How to Get Makeup Out of Carpet – 4 Simple Approach

how to get makeup out of carpet

One of the problems faced by carpet users is the issue of makeup smearing and sticking to the floor. No matter how careful one is, makeup has its way of smearing, smudging, and staining the carpet.

We will show you how to get makeup out of the carpet in this post. This makeup includes; foundation, mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick. It would guide you on how to get makeup out of carpet.

Stay with us as we delve more into this.

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How to Get Foundation Out of Carpet

Follow these steps to get foundation out of the carpet.

1. Get the Tools Needed

You would need to get the materials ready; they include plain white cloth, plain warm water, cornstarch, and carpet cleaner.

2. Remove Excess Foundation

If the foundation stain was just recently, do well to wipe up any excess foundation from the carpet. Using plain cloth, carefully wipe off the excess foundation from the outside of the stain. This would help reduce the probability of the stain spreading.

3. Soak in Warm Water

Some foundations can settle easily in warm water. Apply a small amount of water and carefully wipe off the stain with a plain cloth. You may need to rotate or fold the fabric to use the neat areas as the cleaning continues. Continue until you have absorbed all the stain as much as you can.

4. Apply Potato Starch

Apply a cornstarch coating and give it time to sit for 2 to 24 hours. Cornstarch is an excellent absorbent and would help pull out any remaining oily residue, liquid, and tang from the carpet. After you have given it time to sit, vacuum the starch away.

5. Apply Carpet Stain Remover

If there are still remnants of the stains, you might need to use a carpet stain remover to remove the remaining foundation. Apply the stain remover according to guidelines from the manufacturer and give it time to soak.

After applying the carpet stain remover, wipe again with a clean, not-too-wet cloth to remove remnants.

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How to Get Mascara Out of Carpet

Mascara stains can be lethal to the carpet, but these well-guided steps would put you through how to get rid of them.

1. Get the Tools Needed

You would need to gather the tools for removing mascara from the carpet. They include; two plain white cloths, washing up liquid, and cool water.

2. Treat the Stain

Mix around 500ml of cool water with one spoon of washing-up liquid. Put one plain white cloth into the solvent, squeeze out any residue and wipe the stain prudently.

Repeat this process a second time, change it over to clean areas of the cloth each time. Do this until the fabric assimilates no more stain.

3. Rinse the Area

Wipe the area a second time with the second clean cloth dipped in water. Use it to rinse the area to get rid of soapy residues. Wipe again to remove any excess liquid, then give the carpet time to air dry.

4. Vacuum the Area

Once you are sure the carpet is completely dry, vacuum the area to rebuild the carpet’s earlier fiber.

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How to Get Eye Shadow Out of Carpet

These steps would put you through how to get eye shadow out of the carpet.

1. Get the Tools Needed

You will need to get the tools ready, which include; mild liquid laundry detergent, clean white cloth, and hydrogen peroxide.

2. Get Rid of Excess Powder

Begin by gently scooping off any excess eyeshadow powder from the carpet using a plastic spoon, the edge of a knife, or a vacuum.

3. Treat the Stain

Stir the laundry detergent with about 250ml of cold water, dip your cloth into the solvent and make sure it’s not too wet. Squeeze out any excess and carefully wipe off the stain with the cloth. Repeat the process a second time, gradually moving to clean areas of the cloth until no more stain is soaked up.

4. Treat the Stain with Hydrogen Peroxide

If the earlier steps were unsuccessful, try using hydrogen peroxide to blot the stain. If your eye shadow is oil-based, apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the stain. Leave it to soak for a minute, and then press on it with a clean cloth to suck up the stains.

5. Leave it to Dry

Allow the area to dry up, then vacuum the area to restore the carpet to its earlier radiance.

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How to Get Lipstick Out of Carpet

The instructions below would be your best guide on how to get lipstick out of the carpet

1. Get the Tools Needed

You will need; white vinegar, washing up liquid, warm water, cold water, clean white cloth.

2. Scrape Off Excess Lipstick

Using the edge of a butter knife, gently scrape off any excess lipstick from the carpet. Be careful to avoid spreading the stains.

3. Treat the Stain

Mix a tablespoon of washing-up liquid and a tablespoon of white vinegar into 500ml of warm water. Place the cloth inside the mixture to moisten it and then remove the stain. Repeat this process using a clean side of the plain cloth.

4. Rinse the Area

Rinse the area by dipping the second cloth into the water and making it wet, then wipe the area. After that, air dry the carpet. Vacuum the area once it is dry.

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Makeup has a way of making its way into our carpets. No matter how careful you tend to be, there might be a case of smearing here and there. This post has given a detailed format on how to get makeup out of the carpet.

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