Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming (Quick Fix)

Shark steam mop not steaming - shark steam mop repair

Going through hassles of your shark steam mop not steaming? Trust me, I know how frustrating it could be. When it comes to shark steam mop repair, there are some basic kits needed, more on that later.

I have had this same issue with mine too, I made a lot of research on how to fix a shark steam mop and the result worked like magic; not to worry, I’ll explain the exact procedures I used in fixing mine. With shark steam mop being one of the best steam mops around the world, I wouldn’t want to dispose of it so quickly. Would you?

First of all, the basics. Before you panic, make sure your steam mop tank is filled with clean water. It’s a no-brainer, grab your tool lets give it a quick fix.

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Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming

We’ve got three basic methods that will fix your shark steam mop, I can assure you if you follow them, you will be good in no time and the hassles of your shark steam mop not steaming will be over.

Shark Steam mop repair – The Manual Method

You can as well call this the unclogging method, you need some basic kits for this; a screwdriver, paper clips, rags, and cotton swabs.

Before you proceed, make sure the steamer isn’t plugged. If you’ve recently turned it off, give it some time to cool then empty the water tank. You must disassemble the water tank before you empty it. Now it’s time to put your tool kits into use.

Use the cotton swab to remove the residue from the shark steam mop. Check your steamer from the outside, you will see residues clogging its jet.

You need access to the spray tip of the steamer. This is where your screwdriver comes in handy. Unscrew the base of your steam mop with the screwdriver.

Now you have access to the spray tip, we need to wipe away residues. Pick up the paperclip, insert it into the spray tip and move it around. Use more than one paperclip if there are more residues.

Now reassemble your cleaner by screwing the base of the steam mop as well as assembling the water tank back.

After completing the steps above, there is a high chance of clogs remaining in the jet. To finally remove them, use a mixture of vinegar and water. Pour the solution into the tank and let the steamer run.

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Shark Steam Mop Repair – Vinegar Cleaning

Another solution to your shark steam mop not steaming is putting vinegar in the tank for a night or a few hours depending on the density of the clog. This isn’t just one of the easiest methods but also the most effective method. In this method, your solution of water and vinegar must have equal proportions, 50% water, and 50% vinegar. That’s the perfect way to make a vinegar cleaning solution.

After leaving the solution in the tank overnight, plug the steamer outside the living room and vent out the steam, the steam won’t be needed for cleaning purposes. Once the tank has been drained, fill it again with only water this time around, you should be good to go.

How to prevent clogs on your shark steam mop

Always use distilled water

Using distilled water in your shark steam mop is very essential, shark recommends this too. This is the only step to avoid repair issues, unfortunately, most people out there never used distilled water with their shark steam mop. Distilled water will never clog your steamer, it’s chemical-free which means a long life for your steam mop.

Monthly unclogging

If you want your steamer to last long, then regular maintenance is the key. It’s as simple as unclogging your steamer monthly with the steps stated above. One thing we must also pay attention to is cleaning the steamer after every use. This wipes away dust particles and makes them last longer.

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As far as the steps above are followed, your shark steam mop not steaming shouldn’t be an issue anymore. If you have a clogged shark steam mop, remember not to keep it plugged in. It is dangerous and doing that might result to a blast due to expansion caused by the heat generated. If you’re using a tile floor and planning on getting a steam mop, don’t hesitate to check out post that answers the question: Do Steam Mop Damage Tile Floors?

What are your thoughts concerning our shark steam mop guide, was it helpful? Do you have one? How has been your experience with it so far? Do let us know in the comments.

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