How to Remove Pledge from Wood Floors (5 Easy Methods)

how to remove pledge from wood floors

Pledge, which contains silicone, does not threaten wood floors, but it is pretty slippery and can lead to a series of domestic accidents. But before you learn about how to remove pledge from wood floors, let’s delve into what pledge is.

Pledge is a silicone film former found in furniture polish, hair care products, etc. It is added to products to create a protective coating or a shiny surface. It provides an added level of protection.

Using vinegar, tea, cornstarch, dishwashing liquid, and mineral spirits are a few of the effective ways of how to remove pledge from wood floors.

This article will try to cover all or some of the methods you can remove pledge from wood floors. We’ll also answer questions such as does pledge ruins hardwood floors.

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Does Pledge Ruin Wood Floors?

Furniture polish (pledge) restores and revives your wood furniture, but it is not something you should use on your hardwood floors.

Pledge will make your wood floors slippery, creating a hazardous area. If you get furniture polish on your wood floors, there are safe and effective ways to remove it.

Does pledge ruin wood floors? No, it doesn’t.

How to Remove Pledge from Wood Floors

Highlighted in this article are ways you can remove pledges from wood floors.

1. The Vinegar Method

First, put on some shoes with an excellent grip and give the floors a good dusting. Then make the following cleaning solution in a bucket:

  • Four liters of hot water
  • One or two cups of white vinegar
  • Mop (it is essential not to leave water standing on your wood floor to prevent damage) and let dry. Mop in sections and then dry with a towel. This helps to keep the floor streak less.

Some cleaning experts, however, warn against using vinegar on hardwood flooring.

You can always try the vinegar solution in an obscure part of your house before testing on the broader area to see if it reacts adversely. 

2. The Tea Method

Boil one or two tea bags in a liter (or quart) of water for five minutes. Remove from heat and let it cool.

This is not enough liquid for a full mop bucket, so try applying the tea with a clean cloth, thoroughly wrung out. Apply, wipe, repeat, rinsing often. Dry with a clean cloth.

For larger areas, increase the quantity of the solution and repeat the process.

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3. The Corn Starch Method

Put some corn starch into a bowl and add a little water to make a paste. The paste must be slightly thick to spread on the wood floor surface.

Using your index fingers, apply the mixture to your wood floor and leave to dry for a couple of hours, completely

After drying, wipe away the corn starch with a dry cloth. The corn starch will absorb the greasy pledge.

4. Dish Wash Liquid Method

Mix a quarter cup of dish-washing soap with a bucket of tepid water. Dip your mop stick in the bucket of soapy water.

Squeeze out some soapy water before mopping to ensure you don’t drip excess water on your hardwood floor. Mop the hardwood floor with soapy water.

Mop the entire length and width of the hardwood surface of your floor to get rid of the pledge build-up. Repeat the process again but with clean water.

This will help you rinse the hardwood floor of any soap residue. Dab your hardwood floor with a dry, clean cloth as this will remove any excess water from the floor.

5. Mineral Spirits

This should be used as a last resort and not close to any naked flame as it is highly flammable. Mineral spirit is used as a paint thinner.

It can also strip your wood finish, so you might need to apply a new finish after you’re done.

Dip a clean cloth in a mineral spirit and rub it on the affected area of the wood flooring. Quickly wipe off the mineral spirit with another wet cloth once you’re done.

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Does pledge ruin wood floors? It is often asked by different people who have had cause to become worried.

It does not ruin wood floors, but applying pledge to wooden floors is a terrible idea. It increases the risk of accidents that could be fatal.

This piece covers in-depth detail about how to remove pledge from wood floors; before attempting to remove the pledge lodged in your wood floors; endeavor to remove the debris and dirt on the floor by vacuuming.  

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