How to Clean Dusty Concrete Basement Floor (4 Easy Ways)

how to clean dusty concrete basement floor

Excess dust in the concrete basement floor is caused by aging in the concrete, inadequate curing, too much silt and clay in the concrete mix. It can equally be caused by poor mixture at the concrete factory, and other contributing factors.

The most effective way to clean dusty concrete basement involves the use of concrete cleaning solution, bleach, ammonia, or dry cement.

Read on as we throw more light on how to clean dusty concrete basement floor.

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Why Is My Basement Concrete Floor So Dusty?

This is normally caused by the slow breakdown of an already weak coating of concrete. Things like foot traffic, cars, and even improper cleaning can lead to these problems.

It can also be caused by poor mixture at the concrete factory. Equally too much clay and silt in the concrete mix, the aged nature of the concrete, and also inadequate curing.

How to Clean Dusty Concrete Basement Floor

Below outlined are the methods of how to clean the dusty concrete basement floor.

Concrete Cleaning Solution

You would need to get the tools and materials needed for this procedure ready. They include; a large broom and dustpan, bucket, concrete cleaning solution, clean water, and rubber brush.

To begin with, thoroughly sweep your floor and get rid of dust and any dirt. Then, dilute your concrete cleaning solution with clean water before you use it on your concrete floor. Using a rubber brush, apply the solution to your floor.

Ensure to brush the floor prudently and be on the lookout for stains that might need additional cleaning. Mop the floor with water to rinse it.

You have to read the instruction carefully because not all concrete floors need rinsing. Give the floor time to dry before you can walk on it.

A concrete cleaning solution is not hard to use and in most cases is not costly. Unfortunately, this cleaning solution might not be effective for all types of floors.


You would need to get the tools and materials needed for this procedure ready. They include; a gallon of bleach, mop, bucket, broom, warm water, and protective gear.

In a situation where your concrete basement has mildew or mold, bleach is your best approach to getting rid of them.

Firstly, ensure you sweep the floor thoroughly and get rid of dust and any dirt.

Then, mix a three-quarter cup of bleach in each gallon of water. Ensure to put on gloves, a sturdy shoe, a mask, and other safety precaution gear.

Using a mop, apply the bleach solutions to the concrete floor. Scrub on it as you proceed.

Give the solution time to settle for around 10 minutes, then using a mop, rinse the floor with clean water. Finally, give the floor time to air dry before you walk over it.

Bleach is likely a household tool at your disposal almost all the time, so it helps save you money and stress. Even if there is a need to purchase it, it is not expensive.

On the other hand, you have to be careful while using bleach indoors, as it might cause you harm, due to its concentrated nature.

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Before you proceed with this procedure, you need to get the materials ready. They include; warm water, a bucket, protective wear, dish soap, a gallon of ammonia, and a sturdy rubber brush.

To begin with, ventilate your room as much as you can, then completely sweep the floor to get rid of dirt. Furthermore, mix one-quarter cup of ammonia and dish soap in each gallon of water. 

Ensure you put on your protective gear.

Making use of a rubber brush, apply the ammonia mixture to your concrete floor. Be on the lookout for areas that might have built up tough stains, clean them prudently.

Mop your floor with clean water to get rid of the ammonia. Give the concrete floor time to dry before you walk on it.

Ammonia is a commonly used household product. It is less costly and available in the stores. It easily gets rid of stubborn stains and dirt.

On the other hand, the components of ammonia are concentrated and harsh, they affect the eyes and can cause respiratory discomfort; hence, the need for proper ventilation.

Dry Cement

Get the tools required ready. They include; a stiff bristle brush, a container of dry cement, a broom, and a dustpan.

When you are cleaning a concrete basement with rust damage, the dry cement method comes in handy. This is because you don’t have to soak your floor in a cleaning solution.

To begin with, sweep your concrete floor. Then spray your dry cement on the rust stain you are trying to get rid of. Do not mix the dry cement with water.

Using the stiff bristle brush, scrub the dry cement into the stain. Apply it in a circular motion and apply a bit of pressure on it. Repeat this procedure until you are sure the stain is gone. Then get rid of the remaining dry cement.

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Basement concrete floors are so dusty because of the aging of the concrete, poor mixture at the cement plant, inadequate curing, and foot traffic. But not to worry we gave various methods on how to clean dusty concrete basement floors.

We have written this article about how to clean dusty concrete basement floor to help you make informed decisions when cleaning.

We hope you found it helpful and informative. If you did, please share it across your entire social media pages.

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