How to Remove Deep Burn Marks from Wood (8 Simple Steps)

how to remove deep burn marks from wood

Pieces of wood around our home might, in some cases, fall into the inevitable burning snare, resulting from wear and tear. It’s common in most cases, whether furniture, table cloth, paneling, or other wooden objects.

This post will show you how to remove deep burn marks from wood floor. Scrape off the burn mark with a utility knife, sand it off with sandpaper, clean with a rag before applying tung oil, and finally paint the formerly burnt area.

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How to Remove Deep Burn Marks from Woods

If you are working with woods like; oak, ash or beach trees, or other types of wood, these would go a long way to make removing those deep marks relatively easier:

1. Scrape Off with Utility Knife

Scrape off the deep mark by using the blades of a knife; utility knife recommended.

The only possible way to scrape off deep burn marks is to scrape off the burnt part. Work in short strokes, and make sure you work around the wood grain.

2. Make Use of Sandpaper

Sand the burnt area with sandpaper. You could achieve this if the wood around the burn wasn’t destroyed when you scraped out the burnt area. Ensure to sand along the wood grain, not across it.

3. Clean with Rag

Clean the leftover burns with a moist old rag, wipe it across the wood to remove the remnant shavings. Ensure the rag is not too wet to avoid moving the shavings around without achieving anything.

4. Apply Tung Oil

Dip a clean rag inside a Tung of oil and rub it over the formerly burnt section of the wall to make it regain its color. Do not forget to apply the oil along the wooden grain, not across it.

You can also use linseed oil as they are almost identical.

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5. Let the Oil Soak into the Wood

Allow the Tung Oil or Linseed oil, depending on your choice, to soak into the wood, let it last over; since both oils take time to dry, it will take hours to sip inside the wood and harden. Work with the instructions provided on Tung oil.

If you have kids or pets around, you should keep them away from the area to avoid hazards.

6. Make Use of Wood Epoxy

Apply woody epoxy on the floor, but before that, make sure it’s mixed, adhering to the producer’s instruction.

Once the epoxy has formed up, use a putty-like knife into the wood or point where the burn mark existed previously.

7. Sand Up the Epoxy Flush

Sand up the epoxy flush to the wood using sandpaper. The 80-grit sandpaper would do well in this regard.

Rub the sandpaper in a back and front motion across the dried epoxy until you are sure you have smoothened it up. Be careful not to sand up too much not to affect the hard floor.

8. Paint the Burn Mark

You can paint the burnt mark to match the color of your flooring. You can also paint the area in a case where the hardwood is stained, but hardwood hardly gets stained.

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This approach listed above is your best bet if you want to remove deep burn marks from wood. Not minding how delicate it might look, this would go a long way to ensure how much of a success it can be.

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