Painted Wood Floors Pros and Cons – 6 Things To Know

Painted wood floors pros and cons

If you’re searching for the pros and cons of painted wood floors, then you are probably contemplating on renovating your home which involves the refurbishment of your wood floor.

Painted wood floors pros and cons, here’s what you need to know. While a painted floor can be easy to maintain, it’s a super inexpensive way to jazz up your room.

The big question you’ll ask yourself here is; Is painting my wood floor a good idea? Yes it is, we’ve gathered a total of 6 pros and cons you need to know before proceeding with painting wood floors, do check them out.

Reasons To Paint Wood Floors

Painting wood floor as a means of floor remodeling is a good reason but it doesn’t end there. There are other reasons why people choose to paint their wood floors and here are a few ones.

Creating a new look

The best way to transform your home is by painting. This can change the tone of your home regardless of furniture or properties in the home. 

Imagine painting the floor of your home, that’s a great home transformation technique.

Covering Wear And Tear

The best and easiest way to hide wear and tear is by painting the surface or wherever needs to be hidden, the same applies to painting your floor.

It’s the most preferable way to hide signs of old age on your wood floor, covering these signs with polish can seem quite difficult. This is where painting wood floors come into play.

Can you paint wood floors without sanding

Yes, wood floors can be painted without sanding. As long the floor is properly cleaned before painting. Here are steps on how to achieve this.

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  • Get rid of dust particles and dirt from your floor by cleaning it.
  • For a nice finish, clean the floor with vinegar, then let the floor dry out
  • Place a masking tape at the edge of the room to avoid the paint from staining the walls of the room.

Painted wood floors pros and cons

The Pros of Painting wood floors

It’s Inexpensive

Two ways of refurbishing your floors include refinishing and painting. While refinishing can be quite expensive, painting isn’t.

This puts it at an advantage. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, painting is the perfect option to go for, making your floor look all new again.

Here’s the interesting part, when your wood floor starts to wear or fade, refinishing might be quite expensive and this requires the service of a professional.

Painting, on the other hand, is a great DIY alternative, it takes less effort and is much easier than refinishing. You are saving a bunch on labor if you go through this route.

Good Opportunity to get creative

Painting your wood floors gives you total design freedom way beyond what carpet, tile or vinyl flooring offers, it’s time to play with colors.

You can mix up different colors resulting in a beautiful color blend. For a visual alluring finish, you can as well paint intricate patterns such as checks or chevrons or even go for big geometric designs.

Painting changes the entire look of your room, a medium-toned wood floor can make your place feel dark in a room that gets natural light while a floor painted white brightens up the whole place.

Cons of painting wood floors

Reduced Durability

Paints don’t last long on wood floors, they age poorly and wear off very fast. Unlike stained wood floors which stay longer on wood floors, stain can last up to 10 years on wood floors.

This is because stain soaks deep inside the floor while paint sits on the surface of the floor making the paint less durable.

A better alternative is using oil paint on wood floors due to their increased durability, they last longer than latex paints.

That said, they are banned from home use in a few states due to the pungent fume it emits. Before going for oil paint, ensure to confirm whether they are legal or not in your state.

Not Suitable For Every Kind Of Home

A typical example is a painted hardwood floor in a colonial home, quite odd. While this might take away its historical aesthetic, a better option is to fall back to refinishing your wood floor.

Refinishing wood floor here is the only alternative in this case, unfortunately, it’s an expensive option.

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Lots Of Work Involved

Having your floor refinished takes just 3 days including drying. This is on the contrary when it comes to painting wood floors, there’s a lot of work involved here.

From sanding the floor and washing it to remove its finish and waiting another 48 hours for the floor to dry.

It doesn’t end there, when the primer is dry, the floor requires light sanding to help the paint stick to the floor, then finally cleaning the floor with mineral spirit.

All these procedures for painting a wood floor. You can then paint the floor and allow 24 hours drying time between each coating, then finish with a coat of urethane seal.

Correction Cost

Restoring the original wood of your wood floor is harder and expensive than restaining a floor. 

The floor needs to be sanded out and cleaned with a floor stripper to remove the paint completely before staining gets possible.

Whenever you change your mind, restoring the original wood can be challenging.

If you’re about painting your wood floor, take time to thoroughly consider your decision before taking action to avoid having regrets.


Painted wood floors aren’t just stunning, they are also cost-effective. Before deciding whether to paint your floor or not, ensure to check out painted wood floors pros and cons.

Nevertheless, painting your wood floor is the best way to make your home look amazingly beautiful.

Have you painted your wood floor before? How was the painting experience like?

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and enlighten them about the pros and cons of painting wood floor, you’ll be doing them a great favor.

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