What you Need to Know About Parquet Flooring

polished parquet flooring

Your choice when it comes to flooring matters a great deal, and with different wood floors out there, parquet seems to make the list of the popular and most used wood floors.

Parquet floor is produced from various kinds of wood, like; maple, oak, walnut, and other types of engineered wood. It comes in multiple shapes and sizes. Its origin can very well be traced back to the 16th century. It was popular amongst the rich and royalties in France during its early times.

Advantages of Parquet Flooring

The merits of having a parquet floor installed in your home or office can’t be overlooked. Here are some of its benefits.

1. User Friendly

It is considered user-friendly, as it comes in various shapes, forms, and wood species. Also, it can’t be regarded as expensive because you would have varieties to choose from.

2. It is Durable

One of its unique attributes is how durable and long-lasting a parquet floor can be. This makes it different from other wood as it doesn’t require special maintenance. It has a long lifespan.

3. Versatility

Parquet flooring can be used at various places and for different purposes. You can use it in the office and sitting room, also in the hallway.

4. Adds Worth

Having parquet flooring in one’s house or office adds worth to the building. It gives the room this luxurious look and wonderful outlook, even when the house or office is not that well furnished.

5. Non-Allergic

It is free from any allergens and doesn’t accumulate dirt like other floors. It is a very nice option if you have children as it won’t cause the kids or neighbors to develop any allergies.

6. Easy to Install

Parquet floors are easy to install. That entails owners who feel there isn’t a need for professional hands.

7. Not Heavy

It is very light and mobile. Parquet flooring is the best in situations where the owner considers moving. It would be easy without considering wear and tear problems.

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Disadvantages of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is one of the best floorings for miles around, but they still have a few places that they are found wanting.

1. Visible Marks

Parquet floors are great floors, but marks remain apparent when scratched on. It discourages pet owners or parents with kids from using the flooring, as it easily may get damaged from the sharp fingers of their pets or curious kids.

2. Brittle

This entails that heavy materials easily damage them, as they can snap under the pressure of the heavy materials since they are so sensitive and light. They only tolerate low traffic or less heavy materials.

3. Moisture Damages

Parquet floors are easily permeated by moisture and humidity since they are made from wood. It is not water-resistant, making it vital to keep the floor dry at all times. Water remains the most significant weak point of every wood floor.

4. Tarnishes Easily

With time it tends to tarnish and is less good looking to the eyes as the years pass by due to the wood used in producing it.

5. Heavy Traffic

Parquet floors cannot be used in high-traffic areas because they can get easily worn out with time. High-traffic areas include the hallway or living room, where people often trudge around.

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How to Maintain Parquet Floorings

Here are the methods to maintain parquet flooring to ensure it lasts longer and serves its purpose to the fullest:

1. Cleaning

The mode of cleaning for a parquet floor depends on the kind of wood used. The frequency at which the floor is being cleaned solely depends on how often you use it.

Some parquet floors require mopping and sweeping once a week, while some require special treatment.

2. Stain Removing

Stains can leave permanent marks on parquet floors, so it is necessary to clean spills immediately you encounter one. Get a non-abrasive rag with a wood cleaner to wipe stains off your flooring.

3. Protection from Any Damage

Parquet floors are susceptible to heavy objects as dragging furniture can result in wear and tear on the parquet floor. Put pads at the end of mobile objects to protect this.

Consider placing rugs to ease the pressure in places with high traffic and movement.

4. Moisture Contacts

Try as much as possible to limit its contact with objects. Avoid using wet mops when mopping the floor; rather, use a damp rag. And in case of spillage, please wipe it off immediately. Nothing damages any wood floor like water spillage.

5. Professional Touches

Sometimes it’s also nice and advisable to engage the help of a professional. Ask for advice and help whenever you get confused.

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This is an overall view of what you need to know about a parquet floor and how it functions. The parquet floor has its strengths, shortcomings, and uses that can never be overlooked. Not minding how long its history has lasted, parquet flooring is still in use.

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