How to Move Furniture Without Scratching Floor – 7 Easy Method

How To Move Furniture Without Scratching Floor

Regardless of the type of flooring you have, whether hardwood, carpet or tile, your floors are can easily be damaged as you move furniture. When moving your furniture, it’s tempting to simply drag furniture items across the floor, but you should never do.

Not only will this scratch and ruin your floors, but you could also accidentally bang up your walls and doors along the way. So, you may be asking, “how to move furniture without scratching floor?

To avoid scratching your floor, make use of furniture sliders, the use of a dolly or a moving blanket are also effective methods.

Here are effective ways of moving your furniture without scratching the floor. It is very important to prepare for a DIY move using the right strategies, tools and supplies.

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How to Move Furniture Without Scratching Floor

Use Boxes

If you are moving to a new place, you can purchase a few extra boxes or unpack a few at your new place and then return them back empty to your old home to move your furniture.

Cardboard is a great scratch-resistant surface that will protect your floor surface as you drag your furniture over it no matter how heavy the furniture may be. Use the cardboard boxes to create a pathway from the furniture to the door; you can use wide painter’s tape to keep the boxes from sliding.

This is an affordable and effective way to protect your floor while moving your furniture, especially when you are making a move singlehandedly.

Using Sliders

Furniture sliders can be easily purchased online or at any home improvement store for a few bucks. It is made from either rubber or felt. Sliders are special pads that can be placed underneath your furniture’s feet and areas where it touches the floor.

Once gliders are placed underneath your furniture, you should be able to move them across your floors without much difficulty and scratching the floor.

However, sliders tend to work much better on smooth floorings like hardwood, laminate or vinyl rather than on carpet, so if you want to move a piece of heavy furniture in a carpeted room, you will need to suffice a means to move it onto a hard surface or opt for other methods that are best suited for carpeted floors.

After moving your furniture to its new location using sliders, you can leave them on and use them to position your furniture and protect your new floors from damage.

You can make your sliders DIY-style, using some common materials you probably already have on hand. You can also place some bubble wrap around the sharp edges and feet of your furniture, then cover it with a few layers of felt; this will also prevent your furniture from damaging your floor as you drag it across the floor.

Dissemble The Furniture

If you have furniture that can be disassembled, you can do so before moving the furniture. This not only protects your floors but also saves space inside your moving vehicle as individual pieces of furniture will occupy more space than the complex assembled item.

It will also save you the energy and effort you would need to lift the entire furniture as opposed to lifting each piece. This method eliminates the risk of damaging your floors by sliding a piece of heavy furniture across it.

Also, disassembled furniture is easier to maneuver around tight corners, which reduces the chances of running into the door frame as you carry out the furniture. Disassembling your furniture eliminates the need to drag it across the floor at all.

Use a Dolly

A dolly with wheels will make moving your furniture faster and easier, instead of having to pick up and carry your furniture on your own. With a dolly, you simply place your furniture on it, just roll it out of your home or apartment. A dolly will protect your floor and can be used on both hardwood and carpeted floors.

To get a dolly, you can either purchase one from a local improvement store, especially if you will frequently be moving for the next couple of years or, you could rent a dolly from moving companies at a low price. Either way, getting a dolly will make your move so much easier.

Use a Moving Blanket

If you have a big piece of furniture that cannot fit in a dolly, you can get a moving blanket. Old normal blankets can also be used in the absence of a moving blanket. Using a moving blanket is pretty simple.

All you need to do is lift your furniture and slide the blanket underneath, then use the blanket as a guide to slide the furniture easily out of your home.

Using a moving blanket will help to protect your floor and prevent any scratches while you move your furniture.

The moving blanket will act as a buffer between the rough or sharp edges of your furniture and the surface of your floors. A moving blanket can also protect your walls when it is used to completely wrap around the furniture.

Properly Lift The Furniture

If you are moving your furniture by yourself, you need to ensure it is lifted the right way. Do not be in a rush but instead, take your time when lifting heavy furniture to avoid hurting yourself.

When lifting your furniture, you do not need to raise it too high above the floor; you just need to get it up high enough off the ground so it doesn’t leave scratches on the floors as it is moved across.

When lifting your furniture, you need to exercise the proper technique. If you visit the gym regularly, you may already know how to do this; you will need to squat down and grab the furniture feet and then lift.

With this technique, you can avoid straining your muscles too much as most of the work when you lift will be done with your legs, not your arms, and this will enable you to move your furniture without much difficulty. Keep in mind to take all the time you need and do not rush this process.

Hire Movers

If you cannot move your furniture alone, you can hire movers to help you with your move. In fact, this will help to keep your apartment or home in perfect condition after moving out, as movers are professionals trained on how to move items safely using the right techniques.

If you cannot afford to get professional movers, you can seek the help of friends and family to assist you in moving your furniture; this will keep your floors from getting too scratched up in the process.


This article tells you how to move furniture without scratching floor. It is very easy to scratch or gouges your floor as you move heavy furniture across it.

To prevent this from happening, there a few methods that will enable you to safely move your furniture across the floor. Opt for the method that suits you best and get moving!

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