Is Bamboo Floor Scratch Resistant? (Find Out)

is bamboo floor scratch resistant

Bamboo floors are one of the best floors you can get on the market; they are durable, easy to maintain, scratch-resistant, and budget-friendly.

But then, there are speculations on how reliable bamboo floors can be. And if it can be entirely scratch-proof.

Is bamboo floor scratch resistant? Yes, the bamboo floor is scratch-resistant but that doesn’t make it impenetrable. If it is not properly cared for it can develop scratches. On some occasions, scratches can be inevitable.

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Is Bamboo Floor Scratch Resistant?

No flooring type is completely scratch-proof, this is even more so for bamboo floors. Bamboo floor is one of the toughest floors you can get for miles around, but they are only scratch-resistant not impermeable.

They are hardly affected by normal scrapes or impact but can be scratched or dented when deeply affected.

Two Types of Scratches on Bamboo Floors

There are varying levels of scratches when it comes to bamboo and hardwood floors. These different levels would help you know the difference between micro-surface scratches and permanent dents from scratches.

Micro-Surface Scratches

These sorts of scratches occur when a very sharp end is dragged forcefully across the floor surface. The marks from this contact are normally light and almost can be ignored.

Regular causes of this micro-surface scratch are from rocks or grits caught under vacuum cleaners, furniture legs, or sharp toys that have no underlayments under them. 

These micro-surface scratches are not so visible on light-colored bamboo floors. But they are very visible on dark-colored bamboo floors. They normally happen on prefinished bamboo floors and they are usually not permanent.

In fact, these marks and scratches tend to wear off and disappear due to the continuous friction from walking on them.

You can also apply walnut or mineral oil to get rid of these scratches for good.

Permanent Dents from Scratching

These marks are permanently on the bamboo floor. To make matters worse, they are quite hard to get rid of. These permanent dents are caused by dragging very heavy objects across the floor, high heel marks, and pet claws.

Causes of Scratches on Bamboo Floors

Bamboo floors are hard to scratch, but that doesn’t make them immune to scratches. Here are the few causes of scratches on the bamboo floors and possible ways you can keep your floor safe.

1. Grit, Dirt, and Buildup

One of the major causes of scratches on the bamboo floor is the presence of dirt and grit, due to everyday foot traffic that leaves dirt on the floor. The more dirty a bamboo floor is, the higher the possibility of it getting scratched. And these scratches would add up over time to look gruesome.

Hence, the reason you should keep your floor neat on a regular basis. Sweep and vacuum the bamboo floor regularly to keep off dirt and debris.

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2. Pets, High Heels, and Pieces of Furniture

Another cause of scratches on the floor is due to the presence of pets and kids in the home. Dogs can cause scratches on the floor using their claws. While kids tend to scratch the floor with their sharp toys.

Also, dragging or placing heavy pieces of furniture on the bamboo floor might causes scratches or dents on it. You also have the dents caused by wearing high heels on the floor. It is best you place pads or casters under furniture to safeguard the floor.

You can also make use of bamboo-approved mats on the bamboo floor. Make use of mats with breathable bottom layers. This is done to avoid the trapping of moistures that would in turn damage the bamboo floor.

What is the Best Type of Scratch-Resistant Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo floors are generally more scratch-resistant than hardwood floors. The rate of scratch resistance doubles up if you make use of strand-woven.

Strand-woven is known as the toughest and most durable bamboo floor. It is equally the best for places with high foot traffic in the home.

The strand-woven bamboo floor integrates a heating strategy and an advanced pressure to tighten and bond the bamboo, making it two to three times more durable than hardwood floors.

To top it all, strand-woven is quite affordable and budget-friendly. They are even less costly than most hardwood floors on the market.

How to Keep My Bamboo Floor Scratch-Free

Here are a few tips on how to keep your bamboo floor free from scratch.

1. By Cleaning and Maintenance

You can keep your floor free from scratch by following a simple, regular pattern of cleaning and maintaining your floor. You can prevent dirt and debris from your bamboo floor by cleaning your floor. If your bamboo floor is in a place with high traffic, it is best you sweep it every day.

Do not make use of cleaners that are abrasive, lethal, or contain ammonia. These listed materials can cause serious damage to the bamboo floor. If you want to make use of a vacuum cleaner, ensure it has a wooden head cleaner to avoid scratching the floor.

2. Protect Your Floor from Dirt, Grit, and Water

To keep your bamboo floor free from scratch, you would need to protect it from dirt, grit, and water. They can be damaging to the floor. You can place a doormat at all your entrances, this would help reduce the trapping of dirt in your home.

You should also place a no-shoe sign so that visitors would remove their shoes at the entrance. Keeping to these rules would help reduce cleaning and maintenance. You should not wear spiked or sharp footwear on your bamboo floor. They cause deep scratches and dents on your bamboo floor.

3. Furniture and Other Heavy Objects

Also, you shouldn’t drag or carelessly drop heavy objects on the bamboo floor. They can cause dents and scratches on the floor, leading to serious damage on the floor.

To prevent these scratches or dents always carry, lift, or drop the furniture carefully. You can also place pads or casters at the bottom of your furniture. This would help prevent the sharp edges of your furniture from having contact with the bamboo floor.

All of these would help reduce the possibility of scratches applying on your floor. But then, in some cases, it can be quite unavoidable.

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So, is bamboo floor scratch resistant? Yes, the bamboo floor is scratch-resistant, but that doesn’t make them immune to scratches.

Bamboo floors are one of the most durable floors you can find in the market, but if properly cared for scratches can gather on them over time.

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