Carpet Vs Laminate In The Bedroom; Which Is Better?

carpet vs laminate in the bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate part of our home. Of all the rooms, it is the first and last with which we come in contact every day. Naturally, we like to make it as comfortable as possible.

Deciding on the perfect flooring for the bedroom is one of the most significant challenges you may face when fixing your bedroom. There are different types of floor finishing that choosing the right one might not be very easy.

However, the battle is almost always between carpet vs Laminate in the bedroom. Several factors usually influence this decision. It always comes down to personal choice. Still, some people have problems defining one. If this is you, this article is just the guide you need.

This article is going to help you with deciding which flooring is best suitable for your bedroom between carpet flooring and laminate flooring.

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Carpet Vs Laminate In The Bedroom

Before we move on to deciding, having a good knowledge of both flooring types and their features will help our decision-making.

A carpet is a textile flooring material that has an upper pile layer and a lower backing. Synthetic fibers like nylon, olefin, or polyester are the primary materials for making the pile. Also, wools are not uncommon in carpets. Its backing is primarily made from polypropylene.

Laminate, on the other hand, is a synthetic flooring with four layers. The innermost layer makes the floor flat and balanced, an outer melamine resin layer, an upper photographic applique layer, and an outermost protective layer known as the wear layer. Joining these layers requires a process of lamination.

Now you know what carpeting and laminate flooring are, let us evaluate their differences, benefits, and demerits under certain features usually considered when choosing a flooring type for the bedroom.


The first thing you may want to know is which of the two flooring types you can afford. The good thing is, they both come at very affordable prices. So, the cost is not usually the contention. However, if you need a carpet made of wool or one with a high pile, you are likely to spend more.


Generally, laminates are easier to install than carpets. The carpet installation requires measuring, cutting, and nailing, which usually requires professional help to get it done properly. The use of an underlayment is also necessary when using a carpet. Professional advice is equally needed in choosing the proper underlayment for your carpet.

Laminate comes as interlocking planks and does not need nailing or bonding. Also, it is a floating floor, meaning that it can be placed on an already existing surface. So, if you are enthusiastic about the do-it-yourself (DIY) trend, you may want to buy a laminate if other factors permit.


The durability of the carpet depends on the type you are using. Nylon carpets are usually more durable than polyesters, and polyesters are more durable than olefin materials.

Laminate flooring is very strong. The wear layer mainly aids its durability there by terming it as one of the most durable hardwood floors. Also, some manufacturers make highly water-proof laminates, but this is not very common.

Maintenance/ Cleaning:

The maintenance cost may not be the perfect parameter for deciding between carpet vs laminate in the bedroom, which is better because both have a low maintenance rate. However, carpet needs more attention than laminate. Vacuuming the bedroom as frequently as possible is necessary when using carpets because of their fibers.

Also, if the bedroom is for the kids, the floor is more open to spills and stains and should be cleaned even more regularly; steam cleaning might also be needed. Similarly, pets with furs should be kept out of the room as their furs can get trapped in the carpet’s fibers.

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Simply sweeping and cleaning the laminate floor is good enough. However, consider trimming your pet’s nails if it comes into your room. Also, keep sharp objects away from kids who have a laminate floor in their room. Laminate can easily get scratched and damaged.


If you want a more decorative and colorful appearance, you may want to go for a carpet; but if you wish for your room floor to look shiny, and resemble hardwood flooring, then laminate is the perfect choice for you.


Carpet floors usually have a better cushioning effect, making them the preferred choice for the bedroom of children, older adults, and persons prone to falling. Contrarily, laminate floors are hard and unfavorable. Falling on them can cause injury.


Carpets are known for their ability to trap sounds. They reduce external sounds and also prevent the generation of sound when walking in the room.

Laminate flooring is, instead, very noisy, and it echoes sounds in a hollow way.


If you live in a country with very low temperatures, carpet flooring is more favorable for you. It is a good insulator and helps to keep the room cozy and warm.

Laminate floors are usually cold. They do not insulate

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Carpet gives off chemical smells like formaldehyde, and it also traps allergens. Therefore, if you are an asthma patient, sensitive to smell, or you suffer allergies, a laminate floor is a better choice for you.


Based on their production material, carpet gives a soft and comfortable feeling under your bare feet, while laminates are usually hard and smooth.

So carpet vs laminate in the bedroom, which would you settle for? There is no generally better choice of the two. Deciding which to use depends on personal preferences, health, and age of the individual who is to occupy the room.

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A carpet is a perfect choice if;

  • You live in a country where winter is freezing
  • The room is for kids or older adults who may fall easily
  • You do not have a pet, or keep it out of your room, or are willing to clean your room as thoroughly and as often as possible.

A laminate is perfect if;

  • You do not experience extreme cold in your area
  • You have a pet and do not want to be stressed cleaning up furs. However, it would help if you trimmed its nails
  • Spills and stains cannot be avoided in the bedroom
  • The occupant of the room is asthmatic or reacts to allergies

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Getting a choice between carpet vs Laminate in the bedroom would take a whole day to answer with no positive result because both flooring types have their merits and demerits.

The easiest way to solve the puzzle is by making a genuine analysis of your preferences and what you want for your room. It is also necessary to consider your health or that of whoever will be staying in the room

Reading patiently through this article will help you to understand the pros and cons of both types of flooring. Having this understanding will then guide you in making a decision based on your personality and preference.

It is essential to choose the flooring type you are most comfortable with for your bedroom because it may go a long way to affect even your sleep. For instance, people who wake easily from sounds may have difficulty sleeping in a room with laminate flooring.

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