Plush Vs Frieze Carpet (3 Clear Distinctions)

plush vs frieze carpet

Plush and frieze carpets are some of the most popular carpets in vogue and they are in constant demand in the market. Picking through your choice of carpet is not easy as it involves choice, taste, need, and what you feel is best for your home.

These two carpeting types are great. None is better than the other, it solely depends on your choice, taste, and preference.

Read on as we throw more light on Plush vs Frieze carpet.

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Advantages of Plush Carpet

It Is Durable

Plush carpet is known for its durability. It is one of the sturdiest forms of carpet in vogue. It is produced not only for your comfort but also for heavy traffic. This makes it the best option for your bedrooms and living rooms.

It Is Versatile

This means that plush carpet is made available in various designs, patterns, and colors. They can be used for various purposes.

Also, it is known for its comfort and for giving the home an aesthetic outlook. All this combined makes the Plush carpet one of the most sought-after carpets in the market.

It Is Aesthetic

Plush carpet is known to give you a visual appeal that is next to none. The elegance and style are top-notch. It has the style and class to suit any space and corner of your home.

Disadvantages of Plush Carpet

It Shows Indentations

Plush carpets are light. Since their fiber pile is so light, they are easily jagged and indented by furniture. Also, constant vacuuming leaves marks on the plush carpet, though they are swept off with new foot traffic.

There Is a Risk of Watermarking

A plush carpet has a high probability of watermarking than other carpet types. These areas tend to appear in unequal shapes and make their appearances in darker and more hidden areas. 

This is caused by continual pile deterioration in localized areas. This makes it look like the carpet is wet.

Advantages of Frieze Carpet

It Is Durable

The frieze carpet is known for its durability. It is also marked out for places with high traffic. It comes in a high twist; this means that it won’t fray anytime soon. Hence, it is very durable and long-lasting.

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It Hides Dirt and Seams

Frieze carpet is your best bet for hiding dirt and seams. No matter how well you try to leave your floor sparkling clean, there is a tendency for a mishap to occur.

In situations like this, frieze carpet got you covered. It equally hides scuff marks and footprints.

It Is Soft and Comfortable

Frieze carpets are known to be soft and comfortable when walked on. It has a loose and long construction which gives it a comfortable feeling. This also has to do with the softness of its fiber.

Disadvantages of Frieze Carpet

It Is Costly

The frieze carpet is naturally costly. If you are budgeting for a cost-friendly type of carpet, then, a frieze carpet isn’t your best bet. It is way costlier than your standard carpet.

It Is Difficult to Clean

One of its strongest demerits is how difficult it is to clean. Since its fibers are long and loose, it makes it difficult to clean. Water tends to run in different directions atop the frieze carpet, making it hard to clean.

Plush vs Frieze Carpet

Here is an outline between frieze and flush carpet.

The Texture

When it comes to comparing plush vs frieze carpets, the texture is the first distinction. The fiber of the frieze carpet is soft.

The softness emanates from its tightly curled and twisted fiber. The frieze carpet is made of 7 to 9 twists per inch. So, it is known as the tightly twisted carpet style.

On the other hand, plush carpet has a smooth, uniform, and tuft appearance. It is flat and classic. Its carpet style is known to be shorter than other carpet types.

Ability to Hide Stains

Due to how twisted and curled the fiber of the frieze carpet is, they can effortlessly hide tough stains, dirt, footprints, and other annoying stains.

While plush carpet, its biggest weakness is that it does not hide stains, footprints, or dirt. This is because they have smooth textures.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Another important point mostly overlooked when comparing plush vs frieze carpet is the maintenance.

Frieze carpets are not easy to clean or maintain. It requires extra cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good shape, especially for places with high traffic.

While plush carpets are easy to maintain. And does not require constant cleaning and maintenance.

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Plush and frieze carpets are one of the most sought-after carpeting types in the market. They have their strength and weaknesses. We made a list of them, above.

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