How to Remove Parquet Flooring in 6 Easy Steps

how to remove parquet flooring

Removing parquet floors can be complicated if not followed the right way. However, if you are looking for instructions on how to remove parquet flooring and still maintain the floor’s texture, we have got you covered.

First off, clear the room of all furniture and remove the floor baseboard using a pry bar. From the end of the parquet floor to be removed, lift the tile using a chisel and a hammer to create space. Once you have created enough space, pry up the remaining parquet tiles using a chisel.

Let us look into more details, how to achieve this.

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How to Remove Parquet Flooring

Here are the steps required to ensure the successful removal of parquet floorings:

Step 1. Get the required equipment; this includes adhesive remover, gloves, knee pads, safety glasses, construction bucket, grinder, hammer, scraper with a long handle, and a chisel.

Step 2. Remove all pieces of furniture from the room, block the door paths to prevent dust from coming out of the room.

Step 3. Remove floorboards using a pry bar, then at the end of the parquet floor, use both hammer and chisel to lift some of the parquet tiles, so you can have a spaced-out area to resume your work.

Pry up the parquet tiles using a chisel. Depending on the type of wood, the parquet floor might come off in various broken pieces.

Step 4. After you have taken the tiles off the floor, do a clean job of cleaning off every debris and dirt in the room. Use a layer of adhesive remover on the floor; using an old brush apply it evenly. Give it a little time for its effect to kickstart.

Depending on the duration given by the manufacturer, pack the scraped-off adhesive up and trash it.

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Step 5. Applying the adhesive remover a second time might be necessary, as some glues and adhesives can be stubborn.

Step 6. Clean any remnant of the debris using water or wiper, according to instructions given by the producers. Give it time to dry up, and then you can install a new set of floors.

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The process of removing parquet flooring is not as hard as you think, and it just requires knowing the exact way to go about it and ensuring it plays out well.

Following the guides above would make everything align with your wish.

Having learned how to remove parquet flooring, you can achieve a successful home improvement.

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