How to Paint Concrete Floors to Look Like Stone – 9 Quick Steps

how to paint concrete floors to look like stone

Concrete floors are plain and boring, and if you would like an extra touch of color to your space, painting concrete floors to look like stone, epoxy, and even wood is a great way to go.

Concrete floors can be painted with stains, dyes, paint, or a mix of these two to make it look like faux rocks and stone. If you would like to know how to paint your concrete floors to look like stone, we’ve got you covered.

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How to Paint Concrete Floors to Look Like Stone

Before you paint any concrete surface to look like stone, you have to choose the color of stone you want; keep in mind natural stone floors do not have a uniform color.

It usually has a basic background color, with small mottles or dots in other colors, which you can achieve with one primary background paint color, which serves as the base, and at least one or two complementary colors to add the dots and specks to the floor.

Opt for special paint or stain products suitable for use on a porous surface like concrete to achieve the best results. Here’s a step by step guide on how to paint concrete floors to look like stone

Step 1

Start by cleaning the floor; you can use a degreaser scrubber and remove any oil and grease residue on the concrete.

This also removes molds, dirt, and spills on the floor; when the floor is clean, rinse thoroughly with soapy water. Allow the floor air to dry completely before proceeding with the steps.

Step 2

If the concrete has been painted previously, it can be removed with some chemical stripper. Use a floor buffer or a mop fitted with a scrub pad to buff the floor after allowing the stripper to soak through it.

Now use the buffer or mop to remove the remaining paint or sealant, go into the corners with hand and use scrubbers and remove the corner paints by hand.

Step 3

When the floor is clean of dirt, oil, and paint, you also need to get rid of the cleansers as well. Use a scraper to remove anything that is stuck to the floor surface. Afterward, dry up the floor completely; you can use a wet vacuum or air dry it for three days.

Step 4

Cover up the walls and other areas you don’t want to be affected by paint splatters with a painter’s tape or painter’s sheet.

Step 5

Now you can begin painting, apply two coats of concrete stain on the floor, allow plenty of drying time between each coat.

This serves as the background stain for your faux or stone textured floor. Remember to apply a primer before painting as it increases durability and protection. Allow the paint to dry completely, and this may take a day or two.

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Step 6

Use chalk, concrete stamps, or stencils to draw the stone outlines; this won’t be necessary if you are a professional artist, but it would help you achieve a clean result, especially if you don’t want to mess up the application.

Concrete stamps have a more extensive outer line but result in smaller stones; this shouldn’t be a cause for worry as you can change the shape or size by painting over it.

Step 7

Now choose at least three colors of a color palette from light to dark that creates a realistic texture to make the stones. You would need to mix latex paint with the original concrete paint for this.

Step 8

Use a brush and paint your stones with a lighter shade, then add a darker shade to the edges and blend it in; this creates a shadow texture.

You can create a graphic by using an old sponge to dab on another stony shade and apply it to the floor. Play with the colors and materials until you achieve your desired look.

When you are done with the painting, allow the paint air to dry for at least two days. Do not try to hasten the process by using any artificial drying technique, as it may ruin the entire look and color.

Step 9

After the paint is all done and dry, finish off the project by applying urethane concrete sealer, clear paint, or varnish. Apply to the edges using more delicate brushes, allow to dry, and then apply a second coat of sealant.

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You can paint concrete floors to look like stone to add beauty and pop of color to your space. To paint concrete, you would need specially designed latex paint that can be applied over a porous surface like concrete.

Applying a primer prior to painting is recommended to make the paint last longer and turn out better.

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