How to Remove Spray Paint From Vinyl Floor (4 Easy Steps)

how to remove spray paint from vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring is generally easy to clean and maintain, although it is susceptible to discoloration, including paint stains, like all flooring.

If you spilled spray paint on your vinyl flooring, you might clean it up with standard household products.

Removing the excess paint, cleaning the affected area with a wet rag, making the cleaning solution, and applying alcohol is the most effective way on how to remove spray paint from vinyl floor.

As with any stains, the sooner you take proper care of them, the greater your chances of eliminating them. In this guide, we will expose to you everything you need to know about removing spray paint from the vinyl floor.

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How to Remove Spray Paint From Vinyl Floor

To Remove Spray From a Vinyl Floor, You’ll Need the Following Supplies.

The bulk of the items in this list can be used on many paint stains, including water-based, oil-based, and dried paint stains. On the other hand, some will work best with oil-based, dried paint.

Any mild detergent, such as dishwashing liquid or laundry soap, would suffice. Just make sure it’s free of harsh chemicals, which could damage the floor.

You might use these or paper towels if you don’t have any clean clothes.

Shredded Paper 

Use this to soak up any extra paint. Nevertheless, you’ll only need it if there are a lot of spillages.


Make sure to use cold water.


You can use any huge container or a regular cleaning bucket.

Rubbing alcohol is excellent for getting rid of stubborn paint.

Steel wool (for oil-based paint) is available at any supermarket.

Liquid wax (for oil-based paint) is available at your local auto store. It’s also available at supermarkets.

Plastic Scraper/Razor (For Dried Paint)

You’ll have to get one to wipe the paint off if it’s dried up.

Turpentine or nail polish remover, such as acetone, can erase dried paint. However, if you use nail polish remover, you should try it on a tiny floor area first to make sure that it would not ruin the vinyl.

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What Is the Best Way to Remove Spray Paint From a Vinyl Floor?

Filler, binder, and pigments are all dissolved in water in water-based paint. Latex paint and acrylic paint are two examples, and both may be readily removed off the floor using the procedures below.

Step 1: Remove Excess Paint

Mop away as much of the spilled paint as possible using a dry, soft piece of clothes. If there’s a lot of it, try coating it with shredded paper first; it’ll sponge the paint and make it easier to clean away.

Step 2: With a Wet Towel, Clean off the Remaining Paint

After you’ve cleaned up the spilled paint:

  • Soak a clean towel in water.
  • Wring out the surplus water.
  • Use a towel to wipe up the leftover paint.

Wipe the affected area with the towel until as much paint as possible has been removed.

If the spill is significant, you may need to change the water or your clothes. This procedure could alternatively be done with damp paper towels.

Step 3: Make a Water-And-Mild-Detergent Solution

Fill a bucket halfway with clean water and a few drops of mild detergent. After that, immerse a soft cloth in the solution and apply it to the blemish. This will aid in the removal of any residual paint.

Step 4: Apply Alcohol to the Area to Be Rubbed

If the paint is still visible after wiping with detergent, use alcohol to rub it away. Put a few drops of rubbing alcohol into a clean cloth and gently rub the spot away.

How to Remove Oil-Based Paints From Wood Floor

Position the towel over the stain and let it sit for about 10 minutes if the paint doesn’t come off. After that, re-rub the area and wash it with clean water. Using paper towels, dab it dry.

Step 1: Remove Oil-Based Paint Stains

The first step in removing oil-based paint stains is to wipe up any excess with a clean, soft cloth, just as you would with water-based paint stains.

Carefully soak the towel in clean water before scooping up and wiping away the paint. Do this until the garment can no longer remove any more paint.

Step 2: Apply Rubbing Alcohol to the Area

Once most of the paint has been removed, apply to rub alcohol to a clean piece of fabric and place it over the discolored area.

If the area is extensive, you may need to wear many outfits. Allow 10 minutes for the alcohol in the garment to act on the spot before wiping it clean with a clean cloth soaked in water.

Step 3: Apply Steel Wool and Liquid Wax

Brush the stain carefully with steel wool soaked in liquid wax if it’s still bothering you. To prevent scratching the floor, make sure the steel wool is superfine.

Step 4: Using a Mild Soap, Clean the Area

Make a solution of water and mild soap to clean the area once you’ve wiped the paint.

To remove the stain, rub it with a clean cloth or mop—permit for drying time before applying a thin coat of wax to bring back the shine.

Is It True That Paint Thinner Will Destroy Vinyl Flooring?

Solvent-based paints can harm vinyl surfaces, including paint thinner and paint stripper.

Don’t use a product without first evaluating it on a tiny section of your siding, and never immerse the vinyl in the solvent. To avoid harm, make sure you use as little of any product as possible.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Dried Paint off Vinyl Flooring?

Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol into a clean cloth and gently massage the spot away.

Place the towel over the stain and let it sit for about 10 minutes if the paint doesn’t come off. After that, re-rub the area and rinse it with clean water. Using paper towels, pat it dry.

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Is it true that rubbing alcohol harms vinyl flooring? Solvents such as rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, and acetone should be used minimally because they can dull the shine on your floor’s surface if used for an extended period.

The article explains in detail how to remove spray paint from vinyl floor and the steps to take to achieve this to give you your desired result.

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