Are Ruggables Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

are ruggables safe for vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring does not tolerate rubber-backed rugs. You cannot use rubber-backed rugs because the rubber would trigger a chemical reaction with the compounds used to make vinyl plank flooring due to friction and direct sun ray, thereby leading to discoloration and staining of the vinyl floor.

Are ruggables safe for vinyl plank flooring? No, it is not safe for vinyl plank flooring. Ruggables are made from recycled polyester and thermoplastic rubber, which is certainly made from rubber. Hence, it can cause damage to the vinyl plank flooring.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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Are Ruggables Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Are ruggables safe for vinyl plank flooring? No, it is not safe, because, it is made of recycled polyester and thermoplastic rubber, which doesn’t contain latex, but is still made from rubber.

This shows that ruggables are not good for vinyl plank flooring. This has to do with their rug pads which have to work with the rug cover.

You can choose cotton-backed rugs, rugs that do not have latex or rubber backing, you can also choose handwoven rugs from natural elements like wood.

Rugs That Are Suitable for Vinyl Plank Flooring

This is a list of rugs that are suitable for vinyl plank flooring.

Rugs Without Rubber or Latex Backing

Some rugs are made with rubber backings to make them waterproof and less slippery, but vinyl plank flooring is waterproof and does not need any protection against moisture spills.

 So you do not need rubber-backed rugs. When you have in mind to purchase a rug for your vinyl plank, make sure it does not have rubber attached to it.

Most rugs have jute back and this is anything but safe for your vinyl plank flooring because it can cause scratches on the floor.

Cotton-Backed Rugs

Cotton has soft backing and hence, won’t cause scratches to your floor. You can check out unbleached cotton-backed rugs, this is because cotton won’t trigger any reaction on the polyurethane finish on the vinyl plank flooring.

To ensure cotton-backed rugs do not slip, you can purchase a non-slip rug pad, manufactured from PVC material.

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Colorfast Rugs

The colorfast rug is a phrase used to infer to rugs that would still hold on to the dye used to brighten their color, even in the presence of heat, light, and moisture.

This solely means that the rug would not discolor or transfer the dye to your vinyl plank flooring. This helps save your floor from being discolored or stained.

Handwoven Rugs Without Rubber Backing

There are sets of handwoven rugs that are manufactured without backing and this makes them perfect for the vinyl plank flooring. You can consider hand-woven rugs like washable and reversible cotton rugs.

They are very absorbent and don’t break a sweat to maintain. You can equally get bathroom rubs with a non-slip backing that is safe for vinyl plank flooring.

Why You Should Avoid Rubber-Backed Rugs on Vinyl Plank Flooring

Here is a list of why rubber-backed rugs cause damage to the vinyl floor.

Stains and Discoloration

The components rubber is made of, whether synthetic or natural rubber, can stain the vinyl floor. Vinyl is a synthetic material produced from petroleum products and other supplements like plasticizers.  

These additives are not friendly with planks, this is because of the friction from constant traffic on the rug and exposure to sun rays.

The chemical reactions from this friction and sun rays can trigger a chemical reaction and this would release a gaseous compound that would stain and discolor your floor, causing damage to it.

Sticky Residue

This is also caused by chemical reactions and the problem of sticky residue. It is very hard to get rid of. You might end up causing scratches to your floor while trying to get rid of the sticky residue.

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Are ruggables safe for vinyl plank flooring? The answer is no. This is because ruggables are made from rubber and this is because rubber cause damages to vinyl plank flooring.

But not to worry, we gave a detailed list of other types of rugs you can use on the vinyl plank flooring.

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