How to Clean Carpet with Shop Vac (3 Easy Steps)

how to clean carpet with shop vac

Is it wise to invest in a tool that can assist you with all of your cleaning tasks, big or small? A shop vacuum, often known as a wet/dry vac, is a flexible and useful instrument.

Looking into how to clean carpet with shop vac, carpet cleaning with a shop vac is simple and effective. You’ll wonder why you didn’t clean your carpets with a shop vac sooner!

What is a Shop Vac all about?

A shop vac, often known as a wet/dry vac, is much more than a typical vacuum cleaner. A shop vac’s suction is exceptionally powerful, allowing it to easily clean huge messes.

Not only can these tools remove soil, leaves, dust, and filth from little crevices, but they can also do so in massive numbers.

As a result, a shop vac is made to suck up a lot of water. If you want to, you can even use it to clear up large puddles. After all, it is their ability to pick up water that makes them excellent for carpet cleaning.

How to Prepare Your Carpet

Remove all furnishings from your room to avoid getting it wet. Mold will grow on damp furniture. First, vacuum your dry carpet.

You can use a wet-dry vac or your regular vacuum cleaner. Remove all solid soil from your carpet with a vacuum.

If your carpet has stains, use a carpet stain remover and wait the time specified on the package.

Make a carpet cleaner and water solution. The cleaner’s instructions for combining it with water will be printed on the bottle.

Wet-dry vacs only pick up wet solutions and do not uniformly distribute them around your carpet. You’ll have to do it by hand. I propose that you use a regular watering can.

Carpet Cleaning using a Shop Vac

Rugs and carpets are an excellent way to add warmth and charm to your house. You might notice yellowing or stains right away, especially if your carpets are in a high-traffic location. Stains, solid soil, mildew, and even bacteria can be held in carpets.

Even if there are no apparent stains, it is vital to clean your carpets on a semi-regular basis. This helps to prevent mildew and bacteria from forming in the carpet padding underneath the carpet.

Your carpet is more difficult to clean than hardwood or tile flooring since it is a fabric. As a result, a wet/dry vac is far more successful than a regular vacuum for cleaning up huge messes, such as a tipped-over potted plant.

Not to add that it can clean up water, so you can deep clean your carpet using carpet cleaners or carpet shampoos without having to rent a machine.

How to Clean carpet with Shop Vac

Step 1. Preparation

The first step is to make sure your carpet is ready to be cleaned. If you’re going to use your shop vac to clean the carpet in an entire room, you should definitely remove all of the furniture beforehand.

This not only clears the floor and makes cleaning easier, but it also protects your furniture from the moisture and cleaners used on your carpets.

I won’t bother about removing all the furniture if you’re only using your shop vac for carpet on an area rug or accent rug. Only the furniture sits on top of the carpeting that needs to be replaced.

Step 2: Stain Removal

Use a commercial stain remover to remove any stains or areas of your carpet that need a little extra cleaning.

To verify that it is safe to use on carpets, check the directions on the bottle. To evaluate for colorfastness, you may first want to try the cleaner on an inconspicuous area.

Continue to treat each stain site if your test does not bleach the carpet or cause the colors to run. Allow the spot treatment to sit for the specified period before cleaning.

Blot any residual stain remover with a clean rag. While you wait for the spot treatment to take effect, you can clean the carpet with a carpet cleaner and water.

Step 3: Cleaning

Begin pouring your carpet cleaning solution over your carpet with a watering can. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, work in small portions.

Remember that while your shop vac can lift water, it cannot disseminate the solution.

You’ll have to do it by hand. Spread the solution evenly throughout the carpet with a stiff-bristled brush or broom, and scrub the troublesome areas with a stiff-bristled brush or broom.

You can now clean your carpets with your shop vac by sucking up the cleaning solution. Press down hard with a floor attachment to ensure that all cleaning solution is removed.

Rinse the carpet with clean water and suck up all the water with your shop vac.

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If you’re cleaning carpet in small parts, a shop vac is the best tool to use. Before moving on to the next stage, make sure each piece is thoroughly dry. You may have to go over a piece a few times before all the stains are gone.

A shop vac is a useful piece of equipment to have around the house and in the garden. As you may have seen, utilizing a shop vac to clean your carpets saves you money over renting a carpet cleaner.

Not to add that, given how practical and useful a shop vac can be, they are not prohibitively expensive. As a result, we strongly advise doing as much study as possible on this subject and getting a shop vac to assist you.

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