How Much is a Shark Steam Mop? (updated 2022)

A hundred dollars? Two hundred? How much is a shark steam mop? It’s no news that shark steam mops are the best at producing steam for cleaning and knowing the cost of one will put you on the right path.

Have you finally decided to settle for a shark steam mop? Trust me, you just made a good choice. How much is a shark steam mop? The cost of shark steam mop varies from $49 to $159

Before you proceed with buying a shark steam mop, there are a few things you must consider to make sure you buy the right one. Putting these into consideration helps you get the perfect and affordable steam mop fit for your home.

Why a shark steam mop?


The shark steam mop is lightweight and can be turned into a convenient handheld steamer, this allows portability, quick accessibility and makes “hard to reach” areas much easier to clean. The mop head also has a pad attach-and-release technology, so you won’t need to touch the cleaning pad anymore when cleaning or changing pads. You can remove your pads with a simple touch of a button without having to touch the dirty parts.

Fast Clean

The shark steamer only takes 30 seconds to heat the steam which will fully sanitize your floor. This means you don’t need to add any chemical as the steam kills bacteria and germs. I can recall lot of customers asking if they can put disinfectant in a steam mop. With its large tank with a water capacity of 450ml, you won’t need to refill your tank for the next half hour while steam mopping. The shark steam mop has a double-sided cleaning for every pad. This means your floor will be cleaned twice faster than any other steam mop.

Additional Parts

Your steam mop must come with complete accessories for efficient cleaning. While other steam mops offer these at an extra cost, the shark steam mop comes with the additional kits without any cost attached to it. These additional kits make your steam cleaning experience an awesome one. The shark steam mop comes with additional kits such as a mop head, a spray pocket mop, dirt grip pads, water fill flask as well as a spray bottle with a cleaning solution. Why spend more on getting additional parts when all these benefits come with a shark steam mop?


A shark steam mop includes a one year warranty which covers both repairs and replacement, this warranty is also subject to be extended to two years. With this, you’er covered till when the warranty period is due. If you have any issue with your shark steam mop not steaming, then that might be a minor issue with a quick fix

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Shark Steam Mop

Reservoir’s Capacity

The cost of shark steam mops varies according to their tank capacity. It’s well known that steam mops run on water which is heated while the hot vapor is used in cleaning. Some mops can run as long as 45 minutes without refilling its tank while there are cheaper ones that run out of water within 10 minutes.

The choice is all yours, what is the size of your house/office? What tank size does it require you to buy? A big tank or a small tank? Although, the bigger tank has a lot of advantages regardless of the size of your house. This makes cleaning more efficient, comfortable and even saves time as you won’t need to refill your tank multiple times. The water tank capacity of a shark steam mop is 450ml, which is enough to steam clean your floor for as long as 45 minutes.


What kind of floor do you have in your home? A tile? Wooden floor? Rugs or carpets? The kind of floor you have determines the type of shark steam mop to buy. Steam mops are mainly used on hard surfaces such as hardwood floors or tile floors. We have written a post explaining if steam mops damage tile floors. If you have a rug or carpet then you should consider buying additional accessories.

Size and Fit

We all want efficiency, something as light as possible, the shark steam mop covers that. There are three types of shark steamers, handheld, mop, and cylinder steam cleaners. Regardless of the shark steam mop you go for, the size matters. Your steamer must be lightweight and easy to handle.

Cord Length

The length of your steam mob determines your flexibility while steam mopping your floor. Luckily, a shark steam mop’s cord is 23 feet long so cleaning around obstacles shouldn’t be a problem.

Shark Steam mops have taken over the traditional method of using a mop and bucket of water in cleaning the house. The shark steam mop made cleaning more efficient and hassle-free. It also sanitizes the floor by disinfecting it, killing germs and loosing dirt due to the heat from the steam.

How Much is a Shark Steam Mop?

Don’t get burned when shopping for a shark steam mop online. And how much is a shark steam mop? With all the features mentioned above, the cost of shark steam mop varies from $49 to $159. Depending on your choice, you will definitely find a shark steam mop that matches your budget. So far so good, it’s the best! Shark Steam Mops took the world by storm and over took the old traditional spin mop. Although spin mops has its advantages and disadvantages, it’s now old school compared to a steam mop.

We’ve written a complete guide on the best steam mop for a perfect shiny floor. Check it out and make your choice based on the feature that suits your need.


If you’re asking questions like, How much is a shark steam mop? Then the details provided above should get you going. With the multipurpose features of the Shark steam mop mentioned above, you should be well convinced to go for one.

They are quite cheap for a steam mop with features as much as that, so go on and get one for yourself. Your home will be sparkling and germs free in no time if you use your steam mop in a creative manner. What are your thoughts? Have you used any steam mop different from a shark steam mop? I would love to know your experience with it and if you’re willing to switch to a shark steam mop based on the features mentioned above.

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