How to Get Crease out of a Rug (Our 6 Secret Methods)

how to get crease out of a rug

Rugs are usually susceptible to creases, wrinkles, and folds, whether new or old. If you own a rug in your apartment or you’re looking to get yourself one — whether a full-room rug, an accent rug, an area rug, or even a runner rug, you should learn how to get crease out of a rug.

You can get crease out of a rug by using the steam from an electric iron, simply place directly on the rug surface, care must be taken using this method. Alternatively, you can use a blow drying machine or an ice cube.

Let us look more into getting crease out of a rug.

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How to Get Crease Out of a Rug

Did your rug get uneven and buckled due to being rolled up and folded (probably from the retail store), or is it crumpled because it was recently washed, or is it looking crumpled because of age?

Here are the seven most effective ways to get crease out of a rug and make it straight again!

1. Use the steam from an electric Iron

In using this method, lay a damp towel(or a steam iron on a dry towel) on the part(s) of the rug that’s bumpy and wrinkled and iron it.

 It’s important to note: never place the electric iron directly on the rug’s surface, as this might burn or damage the rug due to its woolly nature.

Be extra careful while using this method, especially if your carpet is made from synthetic materials like nylon and polypropylene.

2. Use beauty tools For Straightening

Using this method will need a comb and a blow dryer. Gently brush out rug wrinkles with the comb and blow-drying machine: be sure to hold the hair drying machine about two inches away from the damp area.

 If it is a firm bump, spray some more water from the spray bottle. If your first trial is not as successful as you would like, give it a second try.

This method can be used just in the same manner as straightening your hair — for the ladies.

3. Using ice cubes

Using ice cubes is another effective way to get creases out of a rug. You can use this method to remove wrinkles out of the carpet without a stretcher or steam from the iron.

 In use, an ice cube and a spoon (optional). Place the ice cube on the creased area of the rug, preferably overnight. Then use a spoon to get back the fibers in shape by taking them carefully.

 4. Turn Into Flipside

Using this method, you flip your rug upside down and let gravity smooth out all the wonkiness. This is one of the most straightforward methods of removing creases from a rug.

While using this method on the rug, it’s important to note that it is more effective in high heat areas.

 5. Increase the Weight

 Using this method, you place heavy bottom-even objects on the wrinkled part of the rug: a book is a perfect and practical object to try.

 Place several books on top of the other to increase the weight and leave for some hours or days.

If the wrinkle/bumpiness is still evident after doing the aforementioned, turn the rug upside down and gently spray water on the rug’s wrinkled area. Put the weights back on and leave them in place for another day or two.

 6. Using sunlight to remove crease

 This is another method used to get creases out of a rug.

Using this method, place the rug in direct sunlight on a concrete surface (say a driveway or patio) for an hour or two.  

 Kindly Note: Do not use this method for sun-sensitive fabrics, and do not leave your rug outside overnight.

 Ways to Totally Avoid Creases And Wrinkles

 It’s such an energy-sapping task, having to clear off creases, buckles, or wrinkles from a rug or any floor covering.

Taking intentional preventive steps is a better way to reduce the stress that comes with setting and organizing your home’s aesthetic.

Employing preventive methods and strategies is a less energy-sapping approach for your floor-covering management.

Below are some of the preventive methods/strategies to use for effective management of your floor-coverings:

1. Occasionally Move Heavy Furniture

 As a way of preventing future folds, wrinkles, bumps, and creases, you must occasionally remove heavy furniture from your living room.

This is because leaving heavy furniture sitting in the same position for a long time will leave creases and dents.

Occasionally moving your rugs is an effective way to prevent rug wrinkles and creases.

If moving your rugs occasionally won’t be feasible for you, probably due to the massiveness of the furniture in question, tight schedule, or whatnot, try to rotate your area rug often to evenly spread out the crease or wrinkle on the rug.

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2. Avoid dragging heavy items across your rug

 This is a pretty explicit and straightforward instruction. Do not drag heavy items or a heavy piece of furniture across your rug, as this can birth wrinkles, creases, or even stains.

3. Allow your rug to settle in your home!

Allow your full-room rugs to become used to their new environment before walking on it or exposing them to high traffic.

4. Use compatible paddings

During installation, make sure the padding underneath your rug is compatible. This will keep the rug from buckling or wrinkling.

5. Avoid leaving your rugs damp

Dampness from a spilled tea spilled water; whatever or however it comes, do not leave your rugs damp as this will increase the chances of creases and wrinkles and bumps developing on it afterward.

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Whatever carpet you own, it’s essential to learn how to straighten them when they crease up. It’s only regular for your floor coverings to crumple; what you do when this happens is what matters.

If you catch any of your home floor coverings folded up or wrinkled, try any of the methods mentioned above and do well to let us know how helpful and practical it was to you.

Do not also forget to apply the preventive strategies listed above, so you stay completely out of stress.

This article was written to help you understand every detail pertaining to how to get crease out of a rug and subsequently help you make informed decisions about getting crease of a rug when necessary.

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