How to Get Honey Out of Carpet (2 Simple Tips)

How to get honey out of carpet

So you spilled honey on your carpet and getting off the stain is something else, you searched for how to get honey out of carpet and it landed you here, we’ve got you covered.

Due to its sticky nature, getting it out of your carpet can be a nightmare. Not to worry, you can remove this honey stain and we’ll share some simple tips on how to get honey out of carpet.

One major thing to keep in mind is to try as much as possible to clean this stain quickly. The longer the honey stain lasts on your carpet, it may discolor it, most especially a white or a light-colored carpet. So roll your sleeves let’s head to how to get honey out of carpet.

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How To Get Honey Out Of Carpet

1. Using Water And a Liquid Dish soap

Liquid dish soap is what we use in washing our dishes in the kitchen, it can be greenish in color or yellowish depending on the type. With its strong dirt dissolving ability, the liquid dish soap has a lot of advantages. It is usually highly foamy and with little or no skin irritation. This liquid dish soap comes in handy for cleaning honey stains from carpet.

First of all, you need to scoop out as much honey as you can from the surface of the carpet, this will make the stain much easier to clean. You can use anything blunt, a spoon or butter knife will work best.

Make a cleaning solution by mixing the liquid dish soap in a small amount of water, about 15 milliliters of liquid soap into 237 milliliters of water will do.

Now take a sponge and dip into the solution. Dab the honey with the sponge, try as much as possible not to rub the honey to avoid getting the honey going dipper into the fibers of the carpet. This will make the whole process more difficult so try to avoid rubbing the sponge on the carpet.

Once you’ve dabbed the honey with the sponge and the stain is covered with soapy water, using a clean rag over the surface of the carpet to soak the solution all up. Keep a bowl or bucket beside you so you can squeeze water out of the rag. Repeat the process, dabbing with a sponge and absorbing with a rag until the honey stain is completely gone.

Use a rag and clean water this time around to clean the surface of the carpet. This will remove the cleaning solution, it’s very important because the cleaning solution itself can even attract more dirt.

Finally, use a clean and dry rag to clean up any leftover cleaning solution or water from the carpet. Make sure to leave the carpet as dry as possible. You can introduce a steam cleaner here as this will help steam clean your carpet and keep it dry as well. We’ve got some useful tips on how to steam clean a carpet.

2. Using Water And Ammonia

Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen and also a cleaning agent. Due to its characteristics pungent smell, it is always advisable to have a mask at hand when using it to clean. Exposing your skin or eyes to ammonia is a bad idea so you must get a glove and eye protection when making use of this chemical.

Get a bucket of water and add ammonia into it. This can be about 15 milliliters of ammonia and 237 milliliters of water. Stir the solution until there’s a complete mixture.

Now get a sponge and dab the stain with the solution, remember not to rub the ammonia solution on the carpet to prevent further stain. Gently press the sponge on the carpet until you’ve completely covered the honey.

After the honey has been covered with the solution, use a rag to soak the solution up, just like the first method.

Get another sponge and soak it into just water to clean any leftover ammonia on the carpet. Keep repeating the whole process until there’s no honey left on the carpet.

Finally, get a clean rag to soak up leftover water or ammonia if any. Make sure to clean the carpet dry to avoid the attraction of dirt or mold growth. Again, steam cleaning can be very effective at this stage. Steam clean your carpet and watch how clean and sparkling it will be.

How to Get Dried Honey Out of Carpet

Probably you unintentionally spilled honey on your carpet without notice or your kids did it without bringing it to your attention, with time the honey will get dried up on the carpet and this will make it even more difficult to clean. Now how do you get honey that has dried up out of carpet?

Well, it’s pretty much the same process as above but the initial process will be different, this time you are going to use hot water and a rag. Soak the rag into the hot water and dab it on the surface of the carpet where the dry honey stain is, this will help melt the dried honey. Repeat the process until the honey has completely melted,  now follow the first or second step above to complete the cleaning process.


Honey stains can be a headache but I hope this method has given you more insight on how to get honey out of carpet. Whichever method you use, try to attend to the stain as soon as possible, keep that in mind. Any time wasted will make the honey stain removal process even more difficult.

Now that you know how to get honey out of carpet, here’s a question for you, have you used any method different from the methods mentioned above to remove honey stains from your carpet? Feel free to tell us in the comment below.

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