How To Stop Washing Machine From Moving On Laminate Floor

How To Stop Washing Machine From Moving On Laminate Floor

It can be quote frustrating to see your washing machine move while it’s rolling up your dirty cloths, not only does this pose a risk of damage to your appliance, it can also damage your flooring.

But do not worry; there are actually ways to stop this from happening. If you want to learn how to stop washing machines moving on laminate floor, then keep reading this article.

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How To Stop Washing Machine Moving On Laminate Floor

To stop your washing machine from moving on laminate floor, you can purchase an anti-vibration washing machine and dryer pads. These pads can be gotten on Amazon at affordable prices, and they will keep your washing machine rooted to one spot as it works.

There are different types of anti-vibration you can purchase to stop your washing machine from moving around on your laminate floor.

But why do washing machine move while it works? You may notice your washing machine moving as it cleans clothes due to vibration and unevenly distributed laundry load in the washer.

When the laundry load in your washing machine is uneven, it will also spin unevenly, and this causes the entire machine to vibrate. It is this vibration that causes the washing machine to move.

Your washing machine moving while in operation can also be caused by uneven floors, especially when you have laminate flooring.

Installing anti-vibration pads will help to prevent the machine from moving as well as lower the vibration noises. There are different anti-vibration pads on the market; here’s a list of some of the best.

Best Anti-Vibration And Anti-Walk Washer And Dryer Pads

1. Revtime Anti-Vibration Mats

Revtime anti-vibration mats are made from soft rubber particles or granules. The soft rubber particles are compressed into the mat, which makes them super sound absorbent. The rubber granules are made up of 100% recycled rubber making it completely eco-friendly.

Revtime anti-vibration mats can be placed under a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, and even an elliptical machine. This anti-vibration mat is very sturdy and portable.

Revtime anti-vibration mat will prevent any machine it is placed under from moving no matter how much the machine vibrates while in operation. Vibrations and movement from a heavy appliance like a washer can damage your floor as well as the machine over time.

This anti-vibration mat is has a thickness of about 1/2″ and weighs 10.8 pounds. This is pretty light and compact compared to other anti-vibration mats in the market.

2. Casa Pura Anti-Vibration Pad

Casa Pura anti-vibration pad is also one of the best anti-vibration pads on the market. There are lots of reasons why. For one, the Casa Pura is made up of 100% recycled rubber particles which are compressed together, giving it maximum soundproofing and anti-vibration.

The compressed rubber particles help to minimize vibration as they promptly absorb the vibration produced by the washing machine or dryer, which in turn helps to prevent excessive noise and protect your floor. This Casa Pura anti-vibration mat is also very durable and can be used underwater and in high heat.

Casa Pura anti-vibration pad has a thickness of about 0.4 inches and is also oil and fire-resistant. This anti-vibration pad is manufactured in Germany and has very high-quality standards.

You can use this Casa Pura anti-vibration pad for any appliance and for only a washing machine and dryer. You can place it underneath fitness equipment such as treadmill and elliptical, refrigerator, and even a yoga mat.

3. Xcel Rubber Foam Anti-Vibration Pad

Xcel rubber foam anti-vibration pad is made up of closed-cell foam rubbers, which are very strong and non-absorbent. This anti-vibration pad is very durable and can be used for a lot of different purposes.

This pad has very high quality and can also be used as a furniture pad, and it will keep your couch or chairs or sofa from moving or sliding around.

This anti-vibration pad is very affordable, so it’s suitable for those on a low budget; this does not make the quality of the pads any less than the rest. The pads are of high quality and affordable at the same time.

Other Ways To Stop Your Washing Machine From Moving On Laminate Floor

Asides from installing an anti-vibration pad, there are a few other ways to prevent your machine from walking around while in operation;

Evenly Balance Your Laundry Load

An even laundry load in your washing machine can cause it to move around as it works. This is due to the vibrations that are produced in the machine while it cleans an uneven laundry load. This is why it is very important that you place your laundry inside the machine evenly.

When washing large and bulky items, you can try to mix them with smaller clothes. This will help to create a lesser vibration than if you were to wash the bulky items alone.

Do Not Underload Your Washing Machine

Running only a few clothes inside your washing machine will cause a lot of vibration. This is why you need to make sure that you place the right amount of laundry instead of the machine before turning it on.

When washing single large items like blankets and duvets,  ensure to add smaller items so that the load is evened out.

Do Not Overload The Washing Machine 

Overloading your machine can also cause it to move around during operation. Make sure to only load an adequate amount of laundry; this will help to greatly reduce the amount of vibration produced. 


  • Are anti-vibration washing machines and dryer pads really effective?

 Yes, an anti-vibration washing machine and dryer pads are very effective and will stop your machine from moving around on your laminate floor or any type of floor. Most of these pads also come with a money-back guarantee which that if you are not happy with the product, you can return it within a given period of time.

  • Do anti-vibration pads stain laminate floor?

No. These pads will not stain or discolor your laminate flooring or any other type of flooring. No one wants a stained floor, but you can be rest assured that these pads do not contain any material that may stain or ruin your laminate floor.

  • Do anti-vibration washing machine and dryer pads protect my laminate floors against scratches and dents from my machine?

When your washing machine moves around while in operation, it may scratch or dent your laminate floor. But this is prevented when these pads are placed on your machine; they prevent movement, which thus prevents scratches.

Many pads are made of rubber,  which is a popular floor protector. So yes, these pads are built to protect your laminate floors from scratches and dents.

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If you have a washing machine that moves around when it’s in operation and you want to find out how to stop washing machine moving on laminate floor, hopefully, this article has provided you with the solution.

Placing anti-vibration pads underneath your washing machine is the surest way to stop your washing machine from moving on your laminate floor.

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