How to Clean Up Dog Vomit on Hardwood (4 Easy Steps)

how to clean up dog vomit on hardwood

Having a dog as a pet, and taking care of it can be fun and less stressful. But one of the issues most dog owners find annoying is the unpleasant task of cleaning up dog vomit on the hardwood.

This post would guide you through how to clean up dog vomit on hardwood floors. Firstly, make use of a kitchen paper towel to scoop up the vomit as much as you can, then clean up with soap and water. You would also need to make use of disinfectant, and finally dry up the affected area.

How to Clean Up Dog Vomit on Hardwood

Getting rid of dog vomit on a hardwood floor could be easily and conveniently done, using the right steps. These steps would be outlined for easy understanding:

1. Make Use of Kitchen Paper Towels

Use the kitchen paper towel to scoop up the dog vomit. This might prove tough and nauseating at first, considering how unsightly dog vomit looks. It takes time to completely clean off vomit, but the process is worth it.

2. Clean Up with Soap and Water

Once you are through with packing most of the vomit, mop the hardwood floor with water and also apply a sprinkle of liquid soap in the water. If possible, avoid using vinegar, it can affect the surface of your hardwood floor and make it lose its luster.

3. Make Use of Disinfectants

Make use of the needed oil spray to disinfect the area affected by the dog vomit, preferably the tea tree oil. Apply sparingly and carefully. This is the most advisable way to disinfect the area.

Please, be careful, to avoid slipping on the wet floor, and having a sprain.

This step would ensure that your home smells nice and is free from the lingering smell of dog vomit.

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4. Dry the Affected Area

After you are through with applying the disinfectant, dry the wet or oily area with a dry cloth or kitchen paper towels.

How to Remove the Smell of Dog Vomit in Hardwood

Even after getting rid of dog vomit from the floor, the foul smell might still persist, and that brings discomfort. These steps would outline how to overcome this.

1. Make use of baking soda. It is an odor remover and is safer to apply around pets and children.

2. Mix the baking soda with sufficient water to form a paste. Apply this paste to the area soiled by the dog vomit.

3. Cover it with paper towels and clothes, leave it for the better part of the day. The baking soda would draw out the smell from the hardwood floor.

4. The next day, remove the clothes and vacuum the already dry baking soda.

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Tips for Keeping Dog Vomit Off Hardwood Floors

Taking care of a dog comes with so many responsibilities, the likes of feeding, ensuring they are healthy and in good form.

Yes, dog owners would say that it is almost impossible to keep dog vomits off hardwood floors. Nonetheless, these tips would help minimize the risk of a dog vomiting on the floor, in the near future.

1. Create a Den for your Dog

It is advisable to assign your dog to a room and a comfortable space, that you always clean, at least, once a week. Ensure he gets comfortable with the space or room, as that would be his future den.

2. Clean Up Accidents instantly

Having dogs around would mean time to time accidents, and this is unavoidable. Hence, the need to act fast and clean up when your dogs start acting up. Clean the vomit, feces, urine, and other droppings off the hardwood floor.

3. Maintain the Dog’s Food and Area

Wash the dog’s plate after every meal. While at it, also clean the floors, walls, at least once every week to ensure it is free from disease and discomfort.

4. Treat Your Dog

Ensure to treat the dog and be on the lookout for changes in its state of health. Regularly visit the veterinarian for checkups.

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As far as one keeps a dog as a pet, incidents like vomiting on your hardwood floor are inevitable. This post, however, has thrown light on tips on how to clean up dog vomit on hardwood floors.

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