mottled whitewashed finish.

A whitewashed flooring contrasts greatly with A round, black-washed dining table as well as a black-washed sideboard, white-shirted chairs also add to the white tones.

Placing A crystal chandelier in the room gives it a hint of sparkle, and a mirror in a distressed silver frame also provides a finishing touch.


Dark furniture is very chic and although the color is dark, they can really pop up your room color when paired with the right wood floor color, so if you are wondering what color of wood floor goes with dark furniture, hopefully, this article has given you some great ideas that will enable you give your room an amazing makeover. 

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