How to Clean Dirt in Grooves of Hardwood Floors

how to clean dirt in grooves of hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are not just a popular and gorgeous flooring option; they are also a durable, long-lasting, and relatively easy-to-clean. The general upkeep of hardwood floors is simple, but after time, dirt tends to gather in the grooves between the planks.

Cleaning the grooves is a little more difficult, and that is exactly why we are interested in how to clean dirt in grooves of hardwood floors.  First, you need to vacuum along the grove line with a powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner before cleaning the grooves with water and detergent.

Read on as we provide steps on how to clean dirt in the grooves of hardwood floors.

How to Clean Dirt in Grooves of Hardwood Floors

Step 1: Vacuum

First, clean the grooves in your hardwood floor with a vacuum cleaner. Note that you will need a vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to clean the dirt in the grooves.

Step 2: Clean with Hand Dishwashing Detergent

Once everything has been cleaned, make a solution of water and detergent in a clean bucket. Add extra detergent until the water is completely soapy, then dip a rag into the solution.

Put some clean water in another bucket to help you rinse the mixture. Wipe the grooves with a rag, and then rinse the groove with a sponge dipped in clear water from another bucket.

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Step 3: Use Hardwood Cleaner for Stubborn Stain

Depending on the type of grime you are dealing with, sometimes handwashing dish detergent might not be enough to get rid of the stains.

In such a situation, you need hardwood cleaner developed specifically for your type of hardwood flooring.

Make sure to read the instructions on the commercial hardwood cleaner thoroughly before you begin, following the exact instruction.

Wipe along the grooves with a rag that has been lightly dampened with the solution, and after that, rinse the soap away with a clean rag dipped in plain water.

Step 4: Dry the Floor

Now, if you know anything about hardwood floors, then you should know that water is one of wood’s worst enemies.

Thus, remember to just use as little moisture as is required to complete the task. Once you’re done rinsing the floor, clean the floor with a new dry and clean rag immediately after rinsing.

Step 5: Remove Stubborn Dirt with Plastic Putty Knife

If you’re dealing with stubborn dirt, it is time to find a little tool, such as a plastic putty knife or an old toothbrush. Use this tool to remove the dirt carefully.

Step 6: Vacuum and Mop

When you’ve successfully removed all of the crud and grime from between each floorboard plank, vacuum thoroughly again, taking care not to push anything you just pulled out back into the grooves.

When you’ve completed vacuuming, it’s time to utilize a dry mop approach to get your floors shining clean again.


You might have to call in the services of professional cleaners if you lack the time or physical capacity to clean your hardwood floors.

Professional cleaners will get the job done in less time using high-powered truck-mounted equipment.

We hope this post on how to clean dirt in grooves of hardwood floors provides answers to all your questions.

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