Homemade Laminate Floor Shiner (4 Easy Steps)

homemade laminate floor shiner

Most homeowners use commercial cleaners to make their laminate floor shine. In as much as this is a good idea, commercial cleaners can be costly and hard to purchase. But the opposite is the case for homemade cleaners, they are cheap and are ingredients you can get from your kitchen.

The ingredients for homemade laminate floor shiner include; white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water. With this wonderful combination, you can form a solution that would leave your floor sparkling.

Read on as we outline the homemade laminate floor shiner and its ingredients.

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Homemade Laminate Floor Shiner

This is a step-by-step guide on how to leave our laminate floor shining using homemade cleaners.

1. Vacuum the Laminate Floor

First and foremost, you would need to vacuum the laminate floor. You would have to get rid of the dust and dirt on your laminate floor before you consider using a liquid cleaning agent.

You have to keep in mind that laminate floors are made from wood and their top layer can get scratched easily. The reason you have to be careful with the kind of vacuum cleaner you are putting into use.

You can equally use a broom in place of a vacuum to sweep your laminate floor off dirt and dust.

2. Choose Your Liquid Cleaner

Most floor users make use of a commercial cleaner to keep their floor shiny, but they can be costly and hard to purchase. You can make use of homemade cleaners that would leave your floor shiny. It is even more awesome because they are cheap and not hard to get.

In most cases, they are ingredients you already have in your home. These ingredients include; white vinegar half cup, water half cup, and rubbing alcohol half cup. Then, mix them in a spray bottle and get ready to use.

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3. Spray the Solution on the Floor

While applying the solution, remember not to pour, but spray the solution. Laminate floors are made from wood, hence, the reason they dislike water. Have your spray bottle filled with the homemade cleaning solvent, then spray it lightly on one section of the floor. Do not apply all at once.

After you are done spraying a particular direction, mop it up immediately before the liquid dries up. Also, do not spray a corner that would leave you enclosed because footprints marks are no better than a messy floor.

Once you are done mopping, open the windows and doors so the air would come in to aid the drying process. This should last for about 30 minutes. Do not use mobs that have harsh materials as they might leave stripes on your floor.

4. Buff the Laminate Floor

Once you are sure the floor is dry already, use a microfiber cloth to run over the whole laminate floor and identify spots that are still dull. Then get rid of those dull spots. Buffing helps rebuild and restore the floor.

Causes of Dull Laminate Floors

Here are the causes of dull laminate floors.

1. Using too Much Liquid on the Floor

Using excess liquids while cleaning the floor can cause the floor to fade and discolor. While mopping the floor you only need to keep the mop damp and not too wet.

Excess water would permeate the floor and cause buckling, swelling, and haze. In a more critical situation, they can cause your laminate floor to twist.

2. Sunlight

The rays from the sunlight can also cause the floor to lose its glimmer. This can lead to discoloration and fading of the floor. You can use a curtain to protect your floor from direct contact with the sun.

3. Using the Wrong Cleaner

Using a cleaner without knowing its use and consequences can lead can cause harm to your floor which losing its glimmer is one of them. To add to that, excessive of any cleaner, even if it is the right cleaner can lead to build-up. This would leave your floor sticky even when you are done cleaning.

Try testing out the cleaners in a hidden area of your room, because the wrong cleaner would leave your floor messed up.

4. Poor Cleaning Methods and Tools

In a scenario where cleaning should have been done with the right product, one might have used the wrong one. You might have used the wrong mop, vacuum cleaner, and steam cleaner.

Bear in mind that water and laminate floors are not on good terms.  Rag mops, steam cleaners, and vacuum cleaners with roller brushes will cause damage to your laminate floors.

So, be on the lookout for tools you use to clean your laminate floor to avoid damaging your floor.

5. Plants and Pets

Water pots that are filled to the brim might spill and cause harm to your floor. You have to always be on the lookout if you have potted plants in your home.

Also, for those that have pets in their homes, pet foods can cause gashes on your laminate floors. And in more serious cases, lead to warping and buckling on your laminate floor.

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In many homes of today, people use commercial cleaners to keep their floors shiny. This approach is nice but can be costly. On the other hand, homemade cleaners can do that same job and the ingredients are things you can find in your home. They are also cheap.

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