How to Install Outdoor Carpet on Plywood (7 Easy Steps)

how to install outdoor carpet on plywood

Installing an outdoor carpet is a straightforward thing to do. Plain plywood is mainly used as a subfloor, which usually is embedded with lucrative and attractive covering.

Are you looking for how to install outdoor carpet on plywood? First, ensure the weather is favorable, then clean the plywood, shape both plywood and carpet, use adhesive and firmly attach together then finally trim excess carpet.

Plywood laying is so easy that you can do it yourself or engage professionals in the installation, depending on you. Outdoor carpets have a different range of types and textures.

All these kinds of outdoor carpets are differently used for specific purposes and require various means of treatment.

You can use grass carpet in outdoor areas not exposed to weather, and plush carpet is useable for desk covering.

Likewise, in choosing outdoor carpet, you must be concerned about which is convenient for feet, has a high capacity to resist stains, is waterproof, or can withstand rain.

As simple as outdoor carpet installation can be, it is essential to be very careful in placing carpet on plywood to avoid shifting.

For the plywood to be suitable for this mission, the plywood must be of 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch thickness. Follow this procedure to install your carpet on plywood.

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Can Carpet Stay On Plywood?

Plywood meets the requirements that grant it to have carpet laid on it. It is strong and highly durable, just like other hardwood. It isn’t wrong to install carpet on plywood since it works well and effectively as a subfloor for carpet.

Wood flooring is more convenient with feet than tile and another concrete floor because of its flexibility. Therefore, plywood likewise, in this case, gives excellent underlayment.

All you need to ensure is to prepare the surface and accurately lay the carpet. There is a preferable method for laying carpet, but it can be tricky to get exactly right the first time without some expert guidance.

How to Install Outdoor Carpet on Plywood

1. Installation of your outdoor carpet is suitably done in dry weather and very low humidity.

2. Clean the surface of the plywood with a towel to get rid of dust and dirt particles. Unroll the carpet and allow it to expand for at least an hour.

3. Team carpet with a utility knife in the shape and size of the plywood. Ensure to make the concept slightly longer and wider than the plywood.

4. Apply adhesive coats to the carpet as directed by the manufacturer and apply adhesive to physical evenly with a spray or brush.

5. Place carpet on plywood piece coated with adhesive. Stretch and press the carpet well on the plywood to hold it tightly.

6. Use a rolling pin to roll down the rug to ensure it is firmly attached with plywood. Use a staple gun to hold the carpet more tightly with the plywood by pressing the staple gun firmly into the carpet and plywood.

7. Finish work by trimming excess carpet at plywood’s edges and using a hammer to press down stables that aren’t pressed well.

Tools Required for Carpet Installation on Plywood

Smooth edge also called tack strips, Hammer, Scraper, Knee pads for safety, Underlay, Tucker, Hoop’s nails, Kneel kicker, Small saw, Carpet trimmer, Knives, Staple hammer, Ripple trim, and Carpet.

These are the uses, precautions, and measures of these essential instruments.

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Tack Strip Cutter

To install a carpet on plywood, you need to place tack strips at the perimeter of the plywood you intend to Install. Place the rug well, evenly stretched, and firm on the plywood.

Then, you want then make sure that the tack strips are cut to the correct size and located around the edge of the plywood. Ensure the stripes are working so you won’t need to worry or have your carpet.

Top Cutter

Get a cutter that is convenient for your hands for smooth cutting. This tool usually comes with blades positioned at a thirty-degree angle. 

Top cutters generally come with blades at a thirty-degree angle. A suitable top cutter is advised when looking for a top cutter.

Choose one with beveled bottom because it will assist the top cutter to stay in a place and not permit wrong cutting.

Carpet Stapler

This is very similar to a standard staple gun, but it uses a bigger gun. A few possible problems can emerge at the point of using this tool.

Some of these problems include the possibility of the stapler jam; it may also be unable to pass through the way into the carpet and the plywood.

There is also the possibility of staples removing after installation. These problems and a lot more might be very frustrating. Therefore, a carpet stapler must be thoroughly handled for good effectiveness.

Utility knife

This is used to cut the carpet into the proper shape and size, depending on the plywood. It can be used to cut away the edges of the carpet after installation.

Carpet trimmer

It is basically to trim out excesses on the carpeted plywood after installation.  

Carpet Tucker

Another vital tool is the carpet tucker, usually used in achieving proper finishing.

This is needed for a neat, attractive, and perfect installation by allowing its user to drive the carpet into gullies, press it down, and set the rug neatly and adequately along with the plywood.

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Outdoor carpet installation in plywood is a very attemptable thing. You may decide to do it yourself without having to hire a professional.

Following the above procedures taking the above measures and using the above instruments is covered. You would finish the work to commend yourself and call yourself a professional.

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