Can You Use Fabuloso on Carpet? (3 Easy Steps)

can you use fabuloso on carpet

Fabuloso can be used to clean various flooring types. It is equally known for its effectiveness. But things go a bit south when it involves using it on the carpet. Most people do not recommend the idea of using fabuloso on the carpet due to its rough nature.

Can you use Fabuloso on carpet? Yes, you can use Fabuloso on the carpet. It effectively gets rid of stains and leaves a lasting fragrance on the carpet. It also doesn’t leave color residue on the carpet.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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Can You Use Fabuloso on Carpet?

As earlier stated yes, you can use Fabuloso on the carpet. It effectively gets rid of stains and leaves a lasting fragrance on the carpet. It also doesn’t leave color residue on the carpet.

How to Use Fabuloso to Clean Carpet

To make use of fabuloso as a proper carpet cleaner, you should know the steps required. Here are the steps required.

1. Begin With the Stained Area

To begin with, you would have to choose your fabuloso based on color and scent. After you are done, be on the lookout for the pinpointed stained areas.

Then apply fabuloso judiciously on those areas. If you decide to spray the fabuloso sparingly the stain might not be removed. Hence, the need to apply it excessively.

While being on the lookout for the fragrance of the fabuloso, be sure that the scent is not too strong. If the tang seems too thick, you might need to dilute it with water.

Water won’t reduce its potency. While spraying over the pinpointed areas, ensure they are free from dirt and well covered in the fabuloso.

In a case where you don’t have a spray bottle or a nozzle to spray the fabuloso, you can simply splash it across the stained areas.

2. Rub With a Wash Cloth

You would need a washcloth or a clean rag. Place the cloth on the stained area and rub across it. Firstly, you have to rub across the stained area gently.

After you are done, check if the area has been cleaned well enough and the stain gone. If the stain persists after the cleaning, you would need to spray another round of fabuloso on the stained area.

In a normal setting, the stain gets off quite easily after the first cleaning, but sometimes it can be hard to get rid of.

Hence, the need to spray the fabuloso many times on the stained area of the carpet and rub on it to get rid of the stain.  Once you get rid of the stain, you can move on to the next affected area of the carpet.

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3. Rinse the Affected Area

It is of the essence you rinse the area after you are done getting rid of the stains on the carpet. You would need to pour water into a large spray bottle.

When you are done with rubbing over the stain, then pour water on that area to rinse it. You have to continue rinsing it until you get rid of the soapy foams.

You would also need to wash the rag or washcloth after you are done with a given area, this is because a dirty rag can’t be used to clean the stains appropriately.

You also need a dry cloth to dry the area appropriately once you are done rinsing the affected area.

Reasons Why Fabuloso Is an Excellent Carpet Cleaner

Here are the reasons why fabuloso is the best alternative cleaner for the carpet.

No Color Remnant

Fabuloso comes in various colors and they include; red, green, blue, yellow, violet, and so many other forms of color you can imagine.

These colors are known for not leaving stains on the carpet because they are made from stain-free ingredients.

Stain Removal

Fabuloso is meant for multi-purposes and can remove stains from hard surfaces, so it is for the carpet too. With the aid of fabuloso, you can clean the stains off the carpet without breaking a sweat.

Also, the strong chemical texture of the fabuloso can get rid of the greases and oil on the carpet surface.

It is Quite Effective

It might really come as a puzzle why an alternate option can be so effective and useful. But you would have to note that it comes with all the requirements of a carpet cleaner.

Its effectiveness is anything but disappointing. It contains sodium chloride, lactic acid, and other cleaning components. So, it is as effective as other cleaning products.

It is also less costly and a versatile option for the kitchen and floor, simultaneously. The cleaning process involving fabuloso is also quite simple and less demanding and tasking.

Its Trace of Fragrance

The trace of fragrance you inhale on your carpet is another added advantage of using fabuloso on the carpet. Manufacturers produce fabuloso with various types of tangs like citrus, ocean breeze, lavender, and a whole lot of other alluring scents.

The most known fragrance is the lemon scent, it is known for its mild and non-overpowering scent. There is no carpet cleaner that leaves such an alluring trace of fragrance on the carpet. 

The fabuloso acts as a natural deodorant to your home. You don’t need to put much effort to make your home smell nice when you cleaned your carpet with fabuloso.

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Can you use fabuloso on carpet? The answer is yes, you can use fabuloso on the carpet as an alternative. But it is not ideal when it involves deep cleaning the carpet.

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