Can you put Rubber Backed Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors? (Find Out)

rubber backed area rugs on hardwood floors

When choosing a rug to put on your floor, you need to consider the quality and materials it is made of. Placing rubber backed area rugs on hardwood floors can damage can damage your floor. This is due to the chemicals in the rubber, which can leave permanent marks or discoloration on the wood.

If you have already purchased a rubber-backed rug, there’s a way you can safely use it on a hardwood floor; this is by putting it over a safe-rug pad.

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5 Ways to Place Rubber Backed Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors

If you already own a rubber-backed rug, you do not need to toss it out; you can tape a rug pad to the bottom of the rubber-backed area rug. This will protect your hardwood floor and also provide extra cushion to your feet. Here’s out to place a rug pad underneath your rubber-backed rug.

  • Step 1

Start by measuring the length and width of your rubber-backed area rug.

  • Step 2

Minus 1/2 inch from these measurements and cut the rug pad out with these new measurements.

  • Step 3

Place the rubber-backed carpet upside down with the rubber portion facing up. Then lay the rug padding over the rubber.

  • Step 4

With carpet tape, secure the padding to the rug. Run the tape along the edge of the padding so that half the tape’s width is on the rug pad and the other half of the tape is over the rubber backing on the rug.

  • Step 5

Flip over your rug and place it back on your hardwood floors. The rug pad will protect your hardwood floor from any damage that might be caused by the rubber backing on your rug.

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Tips For Placing Area Rugs On Hardwood Floors

Here are some tips to keep in mind when placing an area rug on your hardwood floor:

Clean The Area Properly

When using an area rug to cover stains, scratches, or other imperfections, it is important that you remember to clean the area before laying down the rug. When dirt and oil are trapped underneath the rug, it can cause further damage and stain the hardwood flooring beneath.

If the floor isn’t well taken care of, you’ll discover the scratches and discoloration left behind when you remove the area rug.

Ensure to sweep, mop, and dry the area thoroughly before laying down the rug. Get rid of any substance that could cause damage to your hardwood.

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Select Rugs Based on Intended Function

Always consider the room’s function when choosing an area rug. Do you intend to place it in a heavy traffic area or place furniture over it? Asking yourself these and similar questions will enable you to determine the right area rug you need for a particular room.

For high traffic hallways, you will need a runner carpet to protect the hardwood floors from damage. But if you intend to place the rug in your living room, use a thick and shaggy rug; this will add a layer of defense against scuffs and scratches from couches and other furniture.

You can opt for a thin area rug when placing it in your home office; this way, your chair can still roll around with ease. There are different types of rugs, so you should choose the right one according to its intended purpose.

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Use a Non-Slip Rug Pad

When you place an area rug on a hardwood floor, it is prone to moving around as hardwood floor has a smooth surface.

This not only results in the damage of your hardwood, but it could also be a source of injury when people trip and fall. This can be solved with a non-slip rug pad.

Placing these thin, slightly sticky layers underneath your area rugs will help to keep them in place. They will protect your hardwood floor from damage that could be caused by the rug backing, as well as your family and guests from an accidental fall.

However, ensure to opt for rug pads that are a combination of felt and rubber, as they are gentler on your floors than padding made entirely of rubber.

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Placing rubber-backed area rugs on hardwood floors could cause great damage to your floor. But if you already own rubber-backed rugs, you do not need to toss them out as there’s a way around. Placing a rug pad underneath your area rug will help prevent any damage and hold the rug in place.

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